roku remote volume not working

Why Roku remote volume not working? It’s common for users to bang the remote against the table out of frustration because sometimes random features simply stop working.

Well, before you hit the remote lethality, we’ve got a bunch of solutions, tips, and tricks to attempt right now!

When only the volume is not working on your Roku remote, it’s likely that you’re facing a software-related issue with the Roku TV.

The solution revolves around troubleshooting the remote as well as the Roku operating system and settings management on your TV.

Let’s dig deeper! 

Why is Volume Not Working on Roku Remote?

why is volume not working on roku remote

To understand why only the volume is not working on your Roku remote, first, you need to know the type of Roku remote.

This is important because Roku remotes are split into two general types that are the “simple” and “enhanced” Roku remote.

  • Roku Simple Remote – Uses IR only.
  • Roku Voice Remote – Uses IR and RF (combined).

IR stands for infrared signal, while RF means radio frequency. The main difference is that with IR-only remotes, you need to point them toward the TV.

In contrast, with RF remotes, you can control the TV from anywhere in your home, as long as you’re in a rage, of course.

How to Identify My Roku Remote?

The quickest way to identify whether you’ve got the simple IR (only) or IR + RF Roku voice remote, you need to inspect the button layout.

If you can see a “Voice Command” button then you’ve certainly had the Roku voice remote. 

how to identify my roku remote

The voice command button is located right beneath the down arrow. On Roku voice remotes the voice command button has a microphone icon on top for orientation.

In contrast, the non-voice, IR-only Roku remotes, the button beneath the down arrow is “OK” or magnifying glass.

Note: The most-effective troubleshooting methods are based on whether you have the simple Roku remote or the (enhanced) voice Roku remote.

How To Fix When Roku Remote Volume Not Working?

1. Hard-Reset the Roku Remote!

The first step is the easiest to apply but one of the most-effective approaches.

The so-called “hard reset” or “power cycle” will discharge the Roku remote, and refresh all services.

hard-reset the roku remote

If you’re lucky, this method will completely resolve the volume issue in no time!

Here’s how to hard-reset your Roku remote in easy steps:

  1. First, flip the remote upside down and open the cover.
  2. Eject both remote batteries from the compartment.
  3. Then, hold the remote’s Power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Next, press all of the remote buttons for 2 seconds.
  5. When you’re ready, embed the batteries accordingly.
  6. Close the battery compartment cover and test the volume!

Battery Replacement – Do Not Skip!

You cannot know for sure and exclude the possibility of a weak battery. It’s a common thing for people to assume that if other remote buttons are working, then the batteries should be fine.

Well, this is not always the case, because sometimes, low charge affects the remote in different ways, and may affect only a particular set of buttons.

So, to verify that the volume of your Roku remote is not affected by the batteries, replace them as soon as possible with a fresh pair!

Note: The Roku remote uses either AAA or AA alkaline batteries!

2. Reduce the Proximity & Interference!

reduce the proximity & interference

With both, the simple and voice Roku remotes, the volume buttons as well as other Roku TV controls such as menu navigation and playback, are entirely IR-supported.

This means that the volume control on both remotes uses the good old infrared, which is prone to interference…

How to Reduce the Proximity & Obstruction?

  • A clean line of sight between the remote and the Roku TV.
  • No obstruction between the IR receiver and the transmitter.
  • Using a soft cloth, wipe the IR “bulb” on both instances.
  • Test the remote control by standing right in front of the TV.

How to Reduce the Roku Infrared Interference?

  • Dislocate any electrical devices near the Roku TV & remote.
  • Remove other Roku devices or remotes from the surrounding.
  • Relocate your Roku TV if near a microwave or cordless phone.
  • Temporarily stop nearby connections such as Bluetooth and WiFi.
Tip: Test the volume on your Roku remote as frequently as possible throughout the guide!

