insignia tv red light blinking

Wondering why is Insignia TV red light blinking? Luckily, you have come to the right post.

Here, we will discuss the possible reasons that might cause your Insignia TV’s red light to blink and what are the steps to troubleshoot this issue.

A blinking red light never indicates something good, but the issue could be minor and easily resolvable.

In most cases, a blinking red light is an alert for power failures or inappropriate connections. The most effective and correct approach would be a hard reset.

Issues like that are often related to a severe glitch or power interference.

Sometimes a simple restart does not get the job done but we’ve found many other solutions that might work for you.

With all that in mind, let’s dive right into the troubleshooting methods that will most likely stop the red rid flickering.

Why Is My Insignia Roku TV Blinking Red Light?

Your Insignia Roku TV’s red light blinks in red due to several factors.

A premature power supply failure can cut off your entire remote functionality which is one of the conditions for your red light to blink.

How to Fix the Issue?

fix insignia tv red light blinking

Without further ado, let’s talk about all the things you can try in order to resolve this issue.

Method #1 Reset Insignia Roku TV

As we have mentioned above, one of the most successful approaches, when your Insignia Roku TV light is blinking red, is to perform a hard reset.

This is certain to reboot your TV entirely and upon bootup, all temporary issues that might cause your red light to blink will be resolved.

To perform a hard reset on your Insignia TV, follow the steps we have provided down below:

  • Turn off your Insignia Roku TV using the remote
  • Unplug the power cable from the Power outlet
  • Wait for 3-5 minutes
  • Plug the power cable back in

Once done with performing the power reset, make sure to plug your Insignia Roku TV’s power cable directly into the power outlet to avoid any complications.


It’s recommended to avoid a power strip or surge connector because this component is proven to cause power malfunctions that can harm your TV.

Method #2 Verify Cable Connections and Devices

Another thing that could cause your Insignia Roku TV’s red light to blink is faulty cable connections.

For instance, if the power supply cable is not connected properly, your red light will either blink red or the TV won’t start at all.

Whenever this occurs, verify all of the connections to your TV, including HDMI cables and other external inputs.

Red light blinking on your Insignia Roku TV could also indicate a device connected to your TV that isn’t working properly.

Some of them are media devices, consoles, speakers, and more.

If there is something wrong with the device itself or maybe the HDMI cable, the red light will blink.

For example, if you connect a device to your TV’s HDMI input inappropriately, the red light will definitely blink in red.

In that regard, we recommend inspecting all inputs or disconnecting them all.

If this method did not resolve the Insignia TV red is light blinking issue, jump to our next solution.

Method #3 Fix Connectivity Issues

It is well known that your Insignia Roku TV’s red light could be blinking due to a lack of internet connectivity.

For instance, if you attempt to enter an app on your Insignia TV that requires a stable internet connection, the process won’t turn out successful.

The light will start blinking in red. In that regard, down below are the two approaches that are proven to work.

Reset Your Router

As one of the first approaches that will improve the connectivity with your TV is to perform a clean restart on your router.

In order to do that, you must unplug the unit’s power cable and wait at least for 5 minutes. Then plug it back in and wait for the bootup.

A restart of your router is proven to troubleshoot any temporal issues that might interfere with your connection.

There is a high possibility to resolve your Insignia Roku TV’s red light blinking.

If the Insignia TV blinking red light won’t turn on this is definitely a sign that we’re making progress so jump to the next step.

Relocate Your Router

Another reason that could damage the connectivity is the distance between your TV and the router unit.

For instance, if your connection is 2.4Ghz, there won’t be any trouble for the signal to travel through several walls.

But unfortunately, networks of 5Ghz can hardly pass through more than one wall.

In that regard, make sure to reposition your router to have a clear path to your TV, so your signal isn’t an object of interference.

This way you can at least eliminate this possible cause.

Use Wired Connection

Another successful method of increasing your network’s effectiveness is to connect your TV with the router.

This is performed by using an Ethernet Cable which means that wire would be involved.

You have now entirely excluded your WiFi as a possible cause and hopefully, your network will get better.

This method is also beneficial if you’re having any issues with your router, modem, or in other words, wireless connection.

Method #4 Diagnostic Evaluation

We’ve found that this solution has helped other people with Insignia TV blinking read so here is the sequence:

  • Unplug the cord from your TV
  • Wait for at least 1 hour (60 minutes or more)
  • Press and hold the power button on the side panel
  • While holding, plug your TV back in the outlet, no surge protectors or surge strips
  • Keep holding both buttons for another 60 seconds

If this method fails then you can suspect the motherboard or the IR sensor, maybe both.

In that case, you can go to a technician and discuss a repair.

However, if nothing so far managed to help, there are a few options left, so let’s take a look.

Insignia TV Red Light Blinking Issue Still There…

If you’re here we assume that the issue persists, so we have to admit that you might be dealing with a fairly complex issue.

As we have mentioned above, the red light blinking could indicate malfunctions throughout your Insignia TV, which means further troubleshooting is necessary.

In that case, contacting the manufacturers of your Insignia TV and using your warranty into use is all you can do.

You can always disassemble your TV at home and try to locate the faulty hardware, but this is highly unlikely if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you had accidentally damaged a component throughout the TV’s hardware, this could also result in the red light blinking and the warranty won’t be able to cut it.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you can easily deal with the Insignia TV red light blinking and any difficulties that may occur throughout the process.

If not, you can always scroll up and give the troubleshooting methods another round.

You might have skipped an essential part.

If you’re interested in related posts and other issues with Insignia TV, you will definitely find answers and solutions in our blog.

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