sound on vizio tv not working

If your sound on Vizio TV not working and you’re getting worried about your device, you’ve come to the best place to learn the solution!

Although plenty of things could have happened to your TV, we will do our best to cover everything you should know regarding the issue and potentially how to fix it easily!

If the sound on your Vizio TV isn’t working, it is possible that you’ve muted the TV or turned down its volume. Ensure all audio input settings are correct, check any sound-producing third-party devices, and inspect all cable connections.

But before we dive into troubleshooting, let’s take a quick peek at all the possible causes that might have impacted your TV’s functionality.

Why Sound Completely Not Working On A Vizio Smart TV?

Here we’ve listed the most frequent causes whenever a Vizio TV suddenly loses its sound. Make sure to take a look at each of them as later we’ll start excluding them one by one.

Here is what might have happened to your Vizio TV audio:

  1. Muted/turned down the volume – It is possible that you either muted or turned down the volume of your Vizio TV.
  1. Input issue – If there is a problem setting up the input, your Vizio TV won’t produce any sound either.
  1. Faulty wiring – Faulty cables can make your Vizio TV go mute.
  1. Outdated software – Outdated software is capable of impacting your TV’s sound settings.
  1. Hardware problem – At last, if a hardware problem is a case, your TV won’t produce any sound through its inbuilt speakers.

With these possibilities in mind, it’s time to move on and try to permanently resolve the issue.

How To Fix Sound Not Working On Vizio TV?

fix sound on vizio tv not working

Sometimes restarting your Vizio TV regularly might manage to fix the issue, so if you haven’t tried that, make sure to reboot the device at least once.

After all, why should you dive into complex troubleshooting if the issue is minor and a simple restart will get the job done?

Once you’ve performed the restart and the issue is still there you can confidently start from method 1 and build your way up to the more advanced approaches.

Method #1 Check Current Sound Source

First of all, take a peek at whether the source your Vizio TV is currently displaying has any audible sound.

If you’re on a cable channel, however, it is possible that the broadcast’s sounds have been muted or temporarily disabled due to unknown reasons, making your TV go mute until further notice.

What we’re suggesting here is to try switching the channels to determine whether this sound issue is coming from your TV or the channel itself.

If it is the channel, you’re watching there is nothing you can do but wait or change the channel.

Moreover, you can switch to a Watch TV source to determine whether the source device (if any) is causing the trouble.

If it is the source you’re using to deliver content on your TV screen, make sure to restart it and test again.

Method #2 Check Vizio TV Volume

It is possible that you’ve muted or turned the volume of your TV all the way down.

Since many users mentioned that this is occasionally happening unintended, this is why we are including this method here so you could check before going any further.

To determine whether your Vizio TV is muted, you can press the mute button on your remote once.

If a highlighted icon appears on the bottom left of your Vizio TV screen, then this means your TV was muted by now. If you’re just now muting your TV by pressing the button, then you should look for the issue elsewhere.

Method #3 Inspect Cable Configurations

The next step on your way to fixing the static sound TV volume not working on Vizio TV is to inspect the cable configurations.

It is possible that the sound line of your TV is disrupted by an unconnected or loose cable.

All you have to do during this method is ensure all cables plugged into your TV are functional, even the third-party device ones. They can cause interference otherwise, making you unable to hear your TV’s sound.

Furthermore, you can make sure that the cables are not twisted or under pressure and plug your TV directly into a working wall outlet.

Avoid using any power dividers as they are well-known to cause trouble, not only with the sound.

Method #4 Check Vizio TV Audio Input Settings

Sometimes the audio input can be accidentally changed by you or anyone else who is using the TV, while you’re unaware of it.

To give an example, if anyone presses the AUX button on your Vizio smart TV remote, the audio input will be set to the AUX mode.

But since there is no device connected of this kind, your TV will stop producing sounds until further notice.

How To Change Input On Vizio TV?

If you’re not exactly familiar with the way of switching the input on your Vizio TV, you must look for the button labeled “INPUT” on your TV remote. Press it once until the input menu appears.

In this menu, if you have a soundbar connected to your TV, select the confirm button below “Soundbar”, if you’re using the TV’s default speakers, click on “DEFAULT”.

If you’re confident you have the correct input setting selected, proceed with our next method.

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Method #5 Remove Interference

If the sound on Vizio TV not working even after you’ve made sure that the rightful audio input is selected, then there could be a 3rd party device interfering.

The fastest way around would be to disconnect ALL devices that are plugged to your Vizio TV.

Again, make sure that the DEFAULT speaker mode is enabled and go to Watch TV. Select a channel and check for audio. If the issue is still there, here is what to do:

  1. Unplug your TV from the power outlet.
  2. Wait for several minutes.
  3. Plug your TV into the power.
  4. Test.

This is the so-known power cycle, and it should help in case there was something interfering and disrupting the power supply.

Method #6 Factory Reset/Clear Memory

As you might have guessed it is time to revert your TV back to its default state. If nothing so far helps, then there is something wrong either with the hardware or the software.

In this step, we’ll exclude the OS as a possibility by performing a factory reset.

Note: The factory reset will wipe clean TV memory, which means that ALL settings including your WiFi passwords and configuration will be permanently lost.

Here is how to revert your Vizio TV to default settings:

  1. Take the Vizio Remote and press the Menu button.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Locate and highlight Reset & Admin.
  4. Press OK on your remote to confirm.
  5. Choose Reset TV to Factory Defaults and confirm again by pressing OK.
  6. Lastly, choose Reset, and again, press OK.
  7. Wait for the TV to turn off.

At this point, your TV will reset to factory default settings and you should carry out the initial setup.

Once ready go straight to Watch TV and test if there will be any sound. In case the issue is still there and you’re not feeling like taking your TV to repair yet, we’ve got you covered in our last method.

Method #7 Bypass TV Speakers

All we’ve done until this moment is mostly troubleshooting the TV speakers. If they still do not work, it is possible that the issue is coming from their hardware components. In other words, they might not work and require repair.

There is, however, a way to use your Vizio TV if you bypass the speakers and output the audio via another device.

The speakers output is separate and even if they are no longer working, that does not mean that you cannot output audio through another device.

You can connect everything from a 3rd party speaker to an HDMI soundbar or AUX device. Then simply select the corresponding TV input and voila, there should be sound.

Basically, anything that can connect to your TV and output audio will help determine whether your TV speakers are faulty or there is something worse.

To fix the sound of a Vizio TV, first, make sure you have selected the correct input and the power cycle of the device. Then, inspect any third-party devices, cable, and TV volume. At last, you should perform a factory reset and if it does not help, bypass the TV speakers.

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Bottom Line

After reading this “sound on Vizio TV not working guide”, you should be able to resolve the problem or at least identify its cause.

Moreover, you can also reach out to Vizio customer service and carry out another round of troubleshooting. With a little luck, the issue will be found and resolved in no time!

If you find this post helpful, make sure to check our technical blog to discover solutions for any device in your smart home.

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