alexa won't turn on

Alexa won’t turn on and worried? Is your Alexa device dead? Having a smart device placed in your home can give you lots of smart options.

This can give your home a smart environment where a voice command does many works for you!

Be it your smart TV or light or your security system, this device will just work for you by being like a smart robot. While it can let you listen to your favorite song with just a little voice command.

However, like other devices, these Alexa enabled devices like the Echo are also prone to some issues.

Among the top reasons being – Alexa not turning on.

If you are facing this issue, you are in the right place! Here you will learn the reason why Alexa won’t turn on and how to fix it.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

Echo Dot Won’t Turn On

Echo dot is a popular device from Amazon with the build-in Alexa voice support.

However, sometimes you may face that the smart device is not turning on even after you plugged it into your power outlet.

The main reason for this error is the incorrect plugging of the adapter in the power supply.

However, many reasons account for this problem and they are as follows:

  • Not plugged in properly
  • Faulty power cord
  • Faulty power and speaker driver board
  • Motherboard malfunction

Alexa Powered Devices

The quality products from Amazon that uses Alexa are many. Right form “Echo dot” to “Echo Show” all are power-packed and ultra-smart devices that make your life much easier.

Gone are the days when you need to check your time on mobile or watch. With a single voice command from anywhere in your room, the Alexa powered device will do it for you within seconds.

That said, the features of these products are many and the Company has put enough brains to bring in more features in the future.

What Do You Do If Your Alexa Won’t Turn on

What Do You Do If Your Alexa Won’t Turn on

So, now you have learned the main reasons for the Amazon smart device issue, let us now learn how you can fix this without much worry.

Basic Troubleshooting

This includes doing the basic troubleshooting without opening the product or its parts. These are general methods and works great for many.

Step 1. Unplug the Echo

The first troubleshooting method is “unplugging”. Yes, you heard it right! But you need to follow a correct procedure for unplugging.

The correct steps are as follows:

  • Unplug the power adapter from the power source
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes
  • If your Echo device has become hot, let it cool down
  • Insert the adapter back to the power outlet
  • Check if the Echo is working or not

Step 2. Change the Power Outlet

If the simple unplug method did not work for you, you can change your power source. Maybe there is an issue with the power outlet.

Go to any nearby power source and first check its serviceability. Plug in a table lamp, etc to check if it’s working.

Now, insert the Alexa power adapter to the new power source and turn on the device. Check if your device is working or not. If not, do the next step.

Step 3. Replace the Power Adapter

Next check if your power adapter or its wire is in good condition or not. Sometimes your cat or mouse may tear the wires which may cause not supply of power required for the device.

If there is any visible wear and tear replace the power adapter. But remember, to purchase Amazon certified product only.

Step 4. Contact Amazon for Replacement

If the issue is still not solved, you must contact the Customer support of Amazon. But make sure your device is within the warranty period to get the replacement.

To do so follow the steps from your Alexa app:

  • Open Alexa app
  • Go to Help & Feedback
  • Tap Call Customer Service & Select your device
  • Select Category
  • Mention the issue
  • Tap Call me and Amazon will contact you.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If your device has crossed the warranty period, most likely you will not be eligible for a replacement. If you fall into this category, you need not to worry.

You can do the following alternatives step by step:

# Get your Circuit Board Replaced

If your Echo failed to load during this troubleshoot, then it’s time to go for the advanced troubleshooting.

Echo devices have centrally built the circuit board. This circuit board provides the power to the whole machine to work. If any circuit parts or its components fails, then it will not pass the power.

Hence, you must replace it. You can take your device to a technician to confirm the issue and replace the circuit board.

# Replace Motherboard

Sometimes the motherboard may malfunction. If this happens, then none of the functions may work including the speakers and light.

So, you can get your motherboard checked and replaced. Getting the motherboard replaced is much cheaper than acquiring a new Echo. So, visit a technician and explain the issue.

If required replace both the motherboard and circuit board. Doing this will definitely bring your Echo back to life again!

What if My Echo Show Won’t Turn On?

The troubleshooting method for this Amazon product is similar to what we have mentioned above. Follow the steps mentioned above to fix the issue.

But if your product is under warranty do not try to open it as this may lead to warranty terms violations.


Alexa powered devices are a great invention from Amazon and these will be more powerful devices with time to come with the addition of extra features.

These smart devices make our life easy and exciting at the same time.

We hope after reading this article you are now able to fix your Alexa won’t turn on issue.

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