hisense roku tv remote not working

When the Hisense Roku TV remote not working, it’s safe to assume that the batteries are dead or the remote to TV signal is obstructed.

Yes, but when the issue persists even after checking the obvious, it’s hard to proceed without a complete guide so keep reading!

If the Hisense Roku remote is refusing to function, start by checking whether your receiver (streaming device) is compatible.

In addition, perform a hard reset on the remote and necessarily replace the batteries with brand-new ones before drawing a conclusion!

7 Reasons When Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working?

  1. You have an incompatible streaming device
  2. The batteries of the remote are worn-out
  3. You haven’t programmed the remote
  4. The buttons on the remote are jammed
  5. There’s an issue with the TV device
  6. Outdated TV or remote firmware
  7. HDMI conflicts or hardware damages
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What Type of Hisense Roku Remote?

Though the Hisense Roku remote is a standard remote supporting IR connectivity, you should determine if you have the newer voice model.

Instead of relying on factory-set codes, the Roku voice remote uses your home’s WiFi to communicate with the television.

How to Check Remote Type?

how to check remote type

You could easily identify what type of Hisense Roku remote you’ve got:

  • Existing pairing button on the back – You have the Roku voice remote!
  • No pairing button – You have the standard IR Hisense Roku remote
Info: Keep in mind that the regular Hisense IR Roku remote does not have to be programmed in order to work. 

Since it uses a preset of factory codes to communicate with IR devices, it’s enough to have the remote close to the TV in order for it to operate the device!

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One More Thing – Compatibility!

Before we start, note that the Hisense Roku TV remote is only compatible with Hisense Roku TVs and Sharp Roku TVs.

This means that no Roku players or streaming sticks will be able to pair with the remote as they are not in the compatibility range of the remote!

Hisense•Roku Remote Not Working – How To Solve?

hisense roku remote not working
Tip: Follow our steps in chronological order!

1. Discharge the Remote

Perhaps, the Hisense Roku remote is software-jammed and needs a power reset in order to start working.

To perform a power circulation on the Hisense Roku remote properly, you must take out the batteries of the device and press each and every button on your remote.

Follow these instructions to discharge your Roku remote:

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover on Roku remote.
  2. Eject the 2 x AA batteries out of the Hisense Roku remote.
  3. Press each button on the surface of the remote for about 5 seconds.
  4. Hold the power button for up to 30 seconds and release it.
  5. Reinsert the batteries of the remote and install the cover.
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discharge the remote
Tip: Test one of the direct commands such as “Netflix”, “Roku”, “Hulu” or “VUDU” buttons!

2. Check the Direct IR Sight!

Since the Hisense Roku remote with no pairing button uses simple IR technology, obstructions in-between the remote and the TV could be blocking the signal.

To make sure that there is no existing obstruction of the direct IR sight, you must move or relocate blocking objects.

The following things could penetrate or block your remote’s IR signal:

  • Large furniture between the television and remote
  • Light sources shining on the TV surface
  • CFL lightning or even daylight
  • Obstructions in front of the remote or TV’s “eye”
check the direct ir sight

About IR Technology

The IR signal of the Hisense Roku remote is a straightforward “coded” invisible light that, if blocked, will never reach your TV.

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Since the signal is not as flexible and data-carrying as the WiFi or Bluetooth, you must ensure that the path between the remote and TV is as clear.

3. Reboot your TV Setup!

If there’s a fault with the receiving device (your Roku or Hisense TV), you could address the problem easily by rebooting the device.

We will familiarize you with an advanced way to reboot your TV, in order to target issues with both the hardware and software of the device!

reboot your tv setup

Follow these steps to learn how to “power cycle” your TV:

  1. (Optional) Shut down your TV through the power button, if it has one.
  2. Unplug the power adapter cable of the television device, from both ends.
  3. Wait for 60-90 seconds until the Roku/Hisense TV is fully discharged.
  4. Re-install the A/C power adapter cable into the TV and power source.
Tip: Some TCL Roku and Hisense TVs have an in-built power button that allows for regulation of the power. 

Press the button for 3 seconds and your TV will shut down without a remote.

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4. Replace the Remote’s Batteries

One of the most obvious reasons for the inactivity of the Hisense Roku TV is remote is perhaps a battery failure.

replace the remote's batteries

It’s necessary to test with a new battery and check the behavior of the remote to see if the device will start working well again with a fresh power source!

  • The Hisense Roku remote uses 2 AAA batteries!
Alert: Do not insert old or used batteries into the Hisense Roku remote! 

5. Unjam the Remote Buttons

One of the typical causes that your IR Roku remote refuses to work is that the buttons are jammed.

It’s when you press a button, but it doesn’t go all the way down and can’t put weight, thus contacting the pressure plate. In those cases, no signals are sent to the receiver.

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unjam the remote buttons

Here are the best methods to unjam the buttons of your Roku remote!

Give the Remote a Few Taps:

  • Whack the remote a couple of times from your hand (without using too much force) to cause any stuck debris inside the buttons to fall out.

Clean the Plastic Remote Cover

  • Undo the screws on the bottom of the remote and carefully detach the bottom panel of the device. Use soap with water to clean the plastic button cover thoroughly.

Clean the Battery Compartment

  • Take out the batteries of the remote and use 99.9% isopropyl alcohol to collect all dust in the battery compartment.
Alert: It’s extremely essential not to use the remote while the device is wet to prevent a hardware failure!

6. Setup the Roku Mobile App!

setup the roku mobile app

When Hisense Roku TV remote not working no pairing button, you should know that Roku TVs could also be operated through the Roku mobile application.

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It’s available for both Android and iOS devices so you simply connect to the TV via WiFi and use a digital remote

How to Download the Roku App (iOS and Android):

  • iPhone
  1. Launch the App Store on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).
  2. Select the magnifying lens icon to start searching for apps.
  3. Type “Roku” in the search field of the store and download the app.
  • Android
  1. Access the Google Play store on your Android-operated device.
  2. Tap the search field once in order to start inserting keywords.
  3. Type “Roku”, press “Enter” and download the first app that appears.

How to Setup the Roku App

how to setup the roku app
  1. Launch the Roku app on your device.
  2. Tap “Devices” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose “Get help?” > “Connect Manually”.
  4. Insert the IP address of your Roku devices.
  5. Tap “CONNECT” and wait for your phone to pair.
Info: Once your mobile phone is paired to the Roku device, you should be able to access the digital remote from it’s home screen!

How to Learn Roku IP Address?

how to learn roku ip address

To connect with your Roku through the mobile app, you must know the IP address of the device.

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To do so you would need to be able to operate the TV, go to Settings > Network > About, and there you will discover the IP address of your Roku TV.

Need More Help?

In case the Hisense Roku remote is not working even after attempting the solutions in this guide, perhaps your unit is faulty.

In case the remote was previously working well, try to recall an event involving water or hardware damage to the device.

Tip: For more help, contact your local supplier and attempt to use the warranty for a replacement Hisense Roku remote!

Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever Hisense Roku TV remote not working start by discharging the remote and rebooting your TV.

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In case that doesn’t help, proceed by replacing the batteries and checking for any jammed buttons, or workaround by installing the Roku mobile app!

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