how to delete a netflix profile on iphone

How to delete a Netflix profile on iPhone? Netflix has immensely influenced how Americans watch TV and is now one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

Subscribing to the service allows you to enjoy a wide selection of high-quality movies and TV series.

Whatever genre you like, there is certainly an option for you. So, to maximize your viewing experience, you must know the ins and outs of the application.

Netflix Manage Profiles

Netflix Manage Profiles

You can have at most five user accounts in one subscription. Setting them up is essential so that you can all watch your favorite shows properly.

When accounts are disorganized, another user might accidentally alter the duration from which you stop watching a movie temporarily. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid issues like this.

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In case you are just getting started, there is no need to fret since we are here to help you acquaint yourself with its features. While navigating the platform is easy, managing your profiles can sometimes be tricky.

Thus, below are the steps on what you should do.

netflix profiles
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Step 1. The first thing you should do is to select yours. Afterwhich, click Manage Profiles.

Step 2. You will see an option Add Profile. Press it to create another user account profile.

Step 3. Type your preferred account name.

Step 4. In case there is a kid in your household who would be using the same subscription, check the kid box when creating his or her profile. This is to ensure that they will not be able to watch R-16 movies.

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Step 5. If you want to edit the profiles you have made, you can change the icon as well as available content on each user profile.

To make sure kids will not be able to access unsuitable content, creating a PIN in Parental Control is essential.

The steps on how to resolve it are outlined as follows:

edit netflix profile
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Step 1. Go to Your Account.

Step 2. Select Parental Controls.

Step 3. Input your Netflix account password to confirm and verify your taken action.

Step 4. Enter a four-digit PIN and set the level of PIN protection according to your preference.

Step 5. Your kids will be required to first enter the correct PIN before they can view contents that are unsuitable for their age.

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Now that you know how to manage your profiles, let us then cover the steps on how you can delete a Netflix profile on iPhone. In case you do not know, the streaming service supports almost all types of devices.

You can access it anywhere – on your phone, tablet, computer, or even on your Smart TV.

Of course, navigating settings using a phone is always more convenient since it is easier to click on different options. It is more straightforward when you use it instead of television.

How to Delete Netflix Profile on iPhone

delete profile on iphone

If you wish to remove a user profile, you just have to follow the direct steps listed below:

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Step 1. Open the App

What you should do first is to open the Netflix application on your iPhone by selecting the Netflix icon in your app list. It usually opens with a log-in option if you are just getting started or you just have renewed your subscription.

Step 2. Type your Username & Password

After you have opened the application, type in your username and password to continue. You may also use your email to sign in.

Step 3. Select the Profile to Remove

Once you input them, you will see the Profile Selection. Click the profile that you plan to remove.

Step 4. If Already Signed in Go to Settings

In case you are already signed in, there is no need to follow the above-mentioned steps. When you are already on the Netflix app, you will be able to access the profile removal settings.

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delete profile iphone netflix

Step 5. Deleting the Profile

Click the Edit option on the upper right corner of the screen. Once you do so, little pencil icons would appear. What you should do is to click the delete option once you click the pencil icon in the profile you wish to delete.

Step 6. Confirmation

A confirmation message would first appear before the profile gets deleted. Make sure to click confirm to complete the removal process.

Follow these simple steps and you would not be seeing the user profile that you wanted to delete anymore.

In case devices other than iPhone are available, you can still delete a Netflix profile that you deem insignificant. Here are some of the steps you may follow, specific to the device you use.

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For Smart TV

If you are using a Smart TV, open the Netflix app using your remote and click Profiles. After that, Manage Profiles would appear on the screen. Make sure to move to the profile that you wish to remove.

Then navigate to the pencil icon. Click the edit button by using your remote. You will see a delete option. Move there and confirm.

How to Clear Netflix History

There are times that you watch quality movies that may not be suitable for other members of your household. To make sure they do see it, clearing your Netflix history is a must.

Some users who are not that familiar with Netflix features tend to delete profiles to remove history. Fortunately, there is a more convenient way of clearing the shows you have watched.

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Just follow the instructions below

1. Regardless of the device that you are utlizing, the goal is to click Account settings.

2. Once you are there, select My Profile.

3. More options will then appear so make sure to click Viewing Activity.

4. Remove history by clicking the Hide button on the right side of each movie you have watched.

5. Before deleting just ensure you are on the correct profile.

Read Further

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Final Thoughts

You must acquaint yourself with Netflix settings if you wish to maximize your streaming experience on the platform. Get your money’s worth by making sure you watch with no trouble.

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