echo show not turning on

If your Echo show not turning on, in this post, you will learn all the workarounds and technical troubleshooting you should know to fix it!

Since many users reported this Echo show malfunction, today we are going to wrap this topic up and get the problem resolved in a few simple steps!

If Amazon Echo cannot start, you can try to reboot and power cycle the device. Moreover, you can switch Wi-Fi networks and even factory reset the device. Make sure that your phone and Echo are connected and inspect all cables across the setup.

Later we will discuss everything in detail, but first, let’s take a look at the possible causes that might be preventing your Echo from turning on.

Why Does the Alexa Echo Show Won’t Turn On?

Since many users have reported that their Amazon Echo won’t turn on, we were able to gather all the solutions that were proven to work.

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Here are the most common causes when Echo is not turning on:

1. Temporal Power Malfunction

Sometimes your device may be facing power issues and you may have to reboot and power cycle it to get it going.

2. Overfilled Memory

If the storage or memory slot is filled, your device might sometimes refuse to turn on. Factory reset often helps in situations where the RAM of your device has gone faulty.

3. Check Echo Wiring

The cable that Echo comes with might be faulty and will prevent your device from turning on until further notice. There isn’t much you can do, but replace the cable with a functional one.

4. Wake Word

As we’ve mentioned above, Echo Show may have a hard time recognizing your wake word if the settings are changed or un-updated. This may be the reason the device refuses to power on.

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5. Old Firmware

If your Echo model is too aged, and you attempt to update the device manually using an external flash drive, for instance, you may brick the device permanently.

6. Faulty Outlet

Keep in mind that the outlet you may be plugging Echo in might be faulty and this is the reason your device refuses to turn on. Also, try to avoid any strips or dividers for the rest of this troubleshooting guide.

7. Hardware Issue

At last, Echo might have just gone faulty. Hardware issues are common if the device is well-aged, so if that’s the case, you will be left with either repairing this Echo or buying a brand new one.

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Now when you’re familiar with the causes, it’s time to fix the problem.

How To Fix Echo Show Not Turning On?

fix echo show not turning on

Before we proceed any further, you can check if Echo is turned on by taking a look at the Bluetooth connections on your smartphone.

If your smartphone is successfully paired with Echo, this means that the device is up and running. If not, try powering the device from it’s hardware button.

Note: If you’re attempting to turn on Echo using the wake word, you may be saying it wrong.

Step #1 Reboot/Power Cycle Echo

As simple as it sounds, a firm power cycle or reboot might be able to get Echo going.

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Many users have suggested the power cycle is effective in similar situations, so follow the steps down below to execute a power cycle on your Echo.

  1. Check through your phone’s Bluetooth connections to see if the device is powered on.
  2. Power off Echo if it is running and unplug all cables connected to the device
  3. Wait for several minutes for the best results at power cycling.
  4. Now that the electricity has drained out of Echo, plug the cables and try to turn on the device.

If the power cycle hasn’t worked, proceed with our next step!

Step #2 Check Echo Wiring

The next thing that may be causing interruptions and impacting your Echo’s functionality is the wiring.

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What you should do here is unplug Echo’s cable and plug it into another device within your household that has the same slot.

If the cable happens to work when plugged into the other device, this means the cable is functional and either Echo has a hardware issue or the slot has stopped working.

Lastly, check to see if the connection line of the cable is disrupted or it has some visual damage.

In case you’re not able to identify issues with the wiring, jump right to the next step.

Step #3 Change Outlet

If Echo show not turning on still, the next thing you should try is changing the outlet your Echo is plugged in.

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The electrical outlet could develop some nasty issues over time, which may lead to short-circuits and electric shocks with your Echo device.

Simply unplug the cable of Echo and connect it with another wall outlet to see if it is going to work now.

Make sure to avoid using any power devices as the whole issue could be a result of a technical problem.

Step #4 Check Wake Word

If you’re trying to wake up Echo using a wake word, you may be pronouncing it wrong or someone has changed the wake word.

To check, go to the Amazon Alexa app and enter the Echo device you had connected to your phone. Now that you’re in the options, go to Wake Options and click on Wake Word.

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From there, a little field should have the wake word written. Try pronouncing it once again clearly without interruptions and if it doesn’t work try to change it.

Step #5 Troubleshooting Sequence

This sequence has been performed by just a few users, but it managed to get their Echo to finally recognize their wake word.

In that regard we’ve created a list to help even if your entire Echo won’t turn on:

  1. Plug out the Echo off the power outlet.
  2. Wait for about 3 minutes.
  3. Press and hold the hardware power button for about 30 seconds.
  4. Release and wait for another 3 minutes.
  5. Plug Echo back in the power outlet.
  6. Press the hardware power button to start Echo.

If that did not work, then the chances that your Echo is having a hardware failure are high.

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This is why, instead of buying a new Echo, we’ve prepared a short method to replace the motherboard.

Hardware Troubleshooting

The Echo motherboard is the one hardware component that will 100% prevent Echo from turning on if not working. You can definitely purchase a separate motherboard and replace yours at home because it is really easy.

Many people have also experienced an issue where Echo show camera won’t turn on and shortly after their whole Echo died.

That might have been your case as well, and replacing the motherboard is proven to work so let’s find how it’s done:

How To Replace The Motherboard Easily?

To replace the motherboard, you’ll need to open the device by dispatching the top panel, which is the only removable piece.

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The motherboard is located on the bottom of your Echo device and has 4 screws at each end of the PCB. Unscrew the screws and put them aside. Take a look at the wiring, and necessarily take a phone with your smartphone so you can easily put everything back.

Remove the motherboard carefully and place the new lightly on top of the 4 screw locations. Screw the screws not as tight and connect all wiring that was previously connected to the motherboard.

Try to turn on your Amazon Echo.

Echo may not be turning on if there are hardware issues, faulty wiring, there are temporal power issues. You can try to perform some restart and power discharging against the issue but if nothing works there might be something wrong with the hardware.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Echo show won’t power on, you shouldn’t have trouble fixing the issue if you have followed our steps correctly.

Even if nothing helped, replacing the motherboard is way cheaper than buying a new Echo device and you can do it at home!

Nicole B