roku remote volume not working

Roku Remote Volume Not Working can be frustrating as hell and sometimes it takes a bit longer to solve. Technology just like people sometimes has a mind of their own.

You press the volume up, it goes down, you press the volume down, it goes up, or it doesn’t work at all although you know your remote is paired and the batteries are good.

Feeling utterly powerless and frustrated? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here, to help you when technology horror hits you hard.

Roku Volume Not Working

roku volume not working

The world of technology is always changing, and new technologies are coming up every second day. But this does not mean there can be no issues at all. Same is with the case of Roku.

Even though the Company came out many years ago and their technology is always improving still users face issues.

The Roku remote for example is a high-end device but many users complain about frequent issues.

Among them, volume, Roku not connecting to TV and overheating issues are common.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working Issue

fix roku remote volume not working

There can be many reasons why your Roku remote volume is not working. Let us learn how to fix the issue!

Open your Remote Control

When your Roku volume not working on your remote first thing to do is to open the remote and inspect the inside.

By opening the remote I’m not referring to only checking the batteries which of course you should do as well, but also going beyond that.

Take a screwdriver and dismantle the remote completely, wipe it thoroughly and assemble it back again. There is always a bit of dust hiding inside.

Press Buttons Randomly

This tip may sound a bit weird but, it works! Often, you press your remote control with greasy fingers after eating chips, or you have just put on your hand cream and decided to watch Netflix.

Either way, the debris of various foods and liquids remain on your remote and pile up, until your remote simply quit being obedient.

When that happens, open your remote and take your batteries out, press each button for about three seconds and after you have done them all, just start pressing random buttons several times each.

After that smack it against the palm of your hand a few times and put your batteries back and try to see if it worked.

Feel free to repeat the process several times. Desperate times, desperate measures so hopefully, this has done the trick for you.

Remote Control Cannot Control the Sound

If your Roku remote volume not working despite the efforts you have made previously, check the following.

  • Ensure that all devices connected to the Roku actually support the audio
  • Unplug devices you don’t need
  • Check for the TV brand you have and see if it is supported, not all of them are
  • If you notice that your remote control is very hot, just stop using it and let it cool down

Try with Different Codes

Before you start with steps in this section, put the volume up on your TV and always keep your remote pointed at the TV.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Find Check remote settings

Step 2. Press Yes if you hear the music (if you don’t hear the music, try putting the volume up)

Step 3. The message will be displayed on your screen asking if the music have stopped? Press Yes (the music should stop because Roku uses different codes to silence the volume)

Step 4. If you still hear the music, then press No (it means that Roku couldn’t find the info about your TV) In that case message will be displayed saying Enter  TV brand

Step 5. After entering your brand, the music will start again, press Yes if you hear the music.

After this, you should be able to hear when the music stops again, as Roku should use the right codes for your TV brand. Press Yes and your remote control should now control the volume.

But, if for some reason your Roku volume still not working, try repairing your remote control again. In this case, read the following section.

Pair Again Your Remote

You can try to pair your remote control again. If you have a Roku IR remote, follow these steps.

  • Plug in your Roku in your TV and a wall socket
  • Find Source and choose HDMI
  • Put batteries in your remote
  • Press any button to continue and your remote will automatically be paired. Ensure you are in a clear view of your TV since it is infrared

Follow these steps if you have Roku enhanced remote.

  • Take out the batteries from your remote
  • Turn on the TV
  • When you see the Roku logo on the screen, put your batteries back in
  • Hold down the pairing button
  • You will see the message displayed on the screen saying your remote control is now paired

If you are having trouble finding your pairing button, it is located on the back of your remote in the battery compartment.

Hopefully, this step has helped to solve your Roku volume not working issue on your remote.

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We have put an effort to come up with all the possible tricks alongside regular steps to help you with your Roku remote volume not working issue, and we sincerely hope that you have managed well.

If for some reason you are still having problems and are unable to fix a sound on your remote, try re-reading this guide, you may have missed some of the steps or some steps may need to be repeated.

Afterwards, try contacting Roku support  and hope for the best.

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Nicole B