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Are your Hulu ads not loading, causing your experience to come to a consistent crash? Don’t you have the best and most viable solution to this?

Today’s your lucky day because, in this guide, that’s what we’ll be focusing on! If you’re one of the thousands of people that regularly experience this, clear your name off of the list because by the end of this guide, you’ll know how to fix it!

To fix this problem, you’d have to perform a reload or a restart of the system, disable AdBlock, and restart your router!

We’ll give you the complete and comprehensive guide to resolve this below! Without much delay let’s start!

Reasons Why Hulu Ads Aren’t Working

reasons why hulu ads aren't working

We’re all aware that Hulu is an ad-based subscription service. That basically means that if you’re not watching any ads, there’s a high chance for you not to be able to watch or stream the titles you want!

The most common error that users encounter is “Sorry, we are unable to load a message from one of our sponsors.” If you see this, the problem is with the loading of the ads.

There are quite a few reasons why the ads aren’t pushing through.

Some of the most common ones include:

Internet Connection Problem

Part of the most common reasons why your Hulu is not loading ads might be because of your internet connection.

internet connection problems

It could be intermittent, or it could randomly be dropping, disallowing the ads to buffer completely, which results in the inability of the ads to load.

You could also contact your internet service provider (ISP) to ensure that the problem is not with them.


Another common reason would be because you might be using an Adblocker or a program or application that blocks and completely erases basic advertisements on your device or browser.

In essence, Adblockers are programs that are designed to help us be free from the ridiculous ads that pop up every time we do something.

use ad blocker

But, since Hulu is an ad-based service, you’d need these ads to be able to stream content.

Router or Hardware Issues

Many people don’t realize this, but another common cause of this particular problem would be their router or their modem.

It could be defective to the extent that your connection to it might be dropping consistently. Moreover, the wires and cables that are connected to it could also be what’s causing the nuisance.

Akin to the internet connection problem, if the ads don’t buffer up, they would not load.

So, if you’re all caught up with your Hulu service not loading after ads, how do you fix it? Is there a supreme and ultimate way on resolving this particular concern?

Permanent Fix to Hulu Ads Not Loading Problem

hulu ads not working

If, in the event, you’re already tired of this problem or dilemma, don’t fret.

Here’s the ultimate solution – a permanent fix to your problem with Hulu ads not loading.

Step #1: Restart Your Internet Connection

The first thing you want to try and do is to see if the problem is with your internet connection.

So, to be sure that it’s not with your internet, restart or power cycle your modem or your router.

restart yout internet connection

To power cycle successfully, click on the power button at the back of the router or modem (if it has one), otherwise, unplug it from the main power source.

Patiently wait for 15 to 30 seconds and plug it back in.

Step #2: Check the Hardware

Checking the hardware does not only involve checking the router or the modem itself but checking the wires, cables, as well as ports, too.

You’ll also be able to determine this problem if you try loading up a video from a different website and it just stops from buffering.

check the hardware

So, check out the condition of your router or your modem and see if the problem is rooting from it.

Step #3: Disable Your Adblocker and Other Extensions

If you have Adblockers present on your phone or your browser, disable them. Some extensions might be contributing to the problem, too, so it would be helpful to disable those as well.

Oftentimes, doing this single thing is enough to keep your stream going.

You don’t need to uninstall them completely; you just have to disable them whenever you’re using Hulu.

Step #4: Close Hulu

Then, close up Hulu completely, not minimizing or not putting it at the back of your phone or your tablet’s operations, close the service completely.

close hulu app

You can even force close it (or the browser where it’s on) for a better and a more sure way of eliminating it.

Step #5: Disable Antivirus Software

After that, disable any antivirus software that’s installed on your device or on your browser.

Sometimes, antivirus programs detect advertisements as malicious, even though they’re not. This often results in the inability of the ads to load up, causing your stream not to load up for you.

Note: You’re not required to uninstall it. You can simply disable the antivirus software every time you’ll use Hulu services.

Step #6: Power Cycle Your Device

Once you get those all going, the last and final step is to power cycle your device.

power cycle your device

Doing so locks in all the changes you’ve made, and it refreshes your experience to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter what particular device you’re using, just shut it off for at least one (1) minute and turn it back on again.

After doing all of those, the problem of your Hulu ads not loading should already be resolved.

The Problem is Persistent, What Should I Do?

Should the problem still stick around even if you’ve done all of the steps we’ve outlined above, the next best and most sensible thing to do is to uninstall the Hulu app, then reinstall it back again.

It’s like the ultimatum method to clean out all of the cached data and storage that might have accumulated while you’re using the service.

In fact, doing so will completely refresh all the cached data and memory on the Hulu program or application.

I Just Use a Browser to Access Hulu, How Will I Uninstall?

how to uninstall in hulu

Otherwise, if you’re just running it through a browser, delete all of the cached memory and data off of your browser.

You can do it by simply going into your browser’s settings, going to History > Delete All History.

If you’re using Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop or your PC
  • At the top-right part of the browser, click More > More Tools
  • From there, you just have to select Clear Browsing Data

Wait for the system to clear out all cached data like auto-fills, as well as those that have already been buffered

Take note, though, that when you clear out all the cached data, info, memory, and storage, you’ll have to log back into Hulu again. Once you do this, the problem should go away in a jiffy.

You should be able to have zero problems with your experience in using the Hulu service you’ve always wanted to get!


So, if your Hulu ads are not loading consistently and it’s giving you a hell of a headache, don’t look elsewhere! Everything you need is in this guide already, you just have to follow it consistently!

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