how do i know if my lorex is recording

If you’re wondering how do I know if my Lorex is recording, then in this guide you’ll learn everything about it.

Lorex systems provide the user with advanced functionality and customization that will suit any occasion and any need.

Depending on your Lorex system and camera settings your camera may or may not record all of the time. But how do you know when it does record?

You will know that when your Lorex camera records when you take a look at the settings. On motion detection, your camera may not be recording at the time of reading. However, for continuous recording, yes, your camera would be capturing at this very moment.

Let’s learn about the recording time so you can understand how it works and whether your camera is currently recording or not.

Is The Lorex Camera Always Recording?

know if my lorex is recording

There are different Lorex camera systems and each one provides the user with different capturing modes. 

Let’s learn more about the capturing modes and understand whether your Lorex camera is always recording:

#1 – Motion Recording (Event-Based)

The capturing events start whenever motion is detected.

The system is called “PIR” or Passive Infrared, which detects heat from moving objects and triggers the recording automatically.

Such objects could be animals, people, or vehicles. Objects like leaves will not trigger the recording since the IR sensor prioritizes heat.

event based recording

The user has the option to adjust how long the recording should be after it has been triggered.

The option is called Camera Recording Time and you can check how to interact with these settings further in the post and understand which one suits you better.

Note: Benefits of motion recording are, longer battery life and more HDD space.

#2 – 24/7 Recording (Continuous)

If you’ve got a continuous recording Lorex system, you will have 24/7 surveillance.

The way it works is that it overwrites older recordings whenever the storage is full.

Each camera, however, can be set to record differently. In higher traffic areas, the 24/7 could be enabled, while in a quieter area, the cameras can be set to record on motion.

continuous recording

These customization settings are great for the user to manage the hard drive storage and preserve battery life.

Regardless of the recording system you’ve got, you will enjoy years of quality recording and never miss anything important.

Note: Continuous recording systems are mainly used by establishments that require non-stop monitoring.

#3 – Scheduled Recording

The scheduled recording is a perfect opportunity to utilize the power-saving features of your Lorex cameras.

You can choose a time window that you would like to be recorded each day or a specific day of the month.

This way you won’t have to record all of the time just to catch something that you know when it’s about to happen.

Tip: Utilize the scheduled recordings on events such as birthdays, gatherings, or special events when something is expected.

About Lorex Camera Recording Time

lorex recording time

Your Lorex cameras will start recording whenever the device detects motion.

This works whenever something passes in front of the camera sensor and it will trigger the recording session.

In the options of your Lorex camera, you can set how long the recording should be after a motion has been detected.

When you go to the Options (house icon), then press Settings and choose Camera > Camera Setup, a big menu will open.

First, you need to choose the channel, which basically stands for which Lorex camera you would want to interact with.

Then you will see the Camera Recording Time option, so let’s learn more about each setting.

  • 10s – After the motion is detected, your Lorex camera will record a 10 seconds video.
  • 20s – On motion detection, the video will be 20 seconds long.
  • 30s – The video recording will be 30 seconds long after motion activation.
  • Continuous – Your camera will start to record continuously.
Note: The “Continues” option wouldn’t be there when you’re viewing footage. To appear, your camera needs to be plugged in and live.

How Do I Know If My Lorex Is Recording?

To understand when your Lorex camera is recording, you would need to check the live feed.

On the bottom-left part of the screen, there will be a “C” letter in red color that stands for ongoing recording.

In case it's not there, that means that your Lorex camera is not currently recording.

For instance, whenever you choose a 30s Camera Recording Time, there is a motion and your camera starts to record, the little “C” letter will appear on the bottom left.

It will stay there for 30 seconds as an indication of the ongoing recording session.

know if recording

In contrast, when you choose the Continues Camera Recording Time, the small “C” will be there all of the time, to notify you that the camera is currently recording.

Tip: The best way to find out whether your Lorex camera is currently recording is to check how the settings are configured.

How Do I View My Lorex Recordings?

Regardless of the Lorex system you’ve got or the capturing mode you’re using, the footage is saved on the hard drive and can be reviewed whenever you want.

Remember that with continuous recording in Lorex systems (24/7 capturing), old recordings will be replaced with newer ones chronologically, so they can continue to record forever.

In that regard, you won’t be able to review really old recordings since they were overwritten.

Here is how to view your Lorex Recordings:

  1. Open the Lorex Secure application.
  2. Tap on one of your cameras to start a live view.
  3. Press on the History Icon.
  4. Scroll down/up to review all recorded events.

Choose one of the recordings to start viewing the footage. You can manually delete recordings that you don’t need to relieve storage on the hard drive so there could be space for more.

Tip: You can enable/disable sound recording on your cameras to preserve even more storage.

Thus, to find out whether your Lorex cameras are recording you would need to open the Lorex Secure app and choose one of your cameras. If you see the red “C” letter on the bottom-left of the screen, that means that the camera is continuously recording or a motion has just been detected.

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Last Thoughts:

Here is everything about the question “how do I know if my Lorex is recording?”

Now that you’re aware of how your Lorex camera works, and how to view your recordings you can get the most out of your setup.

Feel free to configure the Lorex cameras as per your need and utilize the features to fulfill your requirements.

We hope that this informational guide was helpful and if you’re looking for more guides such as this one, don’t forget to check our blog for more.

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