pluto tv network problem detected

There is a Pluto TV network problem detected? Well, in this guide we got you covered!

When your Pluto TV streaming experience is interrupted by a network problem, it is typically related to the streaming device’s internet connection.

It is also possible that the problem is on Pluto’s end and you must await the entirety of the maintenance to get back into streaming.

If Pluto says “Network Problem Detected”, the first step is to reboot the streaming device and clear the cache of the Pluto app.

If the problem is still there, check for any issue with your browser (if using Pluto’s web version) or perform a clean Pluto app reinstallation.

There is much more to discuss so let’s get right into it!

Pluto TV Network Connection Error Explained!

pluto tv network connection error explained

The “Pluto TV network problem detected, please check your network connection” is a problem that primarily occurs within the app and rarely on browsers.

It is often related to a fault with the user’s internet connection, but the network error problem could also be on Pluto’s end.

Alert: The network error message in Pluto’s web version may have a different description!

Let’s review all of the causes for the Pluto TV network problem error:

  • Connectivity problem with the streaming device.
  • Temporal Pluto TV service or server outage.
  • Uncleared Pluto TV application cache data.
  • Issues with the browser on the streaming device.
  • An activated VPN service is denying your access.

What to Do When Pluto TV Network Problem Detected?

1. Reboot the Streaming Device

reboot the streaming device

The streaming device could be the problem behind the network problem message you’re seeing on Pluto TV.

The first solution will explain how to reboot the streaming device effectively and resolve any temporal bugs with the Pluto TV platform app or browser version.

How to Reboot Mobile Devices Effectively?

  1. Go to the power settings of the mobile device.
  2. Choose the “Power Off” option and wait.
  3. Connect the mobile device to a charger.
  4. Hold the side power button on the device.
  5. Wait for the device to start and test Pluto TV.

How to Reboot A/C Powered Devices Effectively?

  1. Access the power settings of the device.
  2. Choose the “Shut Down” or “Turn Off” option.
  3. Unplug the power adapter of the device.
  4. Wait for 60 seconds while the device is unplugged.
  5. Reconnect the power adapter of the device.
reboot a/c powered devices effectively
Note: While the streaming device is unplugged, inspect all of the cable connections!

2. Verify & Reconnect to the Internet

As the description of the error message reads, there was a network problem with the streaming device.

Any devices with a WiFi to stream Pluto TV are more likely to experience connectivity issues compared to devices that are connected via Ethernet (directly) to the network router.

How to Reconnect WiFi Devices?

verify and reconnect to the internet
  • From the settings of the device, go to “Wireless” > “WiFi” > “Disconnect” and then reconnect with your home network.

How to Reconnect Ethernet Devices?

  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from the back of the streaming device and from the router and wait for 30 seconds.
Info: Verify the consistency of your internet and WiFi by using a secondary device to connect and/or measure your internet speed online for free.

3. Troubleshoot the Web Browser

If you’re encountering the Pluto TV network error through a browser, there are multiple ways to address the problem and get back into streaming.

This method will uncover the best solutions when your device won’t access any Pluto TV content or the platform at all.

troubleshoot the web browser
  • Update the Browser!

In order to stream Pluto TV consistently, keep the web browser on your device updated to the latest version. Launch the browser and go to “Settings” > “Check for Updates” > “ Update.

On Chrome, simply press the orange “Update” button at the top-right of the browser.

Tip: The Google Chrome browser is the preferable option for streaming web platform content!
  • Clear Cache & Cookies

The cache and cookies of a browser contain the browser history as well as the login information on connected websites and services.

Clearing that excess data will help the browser work faster and resolve any functionality issues with the Pluto TV streaming platform.

clear cache and cookies
  • To clear Chrome’s cache, go to “More” > “More Tools” > “Clear Browsing Data”.
Tip: If you’re on another browser, check online for the exact steps on clearing the cache data!
  • Reinstall the Browser App

Removing and then reinstalling the application of the browser will resolve any performance and network issues with Pluto TV.

Access the storage of your device, locate the Chrome app and choose “Uninstall”. Then, download the Chrome browser again, from the device’s content store.

Tip: Activate “Automatic Updates” for the Chrome browser once reinstalled.

4. Stop Virtual Private Network (VPN)

stop virtual private network

In order to access Pluto TV securely, no VPN service must be enabled on your streaming device.

What VPN does is route your connection to a third-party server which could cause the Pluto TV login identification to fail and result in the “Network Problem Detected” error?

  • iOS devices and some Android phones have an in-built VPN!

How to Deactivate An Installed VPN Service?

If you have installed a third-party VPN application, you must access the configuration prompt (GUI of the VPN) to deactivate the service.

Launch the VPN application installed on your device and determine how to deactivate the service.

How to Deactivate Browser VPN (Extensions)?

VPNs are added to the browser via extensions. On Chrome, press the puzzle icon at the top right to view all extensions. Select the VPN’s extension and press the “Remove from Chrome” button to disconnect the VPN.

Tip: You could temporarily suspend the VPN to avoid deleting it from your browser!

5. Reinstall the Pluto TV Application

reinstall the pluto tv application

To address overall problems with the Pluto TV app’s files, data, and cache, reinstallation is necessary.

This process requires the removal of the app completely from your device, which is an extremely efficient way to remove any data corruption or bugs with the app’s files!

Follow these instructions to reinstall the Pluto TV app on most devices:

  1. Access the Settings of the streaming device.
  2. Navigate into the “Applications” section.
  3. Locate the Pluto app from the list and select it.
  4. Choose “Uninstall” or “Remove” to delete the app.
  5. Access the content store of the streaming device.
  6. Locate the Pluto TV app and download it again.
Alert: Uninstalling the Pluto TV app will erase all saved TV shows/movies in “Favorites”.

6. Test Pluto TV on Another Device!

test pluto tv on another device

One of the reasons why Pluto TV is facing a network error could be due to the device you’re attempting to access the content.

You can simply switch from the app version to the browser version on the same device, but we strongly recommend checking with a different machine.

If possible, also test on a different WiFi connection. We recommend sharing a hotspot or using the Mobile Data (4G/5G) to test accessing Pluto TV to determine the origin of the issue.

Also, try to determine whether the error only appears on the browser or only when accessed from the app!

7. Factory Reset your WiFi Router

factory reset your wifi router

If you’re still having problems with establishing a connection to Pluto TV, perhaps, the problem is with your own Wi-Fi router.

If there is no way to test whether your internet connection is intact, it’s best to perform a power circulation on the network router to see any improvement.

Note: This is not a factory reset, only a power discharge!
  1. Press the Power button on your network router once.
  2. The router will power off and all lights will go off.
  3. Wait for at least 5 minutes for a complete discharge.
  4. When your router has cooled down, reconnect the power.
  5. Wait until the network lights are on, and reconnect.
  6. Test whether Pluto TV will now still show errors.

No Internet On Other Devices?

In case you’ve identified a global network issue on your side, it’s recommended to contact your internet service provider for more help.

The quickest way to check for issues on your side is to test whether all of your other devices have an internet connection (WiFi).

8. Report the Problem to PlutoTV

report the problem to plutotv

If your access to Pluto is still getting denied and you are facing a network error message without a proper reason, this is a matter for the Pluto TV support team to solve.

Write a detailed email at Pluto’s Contact Page and wait for an answer in regard to the next steps.

Best of luck!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever there is a Pluto TV network problem detected, power cycle the router and a streaming device.

If you’re still experiencing issues, troubleshoot your browser or Pluto TV application, and in case nothing helps perform a clean reinstallation process!

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