pluto tv not working on xbox one

When Pluto TV not working on Xbox One, it’s important to know how to diagnose the issue!

Any application issues on Xbox One can be addressed relatively easily without any advanced technical knowledge.

This is why in this guide you will discover time-efficient and reliable ways to get back into Pluto TV on your Xbox One as soon as possible.

When Pluto TV is not working on Xbox One, force restart the application if it is opened already and clear the so-called “persistent storage”.

If the issue occurs again, update the Pluto app to the latest version and factory reset the Xbox One to factory settings.

There is much more to uncover so let’s go!

Why Is Pluto TV App Xbox One Not Working?

why is pluto tv app xbox one not working

The signs of issues with any of the apps installed on Xbox One are starting issues, very slow loading times, and functionality errors.

If Pluto TV is displaying specific errors with included descriptions, the code should provide you with all of the information on the underlying issue.

Here are the possible problems that can cause Pluto TV to stop working:

  • Too much app cache is stored on the Xbox One.
  • An outdated firmware version of the Xbox or Pluto.
  • A temporal issue with Pluto TV’s hosting servers.
  • Misconfigured Xbox One setting/corrupted Pluto files.
  • Issues with the Xbox storage or “persistent storage”.

Are you Using a VPN Service?

Even if VPN services cannot be directly installed on Xbox One (they have to be set up through a WiFi router), we should mention this.

An active VPN with an altered location may deny your console’s connection request to the Pluto TV servers so disable any working VPN or Proxy.

are you using a vpn service
Note: To disable a router-related VPN or Proxy, enter the device’s GUI for configuration!

Pluto TV Not Working On Xbox One7 Proven Solutions!

Tip: Follow our solutions in consecutive order!

1. Force Restart the Pluto App!

To quickly resolve issues with any applications on Xbox One, it’s enough to force restart the application from the console’s options.

To achieve this type of restart, it is necessary to store the application on the temporal memory of the Xbox One.

force restart the pluto app
  • If the app cannot be started at all, it cannot be added to the temporal memory!

Here’s how to force restart the Pluto TV application on Xbox One:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen of the Xbox One.
  2. Go to “My games & apps” and then “Apps”.
  3. Highlight the Pluto TV app from the category.
  4. Press the menu button on the Xbox controller.
  5. Choose “Quit” from the list of actions.
  6. Re-launch the Pluto app from the home screen.

“Quit” Button Not Available?

If the “Quit” button cannot be pressed in the settings of the Pluto app, it means that the application is not running and is not saved in the temporal memory.

Make sure to launch the Pluto TV app first (if the app can be started) and then press the “Quit” button in the settings.

Pro Tip: If Pluto TV is not opening at all, test whether other apps are working normally!

2. Power Cycle the Xbox One

power cycle the xbox one

The Pluto TV app’s functionality may be suspended due to a temporary software problem with the Xbox One.

The best solution for non-lasting issues with the Xbox One is to first turn off the console through the settings and then power cycle the machine by unplugging it from the power.

Here’s how to conduct a ‘power cycle’ on the Xbox One console:

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button on the center of the controller.
  2. Wait for the console’s power center to display on the screen.
  3. Select “Power Off Console” and press “Power Off” next.
  4. Once the Xbox One shuts down, unplug the power cable.
  5. Wait for 60 seconds while the power adapter of the Xbox is unplugged.
  6. Reconnect the power cable of the Xbox back into a power outlet.
Notice: While the Xbox One is unplugged, expect the condition of all cable connections!

3. Change the Xbox’s DNS

change the xbox's dns

Ads and commercials on Pluto TV can cause application issues, such as freezing, crashing, and slow performance.

To restrict all advertising content within the platform, it is necessary to alter the DNS of the Xbox console to Quad9’s adware and also malware-blocking DNS service.

Here’s how to access the DNS settings of the Xbox One and adjust them:

  1. Access the Settings of the Xbox One console.
  2. Navigate to System > Network Settings.
  3. Go to “Advanced” and press “DNS settings”.
  4. Set the primary DNS value to  “”.
  5. Alter the secondary value to “”.
Info: Using Quad9’s blocking DNS will forbid all commercials on the installed applications!

4. Clear the Xbox “Persistent Storage”

clear the xbox persistent storage

The persistent storage (also known as ‘secondary cache’) is your backup when rebooting the Xbox won’t clear all of the cache files.

This storage consists of the temporal game and user data, which is harmless until it gets corrupted. So, the solution would be to clear that data!

  • The “Blu-Ray” persistent storage is filled up when discs are used on the Xbox!

Follow these steps to clear the persistent storage of the Xbox One:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the console’s controller.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Device Connections”.
  3. Press on “Blu-Ray” and select “Persistent Storage”.
  4. Choose “Clear Persistent Storage” to erase all files.
Info: Clearing the secondary “persistent” storage releases storage space on the Xbox.

5. Test with Another User Account

test with another user account

To test with another Pluto account, simply go to Pluto’s register page and input all of the necessary personal details to create a registration.

You don’t have to subscribe for any features, but make sure that the account is accessible first on your mobile device.

  • Once the new account is created, attempt to sign in through your Xbox One!

How to Test Current Pluto TV Account?

You will need a PC or a laptop to test the Pluto TV account on as well as the correct login ID and password.

Once you have the following things, go to “Pluto.TV through a web browser and attempt to log in with the account you have on the Xbox One.

If you cannot log in with the Pluto TV account, you’re most likely suspended or restricted in some way, and contacting Pluto’s customer support is necessary.

You can contact their support team at Pluto TV Support to check whether your account has been suspended.

Reminder: Have you tested whether Pluto TV works on other platforms only on your Xbox?

6. Activate Auto-Updates for Xbox One

activate auto-updates for xbox one

Xbox One has a feature that automatically keeps the Xbox up to date as well as all installed applications and platforms, including Pluto TV.

There’s a high chance that this problem is related to the firmware version of the Pluto TV app, so the Xbox and the Pluto app must be updated.

How to Access Xbox Firmware Settings?

  1. Press the Xbox button on the One controller.
  2. Once in the guide, go to “Profile & System”.
  3. Navigate to “Settings” > “System” > “Updates”.

How to Activate Xbox Automatic Updates?

  • Tick the “Keep my console up to date” checkbox in the “Update” section!

How to Activate Automatic Apps Updates?

  • Press on the “Keep my games & apps up to date” checkbox to activate!
Note: In order to undergo firmware updates, the Xbox One console must be connected to WiFi.

7. Uninstall the Pluto App & Reinstall

uninstall the pluto app and reinstall

To fix any issues with the Pluto application, we recommend reinstalling the platform cleanly.

Removing Pluto from your Xbox One and then downloading it again will reset all of the app’s software files which could lead to potential functionality problems so it’s a fresh start…

Follow these instructions to reinstall the Pluto application on your Xbox One:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller.
  2. Navigate to the “My games & apps” section of the settings.
  3. Press “See All” and then press on the “Apps” option.
  4. Scroll down and locate the Pluto TV app from the list.
  5. Highlight the app Pluto TV app and find the “Uninstall” option.
  6. Download the Pluto TV app from the “Ready to Install” tab.
Notice: Uninstalling the Pluto app will sign you out from the user account!

Quick Recap:

Whenever Pluto TV not working on Xbox One, it is always best to power cycle the Xbox One first and force restart the Pluto TV app.

In case the app is still not working, you need to clear the Xbox “persistent storage” and potentially reinstall the Pluto TV app cleanly!

Follow us for more technical solutions!

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