how to connect vizio tv to wifi without menu button

Wondering how to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without menu button? Well, you’re not alone!

Not having a remote control and not knowing how to access the menu settings of your Vizio TV is quite the obstacle to establishing a Wi-Fi connection.

Luckily, we have done the research for you and produced the best methods to connect Vizio TV without a “Menu” button or a remote.

The ultimate way to connect a Vizio TV with a wireless network without a menu button is by utilizing the action buttons on one of the side panels.

Another possibility is to use a USB keyboard, factory reset the Vizio TV, and then complete the initial Wi-Fi setup again.

Let’s get into details about setting up your Vizio with Wi-Fi without TV remote!

Can You Connect a Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote?

can I connect vizio tv without remote

Yes, a Vizio TV can be connected to the WiFi without a menu button, but an alternative method for controlling the TV must be used.

However, once in the menu, all you need is the directional pad of the remote control in order to establish a wireless connection to a network.

  • To connect a Vizio TV with the WiFi, you must press the “Menu” action button first and go to “Network”, then choose “Wired” or “Wireless”.

How to Troubleshoot Vizio Remote Control?

The easiest way to access the Vizio TV menu so far is to utilize the “Menu” or “Home” button on the remote control.

If you’re in possession of a remote control, but the menu button seemingly does not work, it could be an underlying temporal issue with your Vizio remote control.

Here are the best ways to address software/hardware remote issues:

  • Power cycle the remote by ejecting the batteries and waiting for at least 30 seconds!
  • Replace the batteries of the remote control with brand new ones and clean the battery compartment to ensure proper contact (Vizio remotes use 2 AAA batteries).
  • Factory reset the remote control by taking out the batteries and holding the “Power and “Input buttons for 15-20 seconds.
Tip: To factory reset, most universal remotes, hold the “Home” or “Menu”.

How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Menu Button?

how can connect vizio tv without remote

#1. Use the Vizio Action Buttons

An existing key combination on your Vizio TV remote will bring up the menu page, in case the “Menu” remote control button doesn’t seem to work.

This works on all Vizio TV models as long as the TV has in-built “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons at the side or bottom panel.

Where to Find Vizio TV Action Buttons?

Most Vizio TVs have a total of 3 physical buttons, located on the lower-right part or left part of the TV’s back panel.

Each of the buttons has a different purpose and they are typically installed in the following order:

  • The top button is the ‘Power’ Vizio TV button.
  • The middle button is the ‘Volume’ Vizio TV button.
  • The bottom button is the ‘Input’ Vizio TV button.

All you have to do to locate the button is to examine the left and right parts of the back panel and verify their functionality.

You should test the buttons to determine which one is which, but almost always they are installed in the order we’ve reviewed above.

How to Access Vizio TV Menu with Action Buttons?

access vizio tv menu using action buttons

As clarified, Vizio TVs do not particularly have a menu button, but holding a specific combination of action buttons will bring up the TV’s menu.

All you have to do is hold the Inputand Volume Down’ buttons at the back of the TV for about 5 seconds.

Once the menu is opened, use the directional pad of the remote to navigate to Menu > Network > Set up a WiFi connection and establish a wireless connection with an access point.

Note: If you cannot spot the action buttons at the side, inspect the bottom TV panel.

#2. Connect and Use a USB Keyboard

One of the most viable solutions, whenever the Vizio TV doesn’t respond to any remote buttons, is to connect and use a USB keyboard.

Such a keyboard is easy to come across and some are quite approachable in price, so almost everyone has one of these lying around at home.

  • It’s entirely possible to operate a Vizio TV with a USB keyboard

The Vizio TV has an installed interface that binds buttons at the newly connected keyboard to replace functions that only the physical remote control is able to execute.

How to Hook Up a USB Keyboard to a Vizio TV?

hook up the usb keyboard to tv

First, locate the USB port on the back of the Vizio TV’s port panel and connect the USB cable to the keyboard.

If you have a newer model Vizio TV, the keyboard will be instantly detected and you should be prompted to proceed with an on-screen external device setup.

How to Link Vizio TV with Wi-Fi With Keyboard?

Once the keyboard is connected to the Vizio TV, you will have to identify which buttons have been bound.

Try pressing the arrow buttons at the keyboard to determine if that will move you around through the menu or attempt using the “F1F10” buttons to open the menu.

Here are some tested bound buttons on a keyboard when connected to a Vizio TV:

  • The “Enter” keyboard key should work as “Select”  on the remote control.
  • The arrow buttons at the keyboard are the directional pad on the remote.
  • The “Home” button on the keyboard might work as a “Menu” remote button.

The primary buttons every keyboard must have should be compatible with the Vizio TV.

If you’re not sure which buttons perform an action on the TV, play around with the keyboard to find out.

Alert: Make sure you’ve connected the keyboard to a functional USB port on the TV!

#4. Download an IR Blaster Application

download using ir blaster application

Since your Vizio TV still cannot be controlled via Wi-Fi, setting up an IR blaster application on your mobile device is a great way to operate the device.

The IR applications allow your mobile device to become a fully-functional IR remote that would work excellently with your Vizio TV!

Info: Modern IR applications connect with your phone’s Bluetooth in order to support remote control-like functions!

Here’s how to set up an IR blaster application on your mobile device:

  1. Open the Google Play/App Store on your device.
  2. Then, type “IR Blaster” in the store’ search field.
  3. Next, press “Search” and tap on the first result.
  4. Then, press “Download” and launch the IR app.
  5. Lastly, follow the on-screen setup instructions.
Tip: For iOS devices, it is recommended to download the RemoteMaster application!

How to Setup a Universal Remote Control with Vizio?

setup using universal remote control

If you own a universal remote that is compatible with the Vizio TV, all you have to do to connect with the TV’s IR is hold the Setupbutton on the remote.

Universal remotes typically have a setup button that allows them to connect with TV devices compatible with IR technology.

  • To test the universal remote control, attempt to lower/increase the volume of the Vizio TV or power off the device with the buttons at the remote.
Note: Universal remotes typically work with any TV device as long as it supports infrared.

#4. Setup Vizio TV Over Ethernet

setup vizio tv over ethernet

When connected with Ethernet, your TV can take all of the advantages the high-speed internet has to offer in terms of fast loading and processing speeds.

Establishing an Ethernet connection on the TV bypasses the need for Wi-Fi and shows the device in the network when scanned.

How to Hook Up Vizio TV With Ethernet?

  1. Acquire a functional Ethernet cable.
  2. Locate the Ethernet port on your TV.
  3. Connect the cable to your Vizio TV.
  4. Plug the other end into the WiFi router.
Tip: Connect the Ethernet to one of the “yellow” ports on your network router or modem!

How to Setup Ethernet Connection on Vizio TV?

set up the ethernet connection

Once the TV is connected to your internet, download the SmartCast application for your mobile device or access the in-built casting functions.

Once the TV can be recognized, establish a wireless connection and follow the on-screen Ethernet setup prompts.

Note: Your Vizio TV will be discoverable in the network before completing the Ethernet setup!

Quick Recap:

This was how to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without menu button and the easiest way is to utilize the action buttons at the back of the TV. An alternative method would be to set up a USB-compatible keyboard, or simply connect your TV with Ethernet instead of WiFi.

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