how to add contacts to echo show

If you’re wondering exactly how to add contacts to Echo show and the situation isn’t clear for you, then you have come to the right post!

Here we will tell you exactly how to add contacts and probably answer ALL your inquiries!

To add contacts to the Echo show, you must first open the Alexa app and select the communicate tab. Click on the contacts icon and select the menu icon. Hit the plus sign and input the name and phone number of the contact and save it.

For some of you that have never used the Echo show before this might be challenging so, we’ll describe all of it in detail.

How To Add Contacts to Echo Show Easily?

Many users who have Echo show in their house have their smartphones connected to the device.

If you instruct Echo to call a contact within your smartphone while it is connected to the device, Echo will scan your phone to call that number.

In other words, you don’t really need to add a contact if you have your phone connected. If you however need to have the contacts within your Echo, there are two general ways.

  • Manually add contacts
  • Sync your smartphone contacts

Let’s start with the manual way of adding contacts.

How To Manually Add Contacts to Echo Show?

add contacts to echo show

The first method is for users who don’t want to bother syncing their phone’s contacts with Echo and simply need 1 or 2 contacts that will always be there.

Here is how to add a contact to the Echo show manually:

Step #1. First, open the Alexa app and go to the tab of your Echo show device.

Step #2. Click on the Communicate tab and locate the contacts icon somewhere throughout your device’s screen.

Step #3. In the contacts screen, find and select the Contacts icon.

Step #4. Now, you should see a small plus on top of your screen, which should state Add contact.

Step #5. Click on the little plus sign and on the next screen, you must point to a specific name and phone number for the contact you wish to add to the Echo show.

Note: Keep in mind that if the contact’s number is wrong or you call the name wrong whenever you want to call it, Echo may reject your calls.

Make sure to make the contact as same as on your phone, to avoid unwanted complications.

If you’re looking for a way to access your phone’s contacts to Echo immediately, you can check the automatic way down below.

How To Sync Phone Contacts with Echo Show?

Now that you’re capable of adding contacts to your Echo show manually, why not go through the automatic way too?

Many users have suggested that syncing your phone and Echo show and their contacts too is way easier than adding each contact to Echo individually.

This way they will also get all customization options, pictures, and so on.

For this purpose, you will need the services of the Amazon Alexa app.

You first have to pair your phone with Echo through the device and when you’re done, repeat the same thing individually with the Bluetooth options.

The specific voice commands Echo has access to will let you initiate a call on your phone by talking to Echo.

In other words, you will be able to call through your phone, by saying a voice command that includes the dial’s contact name and use Echo to talk for the rest of the conversation.

In conclusion, if the device is paired to your phone via Bluetooth, the voice command will trigger a call from your smartphone’s contact list.

This easy access feature of Echo show only works on the newest firmware available for your device!

How To Call Through an Echo Show?

Now you’ve learned how to add contacts to Echo show without a smartphone.

If you’re interested in how to perform a call through the device, pay attention because this is exactly what we are going to discuss!

To call through the Echo show, you must either have added to contact manually, to the device’s contact list, or have your phone connected as we’ve stated above.

If you’re doing it by phone, you must first establish the Amazon Alexa app.

How To Set Up Amazon Alexa App?

Before calling through Echo, you must have the Amazon Alexa app installed.

This app can be found in each app store throughout all operating systems and it shouldn’t exceed more than 80 MB in size.

The app will allow you to configure the settings of Echo and have a remote connection with your device, by simply clicking on your phone.

To connect it, you must enable the Bluetooth feature on both of the devices and let your phone scan Echo.

After your phone has scanned Echo, click on the Connect button which has recently appeared, and let both of the devices pair up.

Now you will be able to access a handful of features and access your phone’s contact list through voice commands.

How To Initiate a Call?

Now that you have all things set up, to call through Echo show you will find two general ways of doing so. One is via Voice command and the other one is through the Amazon Alexa app’s options.

Both ways are proven to be reliable, but it is up to you which one is more comfortable for your situation.

For now, we will go with the voice command activity and teach you how to call through Echo by using your voice.

Note: To quickly state, you can both perform normal and video calls through the Echo show.

This can be done by pronouncing the corresponding voice command correctly, which is in the Echo show’s hearing range.

To initiate a normal call, say “Alexa, voice call” and the contact name afterward. If you are willing to initiate a video call, say “Alexa, video call” and then the contact name.

Can’t Call Through Echo?

If you find yourself unable to perform any calls through the Echo Show, you can ensure the following things.

  • Confirm your device is connected to your phone.
  • Check if your phone has service.
  • Make sure that the Amazon Alexa app is running its latest version.
  • Use the Alexa app to verify the Echo has heard you correctly.
  • Confirm that the contact information you’re pronouncing is correct.

To add a contact to the Echo Show, you will have to go to the Amazon Alexa app and enter the communication settings. From there, enter the contact list and click on add new contact.

Input the correct name and phone number for the contact you’re willing to add to the Echo Show and confirm the action.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to add contacts to Echo show and how to perform a call using a voice command, you can configure your Echo contact list any way you like!

Adding contacts manually can sometimes be frustrating, but if something happens with your phone, you will always have them stored in your Echo show!

Nicole B