3. Power Cycle your Roku TV Setup!

power cycle your roku tv setup

One of the most-effective solutions is to perform a power circulation on your Roku device as well as on any third-party speakers that are involved.

The power circulation is a simple process and only requires the user to disconnect the Roku device from the power outlet for 60 seconds!

This is enough time for the Roku player to completely discharge and cool down. If the volume issue was a minor Roku software bug, after this method, the functionality should be back!

Pro Tip: Use the time while your Roku is disconnected to verify the setup’s wiring connections.

4. Unmute & Volume Up the TV

If you’re using a Roku HDMI dongle, connected to a TV, then you should know that the reason why the volume is not working might be due to technical issues.

unmute & volume up the tv

Your TV has built-in speakers which can be muted using the original TV remote, not the Roku remote.

  • Press the “Mute” button once on the original TV remote (not the Roku remote).

Then, increase the volume of your TV (not Roku volume), again from the original TV remote, and then test whether the volume works.

In case now, you can hear the sound, by pressing the Roku remote volume buttons you can increase the volume just like you normally should.

Note: If the TV is muted via the original remote, you won’t be able to increase the volume with the Roku remote.

5. Disable the Roku HDMI-CEC

disable the roku hdmi-cec

The HDMI-CEC feature can impact the remotes in a weird way each time and this happens due to interference.

The HDMI-CEC basically allows other remotes and controllers from connected HDMI devices to also control your Roku TV, which is sometimes buggy and problematic.

Here’s how to disable the HDMI-CEC on your Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. On the Roku remote, press the “Home” button.
  2. Then, go down to select “Settings” > “System”.
  3. Next, choose “Control Other Devices (CEC)”.
  4. Untick the “1-touch play and system standby”.
Note: When you’re ready, turn on and off your Roku and test the volume control!

6. Plug Roku into a Different HDMI

plug roku into a different hdmi

If you’re using a Roku HDMI dongle, it’s very likely that the reason why the volume is not working is due to the HDMI port. 

The HDMI transfers both audio and video and sometimes when the audio channel is not working, the volume button on the Roku remote simply does nothing…

  • Plug your Roku device into an alternative HDMI port on your TV!

Then, don’t forget to switch the input source on your TV, respectively, to the new HDMI port that you have used to connect the Roku.

Then, when pressing the volume buttons on the remote the audio level should increase or decrease respectively!

7. Set Up the Roku Digital Remote (App)

By setting up The Roku App (official), available for Android and iOS, you will be provided with digital remote control.

set up the roku digital remote (app)

The app remote is equipped with all remote buttons such as the physical one, with one exception – the digital remote buttons cannot go faulty!

  1. Use the physical remote to connect Roku to the WiFi.
  2. Then connect your phone or tablet to the same WiFi. 
  3. Next, download The Roku App (official) on your device.
  4. Sign into your Roku account and connect to the TV.
  5. Test the volume from the digital remote in the app!

Here’s what the outcome means:

  • The volume works from the app = Roku remote volume button not working!
  • The volume not working from the app = software-related Roku device issue.

8. Factory Reset your Roku Device!

factory reset your roku device

The factory reset process is a very effective method to approach any issue, including the volume problem that you’re facing.

However, this method comes with a downside, since the process will permanently erase all data, files, and settings configuration on your Roku.

Tip: We recommend backing up sensitive data!

When you’re ready to factory reset your Roku, here are the steps:

  1. Press the “Home” button and go to “Settings”.
  2. Enter “System”  > “Advanced System Settings”.
  3. Choose the “Factory Reset” option and “Reset”.
Note: The reset takes about 60 seconds to complete but then you’ll have to set up the Roku’s initial settings before you can test the volume!

Quick Recap:

Hence, when the Roku remote volume not working, the first step is to hard reset the remote and ensure a clean IR line of sight between the receiver and transmitter.

In case that doesn’t help, disable the Roku HDMI-CEC feature and factory reset your Roku player! Follow us for more!

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