why does my netflix keep buffering

Why does my Netflix keep buffering? Imagine going home from a very long day at work.

You lie down on your couch, open a bag of chips, and log in to this streaming site to watch your favorite shows.

Then, five minutes into a show, you noticed that the video paused due to slow internet connection, and it kept on doing this every once in a while.

There is nothing more annoying and disappointing than this.

Don’t worry, though.

Here, we have laid out the main reasons why our beloved streaming site keeps buffering and provided some solutions for us binge-watchers.

Why Does My Netflix Keep Buffering?

why does netflix keep buffering

Netflix has been one of our best friends even before the pandemic has compelled all of us to stay inside our houses.

Unfortunately, our beloved streaming site does not always work well.

One of the common problems encountered by users of this streaming site is slow loading or constant buffering.

Why does Netflix keep buffering slowly?

There are a couple of reasons why it is encountering this problem.

Reasons for Buffering

reasons for buffer

Slow Internet Connection

This is probably the most common cause, and it can be addressed depending on your connection type.

For instance, connectivity issues are different if you are streaming using the cellular data on your smartphone or if you are using a WiFi connection.

You can verify the speed of your internet using any speed test websites online.

Application Updates

Since Netflix is continually improving both its website and its mobile applications, we can expect updates to arrive every now and then.

However, if your phone or computer does not automatically install these updates, chances are you might encounter some bugs while using this platform.

And yes, constant buffering is one of those bugs.

Device Updates

Sometimes, the problem is not with the app itself but on the device you use for streaming shows.

That is why it is important to keep your phone, computer, or console always up to date.

It saves you from the hassles of poor device performance.

How to Fix Netflix Buffering Issue

how to fix netflix buffering

You already know the most common culprits behind the slow loading of this streaming platform.

The question that is probably in your mind right now is not “why does Netflix keep buffering slowly?” but rather “how to fix Netflix buffering”.

Worry not because these problems are actually solvable even without too much tech support.

Here are some quick fixes that you can try if you find your favorite streaming site not working well.

buffering screen netflix
Source : AndroidAuthoriy

1. Check Your Internet Connectivity

Netflix has a speed test site designed specifically for its users –Fast website.

If your speed test indicates that your connection is indeed slow, try turning off your cable modem, router, or in the case of mobile devices, your cellular data.

fast netflix
Source: Fast

Then after a while, turn it back on and run the speed test again. This normally improves your internet speed.

2. Switch to WiFi

Other people prefer streaming on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets which cannot be connected to a router using an Ethernet cable.

In such cases where Netflix keeps on buffering on those devices, it is recommended to switch your connection to WiFi.

Cellular data is less reliable and might be more expensive. Using a WiFi for streaming will provide a faster connection and will not incur additional costs.

3. Connect to A Router

Sometimes, it is better to connect your devices to a router using a cable than to access the internet with WiFi.

A wired connection offers less latency or ping and is also less affected by network interference.

So, if you are streaming on a smart TV, desktop computer, or a laptop, try connecting your device directly to your router with an Ethernet cable for faster internet speed.

4. Change Resolution Settings

settings netflix
Source: Netflix

Regardless of the type of your internet connection, you can always change the resolution settings of the videos you are watching on Netflix.

Just go to Accounts, select the appropriate Profile, and look for the Playback Settings.

You can switch to a resolution that requires lower data usage so that buffering won’t be an issue.

5. Update the App

In mobile devices, keeping the Netflix application up-to-date is very easy as it is often done automatically.

For Android users, just go to Play Store, look for Settings, and enable Auto-update apps.

app update home

Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad users can go to Settings, click on their device’s name, select iTunes & App Store, and then enable Automatic App Updates.

This will make sure that the app will always be at its optimum.

6. Update Your Device

Keeping your device’s operating system updated is also one way to avoid problems in streaming Netflix.


If you are using a Windows computer, just go to Settings>Update and Security> Windows Update> Advanced Options and select Automatic (recommended). 

system update netflix


On the other hand, if you are a MacOS user, go to Apple Menu>System Preferences>App Store> Automatically Check for Updates then select MacOS.    

Smart TV

For updating your smart TV you need to visit your TV settings. Go to system settings> software update

Note that the routine updating of your device will not just boost the performance of this site, it will also benefit your other applications.

7.  Close Unwanted Applications

These days, we tend to use too many apps and games.

So, if we use the Netflix application along with other apps running in background, you may get buffering issue.

To fix this, close all unwanted applications from your PC or Smart TV or Mobile.

Also, it is a good idea to clear the apps cache every month to get better speed and worry-free streaming.

When in Doubt, Consult Netflix

Why does Netflix keep buffering? There is no one that could address this question better than the site itself.

Fortunately, this platform has a Help Center that is very comprehensive and self-explanatory.

netflix help
Source: Netflix

All you have to do is to input the error message or error code, and then it will give you a series of possible solutions you can try.

In case your problem is the slow loading of videos, Netflix also has a set of suggestions for that.

This Help Center is highly recommended for everyone.

Buffering No More

Being able to stream our favorite shows without being interrupted by constant buffering is indeed a blessing.

And though these inconveniences may arise from time to time, you are not powerless against it.

All you have to do is to tweak some of your internet or device settings, and voila, your Netflix buffering issue can be addressed.

Nicole B