how to set up airplay on vizio tv

Wondering how to set up AirPlay on Vizio TV? Well, you have found the answer here! Connecting your iOS device to any compatible Vizio TV via AirPlay is absolutely easy.

All you have to do is verify that both of your devices are updated to the latest firmware version and locate your TV in the iPhone’s AirPlay settings.

Let’s learn more about the process in detail.

To set up AirPlay on your Vizio TV and connect with any compatible iOS device, activate the feature on your Vizio TV and connect both of the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

After that, open the AirPlay settings on your mobile iOS device and select the Vizio TV.

To understand more about the process, keep progressing further into the guide!

Are Vizio TVs Compatible with Apple’s AirPlay?

vizio tv compatibility with apple airplay

Only Vizio TVs released after 2016 are compatible.

The integration of Apple’s AirPlay began after 2016 for Vizio TVs and all models released before this year will not have the feature built into their software.

The great thing is even if the AirPlay’s version is outdated, it will still work!

How to Check if My Vizio TV Supports AirPlay?

There are a couple of methods to check if your Vizio TV supports AirPlay:

Check the Release Date of the TV

Simply type down your Vizio TV’s exact model on Google or consult the user manual to discover your TV’s exact release date.

check the release date of the tv

As mentioned, only Vizio TVs released after 2016 will work with Apple AirPlay feature and can connect with iOS devices over Wi-Fi.

Locate the Vizio AirPlay Feature

On your Vizio TV, go to “SmartCast Home” by pressing the “V” button on the remote control.

At the top of the screen, you should see an “Extras”, as well as an “AirPlay” icon to toggle on/off.

View the Firmware Information

To view the firmware info of your Vizio TV, press the “Menu” button on the remote control and navigate to “System”.

view the firmware information

Then, access “System Information” and check if the firmware starts with a number greater than “7”. If the first number is below 7, your Vizio TV may not have AirPlay.

Let’s set up AirPlay on your compatible Vizio TV now!

How to Set Up AirPlay On Vizio TV?

Disclaimer: You must own an iPhone 5S/SE or newer model in order to benefit from AirPlay!

1. Turn On AirPlay for Vizio TV!

The first step in order to establish a connection between your Vizio TV and iOS device is to activate the AirPlay feature on the TV.

Once activated, the AirPlay features allow other Apple devices on the same Wi-Fi network to recognize the TV and connect with it.

turn on airplay for vizio tv

Follow these steps to turn on the AirPlay feature on your Vizio TV device:

  1. Turn on the Vizio TV and press the “Vremote button.
  2. Navigate to the “SmartCast Home” section in the settings.
  3. Choose “Extras” and then press on “AirPlay” to turn it on.

How Do I Know When AirPlay is Turned On?

You will know that AirPlay is active on your Vizio TV whenever the checkbox next to the feature turns green.

From now on, all devices compatible with the AirPlay technology will be able to recognize the Vizio TV over a shared Wi-Fi network and establish a connection.

Alert: The AirPlay feature must stay activated at all times in order to connect!

2. Connect your Device to the Same Wi-Fi!

connect your device to the same wifi

In order for AirPlay to work, the connecting devices must be on the same Wi-Fi thread.

AirPlay uses OVA Wi-Fi technology to link devices that are in the same network and Wi-Fi thread!

How to Connect Vizio TV to Same Wi-Fi As My iOS Device?

  • Open the settings on your iOS device and check the name of the WiFi network!
how to connect vizio tv to same wifi as my ios device

Once you’ve identified the network of the iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Press “Menu” on the Vizio remote.
  2. Choose “Network” and press “OK”.
  3. Press “Choose Network Connection”.
  4. Press “Wireless” and scroll down the list.
  5. Select your iOS device’s WiFi thread.
  6. Insert the password and hit “Connect”.

Does AirPlay Work On Different Wi-Fi Threads?

No, the AirPlay feature will be unable to bond devices on different Wi-Fi threads.

Keep in mind that this only applies to users who have a multi-thread router and more than one Wi-Fi.

3. Access the iOS Airplay Feature

To learn how to set up AirPlay on Vizio, the next step is to start AirPlay on your iOS device.

access the ios airplay feature

All compatible iOS devices have quick access to “Screen Mirroring” settings, available in the control center menu, which allows you to view all devices on the same network.

To access the AirPlay settings on your iOS device, swipe downwards from the top of the screen and press on the “Screen Mirroring” icon.

Once the tab is opened, press on the “Vizio TV” option or anything that has “Vizio” in its title.

Note: If you cannot find your TV, test with every device that appears on the list!

4. Follow the On-Screen AirPlay Setup!

Once you’ve established a connection to the Vizio TV through your iOS device, follow the on-screen instructions that will appear on the display of the device.

follow the onscreen airplay setup

If you have a newer firmware version installed on your Vizio TV, there might be some extra configuration options! Once the connection is established, check if you can adjust the mirroring image of your iOS device on the screen.

Use the Vizio TV remote control to move the mirrored screen of your device and fit it exactly as you’d like.

How to Stop Airplaying On Vizio TV?

All you have to do to stop air playing from your iOS device is to access the “Screen Mirroring” settings and press “Stop Casting”.

This will unpair your iPhone/iPad or any other iOS device from the TV until you’ve reconnected again.

5. Test the Airplay Mirroring Connection!

test the airplay mirroring connecting

To verify that the AirPlay connection is proper, try playing anything on the mirrored device.

You can launch any app, view any photo or watch any video on the shared iOS device and it will appear on the display of your Vizio TV!

What to Do If AirPlay Connection Is Bad?

If the content streamed through the Airplay-connected device buffers on the Vizio TV or appears pixelated, reconnect your mobile device from Wi-Fi and try again.

There could have been a temporary connectivity issue with the AirPlay service that should go away after reconnecting!

Tip: Verify that your internet connection is intact!
what to do if airplay connection is bad

Airplay on Vizio TV – Frequently Asked Questions!

Now we know how to set up AirPlay on Vizio TV, but unfortunately, the process does not always go smoothly.

Thus typically leaves a lot of open questions that we’ll answer next.

Why is AirPlay Not Working On Vizio TV?

If AirPlay is not working on devices in the same Wi-Fi network, there could be an underlying issue with any of your equipment.

To find the cause of the problem, you must go inspect your network router, iOS device, and of course, the Vizio TV.

why is airplay not working on vizio tv

Here are some simple solutions when AirPlay isn’t working for you:

  • Update the firmware of your Vizio TV and iOS device.
  • Double-check if the devices are on the same network.
  • Reboot your iOS device and power cycle the Vizio TV.
  • Check if your network router/modem is working properly.
  • Restore the Vizio TV factory settings and restart AirPlay!
Notice: Double-check whether the Vizio TV is compatible with Airplay.

Is AirPlay Supported by All iPhones/iPads?

The iPhone 5S/SE and models beyond, are compatible with AirPlay.

Therefore if you have a standard iPhone 5 or anything below, you will be unable to connect to your Vizio TV via AirPlay.

Which iPads Are Compatible with AirPlay?

ipad compatibility with airplay

You need an iPad 5th gen or newer to use AirPlay to connect with devices on the same network.

The best way to check if your iPad or any other iOS device is compatible with AirPlay is to open the settings app.

Tap on the search field, and look for “AirPlay”.

Quick Recap:

Now we know how to set up AirPlay on Vizio TV and in order to achieve this, activate the AirPlay feature and connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network. From there you only need to discover the Vizio TV on your iOS device, connect and start mirroring content.

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