vizio tv says resolution not supported

If your Vizio TV says resolution not supported, there might be an issue with the image you are trying to display on the screen. Some settings may also lead to this problem.

The best thing about Vizio HDTVs is that they are often compatible with several image sizes or standard resolutions.

However, models vary in their ability to display picture sizes. So, what should you do if your screen shows you a message, ‘’resolution not supported?’’

Reading through this piece will take you through the process of resolving this problem.

When you see the ”resolution not supported” message on your Vizio screen, you can change the TV’s resolution on your device. Also, the cables connecting the TV and your DVD should not be loose.

Reasons Why Vizio TV Says My DVD Resolution Not Supported

Various reasons contribute to Vizio TV not supporting your DVD’s resolution. Some include:

  • Your TV resolution is not compatible with the image’s resolution.
  • Your HDMI cable might be faulty.

Note: If you want to get the display with Vizio from your DVD, you must check your TV’s resolution.

You should ensure that the content you are getting is HD (High Definition). Even though Vizio TV can show an HD image, your broadcast should also be from an HD device.

Your Vizio remote ‘info’ button should help you out to check your TV’s resolution. In the case that your TV has no HD broadcast, ensure that you use an HDMI cable to connect it to your satellite box.

How To Fix Vizio TV Says Resolution Not Supported Issue

fix vizio tv says resolution not supported

Fixing this issue is never a big deal. You may not need an expert to do it for you. Checking your TV settings to see the resolution it supports is the first step to solving this issue.

After trying the first one, checking the cables, power cycling your TV, and checking the TV’s picture mode can also solve the problem. Anytime you think of factory resetting, ensure you backup your data.

Try any of these methods below. If the first one does not work out, do not fear trying the second and the rest.

Method #1: Change Resolutions

Changing resolutions on your Vizio TV to fit your DVDs image can solve this issue. You can choose among 480p, 720p, or 1080p. Use these steps to do so.

  1. Press the ‘menu’ key on your Vizio remote.
  2. Select the ‘picture menu’ followed by the ‘down arrow’ to go to the resolution option.
  3. Click either the ‘right’ or ‘left’ to choose another resolution option.
  4. Click ‘last’ on your remote to exit the menu.

You are now done with changing the resolution from either 1080p to 720p, 480p, or vice versa. Either of these should solve the resolution problem.

Method #2: Power Cycle Your TV

It might be that your TV has been on for so long and so it chooses to misbehave. Switching it off, then on may solve the resolution problem.

  1. Unplug the TV’s power cord from its power outlet.
  2. Press and hold the TV’s power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Plug back the TV to its power source.
  4. Switch on your TV.

Some TVs have a ‘Soft Power Cycle’ option. You can use this option by clicking the ‘menu’ button followed by ‘System.’ Select ‘Reset and admin’ then ‘Soft Power Cycle.’

Method #3: The cord

Check if the cord connecting your TV and the video device is secure. A loose cable will always be a cause of resolution or display issues.

Method #4: Check other devices

The resolution issue may be a general problem occurring on all contents, including apps.

When watching your Blu-ray player and cable, you will also notice the issue. It also affects the menu; so, you can press the menu button on your remote to confirm the case.

However, if you cannot see it when you check the TVs menu but the issue occurs when watching one device, you will need to ask for assistance from the device’s manufacturer.

Method #5: Check The TV’s Picture Mode

An issue might have occurred with your TV settings. You can confirm it using these steps.

  1. On your Vizio remote, press the ‘menu’ key.
  2. Select the option ‘picture.’
  3. Click the first option, ‘picture mode.’
  4. Toggle between the various picture modes.

If your remote has a ‘PIC’ button, you can use the key to change the picture modes.

Method #6: Reset your Vizio TV

Factory resetting resolves several problems in any device. However, it wipes away all data such as Wi-Fi settings, etc.

You can try it with your Vizio TV to see if it can resolve the resolution issue.

  1. Press your Vizio remote ‘menu’ button.
  2. Select ‘System’ followed by ‘Reset and Admin.’
  3. Choose the option, ‘Reset to factory settings.’

Vizio TV Still Says Resolution not Supported

Any of the above methods and steps should resolve your Vizio TV resolution issues.

If the processes do not help you out, you will need to check the validity of your warranty with Vizio then request service. The Vizio web also has an option that you can click so that you can speak with a support agent.

You will need to be clear when providing the information requested so that the staff can help you sort out the issue.

If your Vizio TV cannot support your DVDs resolution, you will need to change your TV’s resolution on settings. Also, ensure that your cable is securely connected.

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I hope that now if your Vizio TV says resolution not supported, you can be at peace. Such issues are meant to occur, but thanks to the many solutions available both online and offline.

When Vizio TV says resolution not supported, you have a few things to check.

First, ensure that you change the TV resolution to a higher or lower reading, then check if the HDMI cable is secure on both ends.

So, before calling an expert who might squeeze some dollars from you, be sure to try out the DIYs steps.

Nicole B