insignia tv keeps turning off

Insignia TV keeps turning off suddenly and you’re wondering why and what to do. Well, there are limited possibilities when it comes to turning off issues with TVs.

So in this guide, we’ll walk you through the solution for Insignia TVs so let’s get started…

The Insignia TV turning off by itself may be due to a power supply issue or internal hardware overheating, both of which can cause the TV to shut down automatically for safety reasons.

The solution, however, involves addressing many other factors such as the remote, TV firmware, and cache!

Let’s continue to unwrap!

Why Insignia TV Keeps Turning Off By Itself?

why insignia tv keeps turning off by itself

Here are the reasons why Insignia TV will turn off itself:

  • TV is overheating.
  • TV software issue.
  • Bad power source.
  • Infrared interference.
  • Corrupted firmware.
  • TV software error.

Test Leaving Insignia TV on Idle!

One of the most important identification steps is to leave the Insignia TV idling (staying on the home screen), without streaming anything.

The outcome of this experiment will show whether your Insignia TV turns off only when utilized, or due to something, not yet identified.

How to Fix When Insignia TV Keeps Turning Off?

Tip: Follow the steps below consecutively!

1. Power Cycle the Insignia TV

power cycle the insignia tv

The first step is the simplest. In this method, we’ll address any temporal bugs with the Insignia TV, which will not delete anything from the TV.

This method will only circulate the power within the TV, which in most cases, is enough to resolve the temporal bugs and glitches with the TV.

  • To power cycle your TV, unplug the device from the power source!

By keeping the Insignia TV disconnected from the power source for 60 seconds, all the internal components will cool down and all services will be restarted.

We recommend checking the TV’s power cable for any visual defects, broken ports, or damage to the cable’s body.

Tip: If you have a replacement power cable to test with, make sure to do so!

2. Verify the TV’s Power Source

verify power source with lamp

The next step is to verify that the Insignia TV power source is functional by using another device to plug directly into the wall.

The best way to test for power inconsistency or fluctuations would be to plug in a lamp, so you can check whether the light is flickering or is stable and steady!

Here are a few tips to optimize and verify the Insignia TV power source:

  1. Unplug extenders, plugs, or strips from the outlet.
  2. Verify that the power source is currently working.
  3. Tip: Use a lamp or your smartphone for charging.
  4. Connect the television directly to the wall outlet.
  5. Test connecting the TV to a different room outlet.
Note: In case of a recent power outage, it’s highly likely that the electrical current from the fuse will be unstable and fluctuate for a while.

3. Prevent Insignia TV Overheating!

prevent insignia tv overheating

One of the most frequent causes for turning off Insignia television is overheating.

Whenever the internal HW TV temperature rises above the thermal margin, the TV shuts down to prevent damaging the internal components.

This is a safety measure for the TV to prevent HW damage!

The thermal margin is the highest temperature under whichthe Insignia TV is able to operate normally.

What appears to be random TV turning off, is not random at all. If your Insignia TV remains on for a few minutes into content streaming and then turns off, well, it’s likely that it’s overheating.

Ways to Decrease Overheating:

  • Open a window or a door to ventilate the room!
  • Dislocate heat conductors near the television.
  • Using a vacuum, clean the Insignia TV vents!
  • If possible, separate the television from the wall.
  • Turn on a fan to blow against the back of the TV.
ways to decrease overheating
Note: After implementing as much as possible of the tips above, test whether the Insignia TV will continue to turn off.

4. Eject the TV Remote’s Batteries

Yes, this sounds odd, but the Insignia TV remote might be turning off your TV due to an error in the infrared signals to the TV receiver.

The easiest way to verify whether that’s true is by taking the remote’s batteries out, to prevent the possibility of your remote interfering with the television!

  • Open the remote’s battery compartment and gently eject both batteries!
eject the tv remote's batteries

Without the batteries, even if the remote is buggy or glitchy, there is no possible way for IR rays to be sent to the TV’s receiver.

So, if your Insignia TV doesn’t turn off when the remote is out of the equation, well, you’re either dealing with bad batteries or a fault with the remote buttons.

Have More Than 1 TV In Your Home?

Any IR transmitters in your home can easily turn off your TV even when behind a door so it’s recommended to dislocate them temporarily.

IR transmitters are mainly TV remotes so if you’ve got another Insignia TV or remotes in your home, eject their batteries and turn them off for now.

Note: If your Insignia TV has a panel button, check if the power button is not stuck or broken!

5. Update Insignia TV’s Firmware

update insignia tv's firmware

When Insignia TV keeps turning off on it’s own, it’s important to verify that you’re up to date. Also, we can’t exclude the possibility of corruption in the firmware of your Insignia TV.

This is why the next step is to manually update the Insignia TV, which can be done from the settings!

How to Update Insignia Roku TV?

  1. From the home menu, go to Settings.
  2. Then scroll down and enter “System”.
  3. Lastly, select the “System Update” tile.

How to Update Insignia Fire TV?

  1. Go to the Settings from the home screen.
  2. Then scroll down and select “My Fire TV”.
  3. Then go into the “About” tab at the top.
  4. Finally, simply select “Check for Updates”.
Note: To update the firmware, the Insignia TV must be connected to the internet!

6. Clear TV Cache Partition (Fire TV)

clear tv cache partition fire tv
Note: This method is only applicable to Insignia Fire TV models!

The Insignia Fire TV models are effectively utilizing the Android OS, which provides users with a lot of developer settings.

The reason why clearing the TV cache would help against turning off issues is that the cache data sometimes gets corrupted, which causes errors and bugs!

Here’s how to enter the dev menu on Insignia Fire TV and clear the cache:

  1. First, unplug your Insignia TV from the wall.
  2. Next, locate the power button on the TV.
  3. Tip: The button is located under the logo!
  4. Press and hold the TV’s power button.
  5. While holding, connect the TV to power.
  6. The Android developer’s menu will appear.
  7. Pressing the power button, move down!
  8. Info: holding the power button, will select.
  9. Select the “Wipe Cache Partition” option.

When the process is complete, test whether your Insignia TV will continue to turn off…

7. Factory Reset the Insignia TV!

factory reset the insignia tv

The final solution is the factory restoration process, which will address software faults with the Insignia TV.

The downside of this method is that all data and personal settings on your Insignia TV will be permanently deleted, but take this early warning as an opportunity for a data backup!

Here’s how to factory reset the Insignia TV in easy steps:

  1. Push the “Home” button on the remote control.
  2. Navigate into Settings > Devices & Software.
  3. Next, select the “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
  4. Wait for the Insignia TV to factory reset itself.
Note: The factory reset process takes about 3 minutes and when ready, you’ll have to set up the Insignia TV’s initial configuration.

Quick Recap:

Hence when the Insignia TV keeps turning off, first power cycle the device and inspect the power source. If everything is looking good, proceed with updating the TV’s firmware version, prevent potential overheating, and restore the Insignia TV to factory defaults.

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