echo show not responding to voice commands

Echo show not responding to voice commands and you’re looking for a way to fix the issue?

Look no further, as you’ve just come across the best article related to the issue!

We will get this issue explained in detail and grant you several reliable methods to troubleshoot with.

First, check if the microphone button is clicked and make sure the device is turned on. See if the volume is turned down and check if the Alexa privacy is enabled. Lastly, you can try restarting your device and resetting it to factory default!

Before we jump right into the solutions our suggestion would be to take a look at all possible causes, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Why Amazon Echo Show Not Responding To Voice Commands?

These are the most frequent occurrences whenever the Echo show is not responding to voice commands along with a brief explanation about each.

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1. Disabled Microphone Button

If the microphone button on your Echo has been accidentally pressed and turned off, the device won’t receive any of your voice commands until it is clicked back.

2. Low Volume

Users may sometimes lower the volume of the Echo show and the device will hear your voice commands, but it won’t be able to produce an answer, because its volume is low.

3. Temporal Power Malfunction

If your device turns off over time due to power issues, you may find yourself not hearing Echo’s answer after saying any voice commands.

4. The Red Ring Is Glowing

If the ring on Echo is glowing in red, it probably means that the device isn’t connected to a network or the microphone is turned off.

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5. Enabled Alexa Privacy

If you have enabled the Alexa privacy feature in the Amazon Alexa app, some of the voice commands you say, Echo may not understand and give an answer to.

6. Bad Position

If you’re too far away from your Echo for instance, and you’re trying to say a voice command to the device, you may have to move in a considerable range from Echo.

7. Hardware Issues

At last, if Echo has gone faulty due to a hardware issue, there is nothing you can do by yourself but sending the device for a repair.

Those were the causes making Echo users online ask why won’t Alexa respond to my voice commands. Now when you know the causes it’s time to perform some troubleshooting in order to get the issue solved.

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How To Fix Amazon Echo Show Not Responding To Voice Commands?

fix echo show not responding to voice commands

We figured it would be meaningless to mention that your phone must be connected with the Echo show.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to execute some of the upcoming methods properly or adjust the volume and the settings of Echo.

With that being said, let’s proceed with the best methods available out there. All of them are easily executable in the home environment.

Method #1 Check Volume

A situation where Echo will hear your voice command, but won’t be able to produce it is when the volume of the device is turned all the way down.

The first and most easy thing you should do is go to the Amazon Alexa app and enter the Sound settings.

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Try pushing the volume slider all the way to the right side and see if Echo will hear and produce feedback to the voice commands you say.

Method #2 Check Internet Connection

If Echo Show isn’t connected to the network, you won’t be getting any feedback on your voice commands as the device will simply be unable to connect to the internet.

If you’re still asking why won’t Alexa respond to my voice commands then you definitely need to inspect your network.

You can try several different ways. First, determine whether you can connect or not.

You can do this by checking some of your other devices connected to your home network. If it turns out that all the connection is gone, here are a few things to try:

  1. Power cycle router – Turn off your router and unplug the power adapter from the power outlet.
  1. Relocate Echo/router – Make sure the devices are in a considerable range from each other, so Echo could get a reliable connection to search the web for you.
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If you’ve identified issues with your network that you cannot solve on your own, feel free to call your supplier and ask for assistance. If your network is not reliable, you can’t expect Alexa to perform as it is intended.

Method #3 Reboot/Power Cycle Echo

One of the best universal methods to approach your issue is the power cycle. You can perform a power cycle by following the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Echo.
  2. Unplug ALL cables connected to the device.
  3. Wait for several minutes until all electricity within Echo is drained.
  4. Plug all the cables back into Echo and turn it on.

Now, you can try giving some voice commands to Echo to see if the device is going to respond and perform the corresponding action.

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Method #4 Make Sure Microphone Is Working

If the red ring on your Echo is blinking in red, it probably means that the microphone on your device is disabled.

You can enable the microphone on your Echo by locating the Microphone button on the back of the device and pressing it once.

Now Echo should be fully functional to voice commands, except if the wake word is changed.

You can see how to configure the wake word of your Echo show in the method down below.

Method #5 Change Echo Wake Word

If Echo is unable to understand your voice command to the Echo wake word, it is possible that the device won’t respond to anything you say.

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It is very easy to change and configure the wake word of your Echo through the Amazon Alexa app.

Go to the Voice activity tab in the Options of the Amazon app and click on Wake word. From there, you can input a brand-new wake word and test out if Echo is working.

Method #6 Disable/Enable the Alexa Privacy Feature

You can try disabling and enabling the Alexa privacy feature to see if that will help.

Some users confirmed that the issue was resolved only by toggling on and then off the privacy feature. If in your case it is disabled, simply enable it and then disable it over.

You can configure the Alexa privacy feature from within the Settings of the Amazon Alexa app, which is connected to your Echo.

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Method #7 Factory Reset Echo

Lastly, you can try factory resetting Echo. It is important to understand that everything will be permanently erased and your Amazon Echo will be brand new.

This is why we recommend backing up anything that you think would be necessary to restore after the reset.

Here is the detailed step-to-step guide to perform a factory reset on your Echo:

  1. Scroll down in the notification bar located on the upper side of your screen.
  2. Choose the Settings icon.
  3. In the next window, select Device options.
  4. Click on Factory defaults and wait for several minutes.

Once ready, your Echo should be reverted to its factory default settings and the issue should no longer be there.

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If it is there, however, and Echo is still not responding to voice commands you can reach out to the official Amazon customer support.

With a little luck, they might be able to help after another round of troubleshooting.

To fix your Echo whenever it is not hearing your voice commands, you can try to power cycle the device and then check if the microphone is working. Moreover, you can toggle on and off the privacy settings and change the wake word of your Echo.

If nothing helps, then you definitely need to perform a factory reset which is most likely to resolve the problem you’re having.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Echo show not responding to voice commands, you shouldn’t find it challenging to fix the issue by yourself.

If you, however, go to the point of contacting Amazon customer support, don’t forget to share all methods you’ve tried in this post to save time and effort.

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