how to fix insignia tv with no picture

Wondering how to fix Insignia TV with no picture? In this post, we will provide you with a proven-to-work sequence of steps and hopefully fix the back screen issues with your Insignia TV.

Most of the time the issue could be related to faulty cables, bad power flow, or remote malfunction, but we will make sure to tackle each possibility.

To fix the Insignia black screen, first, replace your remote’s batteries and make sure that it is fully functional. Next, power cycle your TV and perform a hard reset on the TV and any external device. 

The last step in the preparation would be to verify all of the wirings throughout your Insignia TV to check for possible malfunctions.

Once ready with the above-described preparation you are almost ready to start troubleshooting.

Before that, it is important to learn more about where the issue could be coming from. Let’s take a look.

Why Does Insignia TV Have No Picture?

To make this easier for you, we have decided to create a list of all the possible causes so you could easily troubleshoot them later on.

Here are the most commonly reported causes for the Insignia TV black screen issue:

  • Faulty remote – worn batteries, damaged hardware, or not working infrared signal.
  • Faulty cables – Malfunction in one of the cables or damaged hardware.
  • Faulty ports, outlets – Issue with your power outlet or ports or visual hardware damage.
  • Faulty power flow – Internal TV damage or water or drop damage on your Insignia TV.
  • Broken back-light – Responsible for lighting up the pixels in the Insignia TV screen.
Even though we could have missed something, those were the issues that Insignia users most commonly share related to a black screen.

To approach the problem efficiently, we will start reviewing each case one by one until your issue is resolved.

How To Fix Insignia TV with No Picture?

fix insignia tv with no picture

It is important to follow the steps in the order they are listed as we have designed them to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Make sure to test if your Insignia TV has sound after you are ready with each of the steps.

Step #1 Change TV Source

Sometimes this whole “problem” could be due to a channel that is missing a picture.

For instance, if the channel that you are currently watching on your Insignia TV does not contain video footage, there would either be a specific screen telling you there is no available footage or a black screen as in your case.

Before talking about more serious stuff, try to change your channel or source to see if the issue is related to a specific broadcast or a non-working source of your TV.

If the black screen persists, move on to our next step.

Step #2 Check Third-Party Device

If you had connected a device via HDMI cable that hasn’t been delivered with your Insignia TV and you are getting a black screen when trying to connect with it, there might be a malfunction with the device or cable.

In many game consoles, for instance, the sync between audio and video is easily disrupted if the HDMI cable or source isn’t working correctly.

Most users even admit that they have been getting black screens with a sound that matches your case.

Many people have been wondering how to fix Insignia TV with no picture but has sound and the whole problem was found in an inappropriate HDMI connection.

Sometimes the whole issue could be found in the 3rd party device instead of the cable so do the obvious and temporarily remove all external devices.

Step #3 Check for Power Issues

In this step, we will cover anything related to an improper power flow within your TV.

We will share what might be the consequences of using a faulty strip or divider and also grant you a proven method to refresh your Insignia TV’s power.


For this step, we recommend plugging your TV’s power cable directly into the wall outlet. This way we will determine whether there is a malfunction within your power transmitting devices or not.

Firstly, perform a power cycle on your TV by plugging it out of the power supply for about 5 minutes.

Next, make sure to plug the TV into a standalone wall outlet. Finally, turn the TV on to check if there is a picture.

Step #4 Hard Reset Insignia TV

If you have applied all of the steps above, then we’re left with two possibilities only.

A hardware problem or software glitch. In that regard, in this step, you will learn how to perform a hard reset on your Insignia TV even if you have no picture to work with the settings.

For the process, you will only require a straightened paper clip or a ball-point pen, which you are going to use to hold the internally located reset button.

Unplug the power cable from your Insignia TV and wait for a few minutes before interacting with the device.

This way you will be certain that you are causing no harm or whatsoever because if you interact with a freshly turned-off device you might cause a short circuit.

Using a handmade (sharp) instrument, press and hold the reset button located within your TV’s connector panel for about 30 seconds.

During the time you are holding the reset button, that status light should turn off and then start blinking and pulsing in bright color.

This will indicate that all electricity has been ejected from your TV and a restart should follow up as soon as you plug the power cable back into the wall outlet.

Once the TV is back up, it should be receiving a fresh power flow and hopefully, your screen will finally turn on.

Step #5 Verify Cables

If nothing so far has managed to help, we are left with a possibility of a hardware problem.

The last thing you can do at home is to ensure if all cables are properly working and connected rightfully.

The most crucial part of the wiring is the power cable and the input source. Try hooking up an external device to all available HDMI ports to find out a scenario in which your Insignia TV screen will work.

Step #6 Replace Back-Light Strip (optional)

We have included this step because of the many cases we’ve found online. People report that an Insignia TV goes black and has sound whenever the backlight strip is dead.

This is the part responsible for lighting up the pixels in your screen and if it does not work your TV screen will not turn on.

You can find an Insignia TV back-light strip for low as $20 and plus the replacement cost you’re looking at $40 at max.

This step is optional as we cannot guarantee that this is where the issue is coming from but if none of the steps above helped, there is a high chance that your back-light is dead.

If you however decide to purchase a backlight, make sure that it is suitable for the model Insignia TV that you have and call a local technician that can replace it.

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Insignia TV Still Has No Picture…

If you are still not able to understand where the issue is coming from, the next step would be to contact Insignia customer service for additional assistance.

Don’t forget to share with them what you’ve tried in this post to avoid performing the same steps over again.

Before you do so answer the following question: Was your TV exposed to physical damage or water?

Depending on the answer to this question, you should know what to do next.

If you’ve damaged the TV, you might need a repair but if everything seems normal the Insignia support team should be able to provide you with the next step or at least adequate feedback.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to fix Insignia TV with no picture you should be able to effectively take such issues even on other models of TV.

We hope that you were able to resolve your problem and even if you weren’t now you know what to do next.

Nicole B