echo show not connecting to wifi

If Echo show not connecting to WiFi there could be more than one reason behind it.

It could either be your WiFi or your Echo device’s fault. In this post, we will make sure to include everything you need to know and hopefully get your Echo hooked up.

If Echo is not connecting to your WiFi network, then it is out of connection range. The router could be faulty or you may have chosen the wrong network to connect your Echo too. Finally, your Echo may be having power issues that could easily get resolved.

One way or another, we will track down the issue and tackle it accurately. Before we jump right into the solutions let’s first learn more about the possible causes.

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Why Echo Show Cannot Connect To WiFi?

Sometimes, similar WiFi outages and inabilities for devices to connect with a specific network might be due to not properly functioning routers.

On the other hand, we have temporary network outages that we cannot identify right away so let’s take a look:

Bad Internet Connection

If Echo show is unable to pair with your Wi-Fi connection, it may be because you don’t have a working connection at all.

As simple as it sounds, sometimes you may lose the internet for a few hours for an unexpected occasion such as malfunction with your manufacturer’s server or non-scheduled maintenance.

Power Issue

There could be something wrong with one of your network devices, without you even knowing about it. In similar situations, the best you can do is perform a restart to check if that will do.

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Confirm Wi-Fi Password

You could be inserting your password wrong, or you simply need to change it. Try connecting another device to the WiFi you’re trying to connect Echo with or try connecting the Echo to another WiFi.

Echo Out of Range

Even if your Echo manages to scan your Wi-Fi network, it may be unable to connect with it if it is not in range.

There’s not much you can do but relocate the devices as close as possible to each other.

External Interference

Such interference can exist if another smart-home device is messing up with the network somehow.

In such situations, the best you can do is perform a factory reset on your device and take all electronics away from the Echo.

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With all that in mind let’s learn how to fix each of the possibilities above.

How To Fix Echo Show Not Connecting to WiFi?

fix echo show not connecting to wifi

Before starting to apply the steps below, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the mobile Alexa app, as we’re going to need it.

Moreover, make sure to apply the methods in numerical order so you can identify the cause as well as resolve it.

Step #1 Check Connection

The first and most important thing you should check is whether your network has a reliable internet connection or not.

Otherwise, no matter what you do from now on, it will be all the same if you don’t have a reliable internet source.

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Many users determine whether they have a connection or not by checking on other devices.

This way you can check if the issue is only with your Echo, or all devices connected to your network are disconnected from the internet.

If they are and you don’t have internet, you can try rebooting your router and performing a power cycle. 

Then you can go to any speed test online, from your smartphone, which has to be connected to the network you’re testing.

Step #2 Reboot/Factory Reset Echo

The next thing you should try will involve checking Echo for temporal malfunctions and software glitches.

Most commonly, such things can be fix using a simple restart or reboot, but here we will ensure that your Echo software is clean by performing a factory reset.

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After quickly restarting your device, the thing you should know about factory reset is that it will permanently erase all of your Echo configurations and settings.

Make sure to memorize or save anything you want to keep from erasing before applying the actual factory reset.

The factory reset is usually performed from the Alexa app and in order to find it, you must go to your Amazon Alexa app and follow these steps

Settings > Factory Reset > Erase All > Confirm

These steps should reset your Echo and clean the software of malware and glitches.

Step #3 Check Wifi Password

Another thing that users commonly mistake when establishing their Echo’s WiFi is the password for their network.

Wi-Fi passwords could be easily forgotten or some of its letters mistaken if you don’t type them down to other devices occasionally.

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The thing we suggest here is to ensure you’ve inputted all letters and symbols on your Echo show correctly before clicking on confirm.

You can check for the password at your router settings, which you can access with your network username and password.

Lastly, you can change your WiFi password through your router’s settings and then try to connect to it.

Note: If you’re not sure how to access your router’s settings we’ve included a short guide at the bottom of the article.

Step #4 Relocate Echo/Router

If Echo show not connecting to Wifi still, you can try to relocate one of your devices.

In many of the cases, users prefer relocating their Echo, as it is more lightweight and easier to establish at another place, so we will work with relocating Echo in this step.

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Depending on the type of your network, 2.4GHz or 5GHz, you must locate Echo accordingly. If your connection is 5GHz, make sure to place your Echo as near as possible from your router.

The traceability of 5GHz networks is well-known to have a hard time reaching through walls, so make sure it is in visual range.

If your network is 2.4GHz however, you can locate Echo anywhere you want from a range of 20m.

Step #5 Check for Interference

A physical barrier or a solid object in between Echo and your router could cause interference for instance.

As we’ve mentioned above, based on your type of network, you must avoid concrete walls, reinforced doors, brick walls, and other objects that can block your Wi-Fi signal from coming through.

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Devices like FM radios or baby monitors can also interfere with the signal of your router, so make sure to disable any in a considerable range of your router or Echo.

Users often say that other smart home devices could also cause interferences, but you can learn more about that in other posts within our blog!

How To Access Router’s Settings?

Accessing your router’s settings or control panel is quite easy. All you need would be your device’s IPv4 and your login credentials.

To find your IPv4, go to Google and search “What is my IP?”. Click on the very first result and a string of numbers separated by dots should appear. It looks like this:

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Copy the IPv4 address and paste it into your internet browser’s search field.

Hit Enter and a prompt requiring your login info shall appear. By default, the credentials are admin/admin but if they are not, you can call your internet supplier for assistance.

In conclusion, we can say that there could be plenty of things blocking your Echo from connecting with Wi-Fi.

We’re certain, however, that now after you know how to check for interference, relocate your Echo, check your Wi-Fi password and factory reset your devices, you should be able to confidently deal with the issue!

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Bottom Line

Now that we’ve answered the frequent question “why won’t my Echo show connect to Wifi?”, all of you reading this post shall no longer have issues with Echo connectivity.

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If, however, your issues continue to appear you can always reach out to Amazon customer service to demand additional assistance.

Nicole B