insignia tv turns on but screen is black

If Insignia TV Turns on but screen is black there are quite a few possibilities why this would happen.

Most of the time the problem is not related to the TV software and can easily be resolved at home. Don’t rush to conclusions yet, at least not before the end of this post.

To fix Insignia TV that is turning on but the screen remains black, you can try to power cycle the device. Then, make sure the electricity source is working and your Insignia TV has a reliable power flow. 

Moreover, you can check the cables for loose connections and reconnect them afterward.

At this point, you can press the Home button on your remote. If you’re able to see the TV menu and sources, then you’re simply on a source that receives no input.

If however, you’re not able to see anything and the TV is working, let’s take a look at the possibilities:

Why Is My Insignia TV Screen Black?

We’ve created a list of possible issues and a short description at your disposal so you can get familiar with what might be happening and how to approach it effectively.

1. Power Malfunction

One of the most common reports for the issue is a power malfunction.

Sometimes your Insignia TV will get the opportunity to boot up, but with the low-income power, the display won’t turn on. The power cycle should be a good solution.

2. Third-party Devices

If you’re certain that your Insignia TV is running, but the screen remains black, it may be a third-party device’s fault.

If you’re using an HDMI connection for instance, but the device you have connected doesn’t work, your TV will show a black screen until you check the device you have connected.

3. Faulty or Loose Cables

The next thing you should pay attention to is the wiring of your Insignia TV.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous case, a faulty or loose HDMI cable, for instance, might make your TV’s display go black while the TV is working.

4. Power Source

If the power source you have your Insignia TV connected to isn’t working correctly, you may have constant interruptions and black screens.

In cases like this the entire TV won’t turn on or if it does, it goes black shortly.

5. Hardware Issue

The last thing you should consider paying attention to is the hardware of your TV. If your TV is functional, but the screen is black, the display might have gone faulty.

At this point, there is no way of knowing whether it is a hardware problem or a simple glitch. So let’s get started with our methods that will not only fix the issue if possible but also identify the source.

How To Fix Black Screen on Insignia TV?

fix insignia tv turns on but screen is black

Before moving on, try to replace the batteries within your Insignia remote. Many users say that a fresh set of batteries is all they need to power up the display of their Insignia TV again, so make sure to try it!

In case the batteries are warned out you might not be able to turn the TV using the remote. If you don’t have a fresh pair of batteries try to find the hardware power button on the TV’s panel.

When you’re done with the preparation, you can start applying our methods in the order they are listed.

Method #1 Hard Reset/Power Cycle Insignia TV

These two types of resets, even if almost the same, will eliminate any power malfunctions within your Insignia TV. Both of these approaches are proven to be equally helpful, so let’s begin with the power cycle.

Power Cycle

For the power cycle, unplug the power cable of your Insignia TV and wait for 60 seconds.

Don’t be impatient and wait the whole 60 seconds because this really does make difference from simply restarting your Insignia TV using the remote. Plug the cable back and see if it is going to work now.

Hard Reset

For the hard reset, you must also unplug the power cable of your TV, but this time, hold the power button of your device for exactly 30 seconds.

This will drain all of the electricity in your TV and on the next boot, the power flow will be fresh.

Method #2 Inspect Insignia TV Wiring

Making sure that the wiring of your Insignia TV is functional, is of great importance especially whenever the Insignia TV turns on but screen is black.

The thing you should do here is first to unplug all of the cables. Wait for several seconds and start plugging the cables back in as you make sure to plug them in tightly.

Method #3 Remove Third-Party Device

Sometimes, this whole inconvenience could be based on a not working third-party device.

If your TV’s display happens to work on another source than your current one, there might be a problem with the device connected to that HDMI cable.

The only thing we can advise you here is to try restarting the device. It can be either the device or the input of your TV.

Method #4 Change Power Source

A faulty or not working power source can severely damage your Insignia TV.

This is why our next suggestion is to try running your TV, while the power cable is plugged into another power source. Try using a standalone wall outlet without any dividers.

Faulty power sources can cause constant power outages and black screens, which can only be resolved if a technician comes and takes a look at the situation.

Even if the issue isn’t coming from there, you would still be certain that there is no issue with the power supply of your Insignia TV.

Method #5 Identify the Problem

Well, as a last resort we’ve prepared a method that won’t actually troubleshoot but help you understand if your Insignia TV screen has gone faulty.

Take an ordinary flashlight and point it towards the TV screen from a close distance (approx. 5 centimeters).

Then turn on your TV and observe closely. If you can see the shade of the black slightly changing or there are tiny particles on the screen the chances are that your screen is working.

But if you cannot see anything on the screen even with a flashlight, you’ll probably have a broken TV screen.

If your warranty is intact, you can confidently reach out to Insignia and get the problem solved by repair.

In conclusion, we can say that after this guide, your issue should no longer be there, except if your TV screen is faulty. By performing a power cycle, followed by a firm cable inspection and 3rd party devices out of the picture there is not much else that could have gone wrong.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Insignia TV turns on but screen is black you should be confident when troubleshooting.

Even if you were not able to fix the black screen you can always reach out to Insignia customer service for another round of troubleshooting.

If you find this post helpful, make sure to check our blog to find solutions to any problems within your smart home.

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