insignia smart tv remote not working

When Insignia Smart TV remote not working, we often assume that the batteries are dead but the real hurdle comes when the issue persists even with fresh batteries.

In this guide, we’ll show you all possibilities why Insignia TV remote is not working and the best working solutions.

To regain the Insignia smart TV remote functionality, begin by power cycling both the TV and the remote.

In case that didn’t work, proceed with clearing the IR sight between both units as well as performing a factory reset on the Insignia TV via the “Recovery Mode”.

Let’s continue to unwrap!

Why Insignia TV Remote Not Working?

why insignia tv remote not working

There are quite a few reasons why the Insignia smart TV remote suddenly stops working and we’ve gathered all possibilities in one place.

Here’s why the Insignia TV remote is not working:

  • Low or dead Insignia TV remote batteries.
  • IR transmitter and receiver obstructions.
  • Functionality fault with the Insignia TV.
  • Software-related fault with the Insignia TV.
  • Insignia (Bluetooth) remote is unpaired.
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Let’s investigate further…

Type of Insignia Smart TV Remote?

First, you need to identify the type of TV remote, based on the Insignia TV operating system.

For example, Insignia Fire TV would be equipped with a Alexa Fire TV remote, while Insignia Roku TV, uses the Roku remote and the functionalities are different based on the remote type.

type of insignia smart tv remote
Tip: If you’re unsure of which remote your Insignia TV uses, refer to the user’s manual!

How to Fix When Insignia Smart TV Remote Not Working?

Tip: Try all of the solutions below in chronological order!

1. Power Cycle the Insignia TV

The very first and quickest method to attempt is the power cycle on your Insignia TV.

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You only need to power off the TV and then disconnect the power adapter from the power outlet. After about 3 minutes of discharging, you should re-connect the TV and then check the remote.

power cycle the insignia tv

While the TV is disconnected, we strongly recommend unplugging the power cable from the TV port on the back.

This will take the power cycle one step further and in addition, you should also verify that you’re plugging the TV into a standalone power outlet (no extenders).

2. Hard-Reset the TV Remote

The next step is to hard reset the Insignia TV remote control, whether it’s an Alexa remote or Roku remote, the method works identically on all models.

The process won’t unpair the remote from the TV, in case you’re using a voice (Bluetooth) remote model so it’s safe to attempt now!

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Here’s how to hard-reset Insignia TV remote control in easy steps:

  1. Flip the Insignia smart TV remote control upside down.
  2. On Insignia Fire TV remote, push the back panel upwards.
  3. On Insignia Roku TV remote, push the panel downwards.
  4. Eject the two AAA batteries into the battery compartment.
  5. Then press all Insignia remote buttons for 2 seconds each.
  6. Next, press and hold the remote power button for 30 seconds.
  7. Re-insert the batteries into the remote and close the cover.
hard-reset the tv remote

Replace the Remote Batteries?

In case the hard reset didn’t help and the Insignia TV remote is still not working, you need to replace the batteries before proceeding further.

We recommend using AAA Duracell or AAA Energizer batteries for long-lasting remote functionality.

Note: For now, only fresh AAA batteries are mandatory to exclude this possibility!

3. Verify a Clear Line of IR Sight

In case the Insignia TV remote is still not working even with fresh batteries, perhaps the line of IR sight is somehow obstructed.

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verify a clear line of ir sight

With a 100% IR remote (no Bluetooth) the entire functionality of the remote is dependent on the infrared signal, which when obstructed, simply doesn’t reach.

Here are a couple of tips to undertake to verify the clear line of IR sight:

  • Use the remote as close as 1 foot (30 cm) from the TV.
  • Remove obstacles that are blocking the TV IR receiver.
  • Clean the Insignia TV and remote IR transmitter & receiver.
  • Verify there is no other nearby remote or TV interfering.

In case you’ve confirmed that the IR signal of the remote is not being impacted, perhaps we’re facing a much more complex problem.

Let’s continue further in the guide to unwarp the solution!

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4. Factory Reset Insignia TV (No Remote)

In case you didn’t know, the Insignia TV can be factory reset without the remote, only by using the physical power TV button.

factory reset insignia tv (no remote)

The goal is to enter the Recovery Mode, which provides the user with a bunch of options, which are typically unavailable to access without a working remote.

  1. First, locate the physical Insignia TV power button.
  2. Then, unplug the Insignia TV from the power outlet.
  3. While unplugged, press and hold the power button.
  4. While holding, reconnect the TV to the power outlet.
  5. Release the button only when the Insignia TV turns on.
  6. You will then see the “Recovery Mode” and all options.
  7. To move and select in this menu there are only two rules:
  • Press & hold the power button = to select the highlighted option.
  • Press the power button once = to move downwards in the menu.
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Use the power button and rules above to highlight and select “Wipe Cache Bootloader” and in case that doesn’t fix the remote issue select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.

Note: The factory reset option will permanently erase all data, settings, and TV configuration!

5. Use Insignia Digital Remote (App)

use insignia digital remote (app)

In case your Insignia TV remote still doesn’t function, it’s likely that you’re facing a hardware fault with the remote, which requires a technical repair.

However, here we’ll provide you with an alternative way to acquire Insignia TV digital remote and regain full control over your television.

  • You need to download the “Fire TV Remote” app or “The Roku App”!
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Based on whether your smart Insignia TV is Fire TV or Roku TV, download the respective app, available for iOS and Android.

The only requirement for this setup to work without a remote is if your TV is already connected to the WiFi, which you need to connect to with your smartphone.

Note: You need to sign into the same Roku or Amazon account in the app to be able to control the Insignia TV with a digital remote.

6. Pair Universal Insignia Remote 

pair universal insignia remote

Well, in case your Insignia TV remote turns out to be faulty, the final step would be to acquire a new original or universal remote.

The difference is only in the price and pairing and if you’re about to make a purchase, here are some recommended remotes for your Insignia TV.

Note: For the exact pairing steps check the remote’s documentation!

Insignia Smart TV Remote Not Working Only Power Button?

insignia smart tv remote not working

There is only one explanation and one Insignia remote, capable of producing such a weird issue where only the power button on the entire remote works.

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The remote in question is the Insignia Fire TV (Voice) remote, which combines both IR (infrared) and Bluetooth TV communication.

  • The exact remote model is Alexa Remote Control NS-RCFNA-19 Fire TV.

Hence, when the Insignia Fire TV Voice remote unpairs from the Bluetooth, only the IR will keep working, hence only the power button.

In that regard, you’ll need to pair the Insignia Fire TV voice remote’s Bluetooth to the Insignia TV to regain the functionality of all other remote buttons.

Here’s how to pair Insignia Fire TV Voice remote to Insignia TV in easy steps:

  1. Insert fresh batteries into the Insignia Fire Voice remote.
  2. Then verify that your Insignia TV is powered on and working.
  3. Press and hold the Home remote button for 10 seconds.
  4. In case that doesn’t work, hold the button for 30 seconds.
  5. The Alexa Fire TV remote will automatically pair to the TV.
  6. Test whether all remote buttons are now working correctly.
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Need More Help?

contact insignia customer support

If you believe your Insignia smart TV remote is faulty, and you can’t recall an event that could have broken the remote, it’s time to seek some help.

So, first, check the warranty and attempt to claim a replacement from the local merchant, or contact Insignia Customer Service for help!

Quick Summary:

In this guide, we’ve learned why Insignia Smart TV remote not working and how to solve the problem by using simple troubleshooting steps.

They involve a power circulation on the entire Insignia setup as well as performing a factory reset on the TV without a remote.

For more guides such as this one, follow our blog!

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