amazon echo show black screen

Amazon Echo Show Black Screen can give real frustrations!

If you’re wondering why does my Echo show screen go black and you’re looking for a quick solution to fix the issue, then you have come to the right place!

In this post, you will find an approachable fix to your issue in 6 easy steps, suitable to be applied by anyone in a home environment!

You can fix the Amazon Echo Show that is showing a black screen by rebooting and power cycling the device. Then you check for a faulty cable and disable the night clock feature. Update your Echo show through the mobile app and change the scheduled time.

If you cannot fulfill everything that we’ve described above later in the post, we will provide you with all the details.

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It is more important to learn about the possible causes beforehand so let’s start with that.

Why Is My Alexa Show Screen Black?

Users have suggested many causes for this issue. From faulty cables to incorrect power flow within the device.

Black screens can sometimes be caused by hardware and software malfunctions that damage your device.

Let’s stop guessing and learn some well-known causes along with a short description of each.

1. Power Issues

If the Echo show’s power flow is somehow disrupted, this may result in constant outages, usually black screens and other glitches of your device. You can approach this issue with a firm power cycle.

2. Do Not Disturb Feature Is Enabled

If the do not disturb feature from the Amazon Alexa app is enabled, you may find your Echo show constantly having black screens until further notice.

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3. Enabled Night Clock

If the Echo show happens to have black screens during nighttime, the night clock mode might be enabled. This will make Echo sleep during the night and display a small clock.

4. Broken Display

If Echo show’s display is broken, you may find the device constantly flickering or powering off randomly. The damage is irreversible and the only way to fix it is a repair.

5. Hardware Damage

If something internally has broken within the Echo show, it may be constantly flickering black screens.

6. Outdated Echo Show

If none of the things apply to you, your Echo show device might need a firmware update to work. Outdated versions can sometimes cause glitches and black screens.

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Now that you are a little bit more familiar with the possible causes for this malfunction, let’s proceed with the troubleshooting guideline and get your issue resolved in no time!

How To Fix Amazon Echo Show Black Screen?

fix amazon echo show black screen

Remember that you must have your phone connected to the Echo show at all times.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to execute some of the steps below properly, as you’re unable to adjust the configuration settings of Echo through the Amazon Alexa app.

Now that we have this mentioned, let’s start with our first step.

Step #1 Reboot/Power Cycle Echo

The first thing you will do is reboot and power cycle Echo show firmly.

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Here is how to perform a power cycle in a few easy steps.

  1. Turn off Echo by pressing the Power button located on the hardware of the device firmly.
  2. Wait for it to turn off and unplug ALL cables connected to the device.
  3. Make sure to wait at least 5 minutes for the best results at power cycling.
  4. Plug all the cables back in and power on Echo show.

Note: Avoid using any power strips or dividers.

Plug the power cable of Echo directly into a wall outlet, as the other electrical devices may have developed malfunctions.

Power cycles are well-known to be effective in all situations, but if this didn’t work for you, check out the next step!

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Step #2 Check Wiring

Now that you’ve power cycled Echo show, if the issue persists, it may be the wiring’s fault.

If something is not plugged all the way in or has been exposed to physical damage your Echo might occasionally show a black screen. This issue frequently appears if your cables are severely twisted or under pressure.

If you cannot identify issues, feel free to try the same cable on another device with an identical slot. If it happens to not work, it means that the issue is not with your primary cable.

Step #3 Disable Do Not Disturb Feature

Sometimes, the black screens could be due to an enabled feature and not by a malfunction within your device.

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The same thing may happen with the do not disturb feature (DND).

If you have forgotten to flip the feature off, your Echo show will instantly power down and disable its screen after an average of 5 minutes of activity.

You will have to press the display screen twice to wake Echo show, which may be kind of frustrating if you have left the device playing a picture for instance.

To disable it, go to the options in your Amazon Alexa app and click on the Privacy tab. From there, uncheck the DND feature and see if the Echo show is now going to display any black screens.

Step #4 Update Echo Show

If Amazon Echo show black screen even after disabling the DND feature, you might have missed an essential update.

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To update your Echo, go to the options of the Amazon Alexa app, by accessing the current version of the device connected to the Amazon account.

Select your Echo and click on the button stated as Check for new versions.

Once ready you can perform another power cycle to ensure success even further and test if the black screen will still be there.

Step #5 Disable Night Clock

Another feature that could cause a black screen is the night clock.

You can disable the night clock within the Amazon Alexa app by entering the Night mode tab. From there, locate and untick the night clock feature.

This will keep Echo up even at night and won’t cause any unwanted black screens.

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Step #6 Factory Reset Echo

If the Echo Show is on but the screen is black, you can try resetting the device to factory defaults.

Note Mind that a factory reset will erase all current configurations, so make sure to save anything you want to keep from being reset.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the options of your Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Click on Storage settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down and select Factory defaults.
  4. Enter your PIN if you have chosen one and click on the Confirm button.
  5. Wait for several minutes and your device should reboot.

Your device should now have resorted to default. With a little luck, your issue could have been because of a software glitch and now it would be gone.

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If however, the issue continues you can always reach out to Amazon customer service for another round of troubleshooting.

Don’t forget to share everything you’ve tried in this post to save both yourself and theirs time.

You can fix your Echo show by turning off the DND feature as well as the night clock. Moreover, you can update your Echo and inspect your wirings for damage.

Lastly, you can carry out a factory reset and hopefully get rid of the issue for good.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Amazon Echo show black screen, you can confidently resolve the issue if you apply our steps correctly.

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Even if you find it challenging at some point, don’t hesitate to reach out for external assistance from the Amazon support crew.

You can find more helpful guides on our blog, which contains all kinds of technical solutions for all of your smart home devices.

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