lorex dvr beeps continuously no display

If your Lorex DVR beeps continuously no display, there is a solution!

Users share that if the DVR keeps beeping endlessly and you’re getting no output on the display, the hard disk is out of space.

Although other causes of this problem can also be found in the overall power supply, power adapter, and software state of the device.

To fix a Lorex DVR that keeps beeping continuously, power cycle the device and plug it into a different monitor. Next, use alternative cable output for the monitor and factory reset the DVR. Finally, replace the cable that connects the DVR and the monitor.

Although we’ve shared how to fix the issue in short, let’s review what are the root causes of this problem before we review the solutions.

Why Does Lorex DVR Beeps Continuously No Display?

Although one of the root causes is insufficient hard disk space due to many recordings, an issue that is making your DVR beep could be a lost connection to the monitor.

If you’re getting no display, it’s only logical to think that a connection problem occurred between the monitor and DVR.

Let’s not guess and check what the users have to say about the problem:

1. Too Many Recordings

As you know, all recording sessions your Lorex camera makes are stored on the DVR’s hard drive. There could be insufficient storage.

2. Power Problem

An issue with the power adapter of your DVR or the power source it is connected to may result in the very same beeping you’re currently hearing.

3. Monitor Fault

If your monitor has run into an issue, you won’t get any display from the DVR that is connected to the device.

4. Monitor to DVR Cable Fault

The cable unit that connects your DVR and monitor (VGA, HDMI), may have gotten faulty and you won’t be able to watch your cameras.

5. DVR Software Problem

Lastly, corrupted firmware of your DVR (often corrupted recording data), may result in problematic beeping.

Now that we’ve uncovered that the beeping most certainly means a fault with your DVR, let’s review what are the best approaches you can attempt against that very problem.

How Do I Stop My Lorex DVR From Beeping?

fix lorex dvr beeps continuously no display

For now, it’s good to let you know that this beeping doesn’t indicate a fatal hardware problem with your DVR.

Instead, an issue of this kind most surely indicates more of a software problem or cable connection issues, either on your monitor or DVR side.

Here’s how to appropriately troubleshoot your DVR’s beeping in easy steps:

Solution #1 Power Reset The DVR

The first and easiest method to start with is the power cycle process.

This will perform the ultimate discharge on your DVR, removing the current electricity and supplying the device with a fresh flow of power.

Here’s how to execute a power cycle on your Lorex DVR unit:

  1. Head next to the DVR.
  2. Locate where the power adapter goes.
  3. Disconnect the adapter of the DVR for 5 minutes.
  4. Once the time has elapsed, re-attach the cable.
  5. Start your DVR.
  6. Test.
Note: If you’re unsure that the power source for your DVR is sufficient, feel free to plug it into an alternative power outlet.

Solution #2 Reconnect The Lorex Cameras

reconnect lorex camera

If your DVR beeps and there is no video on the monitor, there’s a chance that the issue is with the Lorex cameras connected to the DVR.

If that’s the problem, you can attempt connecting them from the DVR unit to solve this issue.

Here’s how to reconnect your Lorex cameras easily:

  1. Go to the back of your DVR.
  2. Examine all connected camera units.
  3. Begin disconnecting the cables of all camera units.
  4. Standby for 60 seconds with all cameras disconnected.
  5. Re-attach them after 60 seconds and test.
Note: If any of the camera cables seem damaged, you may have to replace them manually to fix the signaling problem.

Solution #3 Use Different Camera Video Inputs

The beeping of your DVR is most often caused by issues with the Lorex cameras.

Unlike connecting the cameras, switching the input that their cables are connected to will actively troubleshoot the issue in an alternative way.

Here are some steps to guide you through switching your Lorex cameras’ inputs:

  1. Once again, head to the back of your DVR.
  2. Disconnect the cables of all cameras.
  3. Plug them into alternative camera slots (use inputs that didn’t have a connection cable by now).
  4. Once done, restart your DVR.
  5. Test.
Note: If you had any camera inputs free of cables by now, make sure to use these to determine if there was a fault with the previous inputs.

Solution #4 Replace Monitor-To-DVR Cable

change dvr to monitor cable

If the issue wasn’t with the cameras and you’re getting no video on your monitor, it’s suggested to replace the cable that connects your DVR to the monitor.

A fault with the cable will disrupt the stream of your Lorex camera and may cause your DVR to beep until the cable gets replaced.

Here’s how to replace the cable of your DVR and monitor:

  1. Disconnect the first end of the cable connected to your monitor.
  2. Detach the second end of the cable, plugged into your DVR.
  3. Based on what cable you used by now (VGA, HDMI), use the alternative option.
  4. Connect the new cable to the appropriate HDMI or VGA inputs.
  5. Test your DVR.
Note: HDMI connection is preferred, but using VGA for the test won’t be as bad, although it is an analog-type signal.

Solution #5 Connect Different Monitor To DVR

connect different monitor

If replacing the cable didn’t help either, what you should do next is to plug a different monitor into your DVR.

An issue with the current monitor may be preventing you from viewing the streams of your Lorex camera and disrupting the DVR’ software, making it beep.

It’s pretty familiar to you how to deal with the monitor’s cabling, so grab your old monitor if possible and add it to your setup. Connect the power adapter and the DVR’s cable to the alternative monitor and test.

Note: If the system works with the other monitor, make sure to get your current unit checked and fixed by a technician.

Solution #6 Factory Reset The DVR

reset lorex dvr

The only thing remaining that you should attempt to fix the beeping of your DVR is the factory reset method.

That will erase settings on the DVR software made to the devices well as any system bugs and corrupted data.

Here’s how to reset your Lorex DVR in easy steps:

  1. Ensure that your recorder is plugged in.
  2. Locate the panic button on the DVR.
  3. Press the panic button repeatedly.
  4. Keep pressing it regardless of whether there is a stream on the monitor.
  5. You should notice that your Lorex DVR will restart.
  6. Release the button.
Note: It’s important to keep pressing the panic button on your DVR until the device reboots.

Thus, to fix a Lorex DVR that keeps beeping and there is no signal to monitor, power reset the device and the monitor. Reconnect the cameras and plug them into different inputs. Test with another DVR to monitor the cable and perform a factory reset using the panic button.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that reviewing why Lorex DVR beeps continuously no display guide managed to help you solve the issue.

These issues are persistent and can occur with anyone who uses the DVR. With the correct troubleshooting approach, however, solving the issue is just child’s play!

Nicole B