hulu keeps crashing on firestick

Your Hulu keeps crashing on Firestick and you don’t know how to deal with this problem?

Luckily you have come across the right post.

We will discuss what might cause this issue to occur and what can you possibly do in order to prevent it from appearing.

It is common for such errors to occur and we will only provide you with effective methods, shared by Hulu users struggling with the same issue as yours.

Several community guidelines have come up with an effective solution that involves rebooting your Firestick device.

Restarting could troubleshoot any streaming errors and make your Hulu app bug-free.

Another method you can try is to check if your internet connection is stable.

The proper network is essential for the Hulu app to operate. Even the slightest slowdowns can prevent the corresponding app from launching on your Firestick device.

Keep reading, as we discuss in detail all of the methods you can apply on Firestick in order to get Hulu going.

Hulu On Firestick Keeps Crashing?

There are several factors that might cause your Firestick Hulu to crash continuously.

As we mentioned above, a poor internet connection might cause unfortunate Hulu errors or any issue bound with your Wi-Fi.

Keep reading as we discuss some proven methods you can apply to your Amazon Firestick in order to prevent the crashing from ever appearing again.

Hulu Keeps Crashing on Firestick – Fix Methods

fix hulu keeps crashing on firestick

Let us now learn the best methods that you can apply to fix this crashing issue.

Most importantly, these methods works like charm and you can eliminate the problem without the need to call any technician or call the support staff.

It is highly recommended to apply the methods one by one for the best results.

Method #1 Restart Your Firestick

As simple as it sounds, restarting your firestick device might eliminate the issue. In that regard, we have placed this method in the first place, because a simple restart might be the fastest solution.

Knowing how effective system restarts can sometimes be, feel free to give it a try as well.

In order to restart your Firestick, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your Firestick
  • Visit the Device & Software menu
  • When being redirected, select Restart
  • Wait for your Firestick to perform a restart

Actually, there is an alternative way to restart your firestick without actually performing the steps we had listed.

In case you are in possession of an Alexa device, you can press and hold the play/pause button while clicking simultaneously, then select the button on the dedicated remote delivered with the device.

Keep doing that for about 5 seconds and then your Firestick should power off and restart.

Method #2 Reinstall Your Firestick Hulu

A basic approach for Hulu is continuously crashing on the Firestick issue, which is the method of reinstallation.

It is well-known that bad files can result in the inappropriate boot of the app which itself contributes to crashes and glitches.

Here is how to properly reinstall your Firestick Hulu app.

  1. Go to Applications from your Fire TV and head to Settings.
  2. Then, click on Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Locate Hulu on the list and hit the Uninstall button.

After this process, you can install Hulu back again by simply visiting the Appstore as you have downloaded it before.

Method #3 Check Your Internet Connection

It is well-known that such issues occur when your internet connection quality is poor.

In this regard, we have made sure to include this option as a method, because this problem could be simply based on a bad network.

There are some essential demands when it comes to how fast your internet should be in order for Hulu playout to be stable.

In order to enjoy any show or movie within Hulu’s library, the recommended speed of your internet must be above 10 Mb/s.

You will be able to measure this speed by simply visiting speed test sites such as Ookla.

Keep in mind that the minimum recommended internet for streaming in 4K must be above 16 Mb/s.

If your internet connection does not meet the requirements, down below we have three different ways to increase your internet speed.

Disable Wi-Fi On Other Devices

We assume that your firestick is connected to a Wi-Fi network and in that regard, we have come up with a useful solution to speed up your network.

It is known that any device, even when turned off, can still consume a large part of the network’s speed.

They can either use it for software updates, apps, or even location if you have GPS enabled on the corresponding device.

You can avoid this issue by turning off the Wi-Fi access for this device during your streaming sessions, which will eventually deal with Hulu crashing on the firestick issue.

Switch Your Firestick to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Note: You can try doing this, only if your router emits more than one WiFi.

Unfortunately, older models have a single Wifi and if this is your case, feel free to proceed with rebooting your router.

We know that it may sound crazy, but a 2.4GHz network can do way better than the 5GHz when it comes down to streaming.

There is a specific reason for this occurrence and now we are going to explain it all.

In 5GHz networks, the band carries more bandwidth, which doesn’t travel through walls and objects compared to the 2.4GHz one.

This event, unfortunately, results in loss of network quality and Hulu crashing.

If you choose a 2.4GHz network, you will benefit from overall better (more stable) network coverage and adequate speeds for streaming.

Reboot Your Network Router

Rebooting your router might be the most common thing in order to deal with the Hulu crashing on the firestick issue and eventually stop it from persisting.

A restart could resolve any issues and improve your internet connection speed.

It is known that if your router is working without a restart for a long period of time, network packets could drastically slow down the original connection speed.

In this regard, we recommend performing a reboot on your network router once a week if possible.

We recommend performing a restart now before you proceed with the next method.

Method #4 Update Firestick & Hulu

Hulu could be crashing if there is a pending update that has been either denied for the moment or scheduled for sometime in the future.

In other words, not updating your Firestick could eventually result in crashes, freezes, and even more issues.

Ensure that your firestick is updated to the latest possible version before attempting to enter the Hulu app on your Firestick.

Make sure to update both your Hulu app and firestick, which is done within the corresponding settings.

In order to update your Firestick, you must go to the Settings and navigate yourself to Check For Updates button.

Next, if there is an available update, a download will be initiated which will modernize your Firestick software.

In order to check for updates of the Hulu app, you must navigate yourself to the Your Apps & Channels tab and click on More Info.

If there is an available update, simply hit the Update Button and let it download and install.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you will be able to deal with the crashes you have.

If your Hulu keeps crashing on Firestick then you might be experiencing a more severe issue.

Contacting the official Hulu customer service could resolve your Hulu crashes, as the team might come up with a solution that we are not aware of.

For related Hulu posts, make sure to visit our technical-based blog which will help you troubleshoot any issues related to Hulu.

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