how to turn OFF power to doorbell

In case you don’t know how to turn OFF power to doorbell, you would need to understand the different types of setups and how they work.

Then the turning OFF part is easy.

To turn OFF the power to your doorbell you would need to disconnect the power cable and backup battery for wired units or remove the batteries from the wireless doorbells. Some smart doorbells can be turned OFF from the mobile application.

Let’s now attempt to identify the type of your doorbell setup and then learn how to turn it OFF.

Turning OFF Wired & Wireless Doorbell

turning OFF wired and wireless

The easiest way to turn OFF a doorbell is by interrupting the power supply. Some doorbells can be turned OFF via the power button and others through the mobile app.

In general, there are two types of doorbells – wired and wireless.

  • With wired doorbells, the safest way to shut down the device is to track the wire that reaches the breaker and turn the system OFF.
  • For wireless doorbells, the operation is much easier since users only need to remove the batteries to shut the power.

There are multiple ways to turn OFF the doorbell when wired or wireless.

Let’s jump straight into the methods to turn OFF a wired or wireless doorbell in no time!

How To Shut Off Doorbell Power (Wired)?

how shut off doorbell

We will first begin with shutting off the power to your wired doorbells since the operation requires extra steps.

There are two general methods so let’s learn more!

Method #1 Flip Doorbell Breaker

The first method to cut your doorbell’s power is via the circuit breaker.

Since users had issues identifying which breaker was their doorbell, here are easy steps to help you in your own setup:

Track The Cables

You can follow the wires coming out of your doorbell and determine in what switch within the breaker the wires go in.

Watch For Any Labels

Technicians usually leave hints so you can later figure out everything on your own.

Watch for any labels above, beneath, or on top of the breaker that may suggest the correct one.

Try Each Breaker

Quite a harsh method, but if you’re desperate, that’s the best way to figure out the correct switch for the doorbell.

Turn every circuit switch off and check your doorbell’s power in between. Once the doorbell shuts down, you will know which one is the correct breaker.

Note: Make sure to switch ALL other breakers the way they were.

Method #2 Disconnect Doorbell’s Wires

disconnect the doorbell wire

Since all wired doorbells receive power via a wire, you can disconnect that wire from the doorbell device.

That will leave the power supply coming out of the circuit breaker intact, but the supply to the doorbell will be distorted, which is exactly what users need.


Since there is an active electricity flow in the wires and electricity poles of a doorbell, there are a couple of safety measures you should undertake:

  • Step on an electricity isolator (carpet, flip-flops, something soft)
  • Thick gloves to work with
  • Wire-cutters with isolated handle
  • A screwdriver to undo the front panel

This is what you need to disconnect your doorbell’s power wires in easy steps:

How To Disconnect Doorbell’s Wires?

how to  disconnect doorbell
  1. Use the screwdriver to undo the front panel of the wired doorbell.
  2. Remove the front cover of the doorbell.
  3. Look for the electricity poles sticking out of the motherboard.
  4. Locate the cables wired around the poles.
  5. Use the wire cutters to carefully undo the cables from around the poles.
  6. Preserve the cables.

Once you’re done disconnecting the cables, your doorbell will no longer have a power supply.

It’s recommended to flip the circuit breaker OFF for the room in which you’re going to be uninstalling the doorbell to prevent the possibility of a power shock.

How To Shut OFF Wireless Doorbell Power?

Wireless doorbells are compact and easy to use and no wiring is needed to set up the device.

That’s why most smart doorbell users nowadays, prefer wireless doorbells over wired doorbells.

You can shut OFF the wireless doorbell by just removing/disconnecting the batteries.

In general, there are two methods of shutting off the power of your wireless doorbell:

Method #1 Turn OFF Doorbell Via Smart App

turn off doorbell via app

You can turn OFF the power to most of the wireless doorbells, through the smart application they came with.

Doorbells such as Ring, Nest, Lorex, and Arlo have a smart application of their own that controls all of their features and therefore can turn the doorbell ON and OFF.

Since all smart applications for wireless doorbells differ in their configuration settings, the universal method is Devices > My Devices > Doorbell > ON/OFF slider.

The only requirement to turn OFF your doorbell through the app is that your mobile device should be connected to the internet.

In most cases, the connection is WiFi or Cellular.

Note: You can turn on the doorbell anytime by heading back to the smart application and pressing the power slider again.

Method #2 Remove The Doorbell Batteries

Since wireless doorbells are operated by batteries, it would only make sense to remove the device’s batteries to cut its power supply.

This will prevent the doorbell from working and completely turn OFF the device for good.

How To Remove Wireless Doorbell Batteries?

how remove wireless batteries

On most wireless doorbells, the battery removal process goes like this:

  1. Take the wireless doorbell off the wall stand.
  2. Turn the doorbell upside down.
  3. Undo the screws holding the back cover of the doorbell intact.
  4. Expose the battery units (which may vary from 2 up to 4 batteries).
  5. Take out the batteries of the doorbell.

Some wireless doorbells have a backup battery that has to be disconnected as well.

In such cases, when you cut the main power supply, the doorbell will continue to operate by using the backup battery.

Note: Make sure to preserve the batteries of your doorbell to later re-insert them.

How To Turn OFF Power To Doorbell??

Ring doorbells are also split into wireless and wired units. We will explain how to cut the power both to wireless and wired Ring doorbell units in easy steps.

Let’s begin with cutting off the power to wireless Ring doorbells:

How To Turn OFF Power On a Wireless Ring Doorbell?

  1. Using slight force, push the doorbell upwards so it can come loose.
  2. Take off the front cover of the doorbell.
  3. Expose the batteries inside of the doorbell.
  4. Remove the batteries of the Ring doorbell.
  5. The device should turn OFF.
Note: You can track the status of your Ring doorbell through the smart application.

How To Turn OFF Power To Wired Ring Doorbell?

how turn off wireless wifi
  1. Use a screwdriver or a flat tool and push the cover towards you.
  2. Once the doorbell clicks, remove the top cover.
  3. Undo the 4 screws holding the base onto the wall.
  4. Once the doorbell becomes loose, undo the wires from around the poles.
  5. Preserve the parts of the doorbell until the next usage.

To regain access you’ll need to reconnect the device later.

Note: The Ring Doorbell will also disconnect from the mobile application once the device is turned OFF.

Quick Recap:

Thus, turning OFF a wireless doorbell happens by removing the battery, and for wired units by disconnecting the circuit breaker or the power cable. Some doorbells are connected to a backup battery that has to be disconnected as well to turn OFF.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to turn OFF power to doorbell, you can disable your device when not necessary and turn it back on at any time.

Keep in mind that safety comes first and when working with wired units, you should take the necessary measures.

We hope that this post was helpful and for more related content, make sure to check our blog!

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