connecting roku to vizio tv

Many of you have constantly asked how the process of connecting Roku to Vizio TV is done. You’re lucky, because, in this guide, we will help you get through it completely!

And in case you find the process difficult to understand, we’ll give it to you in the simplest and easiest ways available!

To connect your Roku player to your Vizio TV, plug in one end of the HDMI to the television and one end to the Roku device. If it’s a Roku stick, you simply have to plug it into the HDMI port!

Learning the process of connecting a Roku to a Vizio Smart TV is one thing and learning what preparations you need are another.

So, before we get to the process of how you can do it, let’s try to understand the preparations that you need to do!

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What You Need to Know Before Connecting Your Roku to Your Vizio TV

Contrary to popular belief, there are two (2) types of Roku devices you can purchase in the market: the Roku player and the Roku Stick.

The Roku Stick simply is a small device (similar to a thumb drive or flash drive in size) that you can plug into your television; it also needs power for it to function properly.

Roku players, on the other hand, are like modems and gateways in size. They function the same as how Roku Sticks do, so don’t get confused.

Furthermore, in using any of these Roku devices, you need:

  • A reliable power source
  • HDMI port

Now that we know these, let’s go to the complete process of hooking your Vizio TV up with your Roku player!

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Connecting Roku to Vizio TV – Complete Steps

For this guide, we will be discussing both the processes of connecting your Roku Stick and your Roku player to your Vizio TV!

Connecting Your Roku Player to Your Vizio Smart TV

connecting roku player to vizio tv

Here’s the process of hooking up your Roku player to your Vizio TV:

Step #1: Check All Components Inside the Box

Before setting it up, what you want to do first is to check all the Roku player’s parts and components included in the box.

This should include:

  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cord
  • HDMI extender
  • Roku player

Step #2: Plug the HDMI and Power Cable

Once you’re sure that all of the parts and components are there, the next thing you have to do is to plug both HDMI and power cables in.

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Take the HDMI cable out and plug one end to the back of the Roku player and the other to the TV. After this, plug your Roku player into power by inserting the AC power cord into a wall outlet.

NOTE: If you don’t have one near, you can plug it into an unoccupied USB port on your TV.

Step #3: Power On Your Roku Remote

When you’re done preparing the player’s connection to the TV, the next step is to power your remote on. Insert working batteries on your Roku remote control (AAA batteries).

Then, test the remote out by pressing any button. If it’s on, the LED indicator should blink when you press a button.

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Step #4: Switch the Source or Input

Turn your television on and if you’re on regular programming, press [SOURCE] or [INPUT] and switch to the HDMI input where the Roku player is plugged into.

If it’s on HDMI 1, switch your TV to HDMI 1, if it’s on HDMI 2, switch to HDMI 2, and so on.

By now, you should see Roku’s welcome interface on your screen. It doesn’t end there, in fact, for you to access it, you’ll need to…

Step #5: Enter the Code on Your TV

Roku requires its users to verify if it’s them using the television. If you already have an account, press Log In on your Roku player, otherwise, press Create A Roku Account.

Then, on your browser (smartphone or PC), go to the Roku website and login to your account.

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Next, go to My Account > PIN preferences to access your PIN. List this down, and then input it to the field on your TV.

Step #6: Reboot Your Roku

Once done, you’ll now have to set your Roku device up! Select the language you want it to be programmed to, then choose if you want a Wired or a Wireless setup.

After the setup, perform a restart or a reboot of your Roku device to reset or refresh. When done, your Roku player will now be good to go!

Now, how do you connect your Roku Stick to your Vizio TV?

Connecting Your Roku Stick to Your Vizio Smart TV

connecting roku stick to vizio tv

Now that you’re aware of the process of connecting your Roku player to your smart TV, let’s discuss the process of connecting your Roku Stick instead!

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Step #1: Double-Check the Box and the Roku Stick’s Components

Akin to Roku players, it is also important to check the parts and components of your Roku stick.

The things you need to see are the same, the only difference would be the device.

Instead of seeing a Roku player, you should see a Roku Stick with the HDMI, the power cord, and the HDMI extender.

Step #2: Insert the Roku Stick Into Your TV

When they’re all complete, insert the Roku Stick to your Vizio TV via the HDMI port.

Take note of which HDMI port you’re going to plug it into so you know what source/input you’re going to set on your TV.

Step #3: Power Up the Roku Stick

After you plug the Roku Stick into your television, the next step is to power it up.

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Take the micro USB power cord and plug it into the AC adapter. Then, plug it into the nearest wall outlet.

NOTE: In the event that your TV is placed at a spot where there’s no wall outlet nearby, you plug the power cord into an open USB slot on the TV.

Step #4: Enable the Remote

To be able to use it, you’ll need the remote. So, in this next step, you’ll have to enable the remote by plugging in or by inserting AAA batteries.

Once done, you’re now ready to set your Roku device up! But, before doing so, you need to be in the correct input to see the interface of your Roku Stick.

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Step #5: Change Your TV’s Input

Depending on the port where you plugged your HDMI cable into, tune into that specific input on your TV. That way, you’ll be able to see the Roku interface on your TV screen.

By this time, you should be able to see the prompt asking you for your PIN code so you can further progress your experience of accessing content on your Roku device.

Step #6: Enter the 4-Digit PIN

You’ll be able to see your 4-Digit PIN by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Roku account.
  2. Then, navigate to My Account to be able to see your PIN.
  3. Type this PIN onto your television screen.

After that, allow your Roku device to undergo its regular updates. When done, you’ll be introduced to the Roku’s homepage with all the apps and channels that are pre-installed.

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From here, you’ll now be able to add apps and programs to your Roku device and you can place it on the homepage for easier access!

Should the back of the TV appear crowded, you can use the HDMI extender!

It will give you an extension so that the bulky or the fat part of the Roku Stick would not block other cables.

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Bottom Line

To connect your Roku to your Vizio Smart TV, you’ll need to plug in the outlet HDMI port to the TV and power your Roku Stick or Player up by connecting it either to a wall outlet or to an available USB port on the TV!

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It’s rare to find a tutorial that will give you a complete and comprehensive take on the process of connecting Roku to Vizio TV.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of it, you can easily go back to our guide!

You’ll no longer have to search the web for a different process because our guide has it all for you!

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