lorex camera audio not working

Asking why is Lorex camera audio not working? You’ve come to the right fix guide!

The audio of your Lorex camera could have been either muted, its volume lowered or there is a hardware problem you’re quite frankly unaware of.

Fortunately, there are quick fixes past this malfunction and this is exactly what you will learn in this guide!

To fix the audio of your Lorex camera, perform a power cycle on the device and ensure that the protective film is removed from the lens. For audio, your camera must be in full-screen mode. 

Here are the recommended audio settings before we jump into the fixed guide.

How To Configure Lorex Camera Audio Settings?

As you’ve expected, the recording feature must be manually enabled for your camera to start recording.

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As soon as your camera starts recording, if there isn’t another issue, you will be able to hear all sounds your camera captures, through the monitoring device.

Here’s how to enable the NVR settings in your camera’s options to start hearing sounds through your camera device:

  1. Ensure that your Lorex camera is up and running.
  2. Double-check if your Lorex unit is audio capable (learn more in the list below).
  3. Through the Lorex application, go to Live View and tap Quick Menu.
  4. Select Main Menu and then tap on the Camera icon.
  5. Go to Recording and then again, press the Recording button.
  6. In the channel drop menu, select the channel where your camera is connected.
  7. Tick the Audio/Video checkbox to enable your camera for sound recording.
  8. Additionally, set the Audio Encode to automatically and exit the menu.
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How Do I Know If My Camera Is “Audio-Capable”?

With Lorex, you will generally come across two different types of cameras. One is the Audio-capable monitoring tool and the other one is a non-audio-capable monitoring tool.

The easiest way to identify whether your Lorex camera has a microphone or not is to take a brief look around it.

Simply look for an in-built microphone that will be sticking out slightly out of the hardware.

Lorex’s camera microphones can be easily identifiable as smaller than usual microphones sticking out of the side panel.

How To Fix Lorex Camera Audio Not Working?

fix lorex camera audio not working

Once you identify whether your Lorex camera supports audio or not, you can solve your problem with the solutions below, as long as your camera has a microphone.

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If it doesn’t, then you can either install a microphone to your camera manual or have a new microphone-supported Lorex unit purchased.

Here’s how to fix the audio of your Lorex camera that has a microphone:

Solution #1 Unmute Monitor/Increase Volume

Users most frequently are deceived into thinking that their Lorex camera has audio issues, while they have simply muted their monitor.

This can happen by mistake and will prevent you from hearing any of the audio from your camera.

You can tell if your monitor is muted by looking for the mute icon on the screen, which looks like a regular audio icon with a big cross next to it (in red color).

You can unmute your monitor by hitting the mute button once while seeing the mute icon.

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How To Increase Monitor Volume?

Except only for the muting and then unmuting feature, your monitor’s volume can also be additionally controlled.

Same as with the mute button, in the control panel of the monitor, you will see a volume up and a volume down button.

Press the volume up button 10-15 times and determine if your camera is going to make a sound.

Note: You can measure the monitor’s volume from the slider that will appear on the slide.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Camera

power cycle camera

There’s a quick way to fix power issues with your camera that may be glitching the sound.

That is to perform a power cycle on your Lorex camera to solve the problem.

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A power cycle includes re-inserting the batteries from the compartment of your device for a certain amount of time.

Here’s how to power cycle your Lorex camera:

  1. Take your camera off of the stand.
  2. Rotate the top compartment clockwise.
  3. Take out the compartment cover and expose the battery.
  4. Eject the battery out and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Insert the battery as you mind the writing of the electric polarity.
Note: It’s important to have the battery inserted correctly, cause otherwise, your camera won’t even boot in the first place.

Solution #3 Put Camera In Full-Screen Mode

Your Lorex camera will only capture and output sound from the monitor when in full-screen mode.

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When you’re simply viewing the broadcast along with your other Lorex cameras on a shared screen, none of the units will produce sound.

To put that particular Lorex camera you want in full screen, so you could listen to the audio output, hit the Channel Select icon of the desired Lorex camera.

When it becomes in full-screen mode, you should be able to listen to the audio output of your device.

Note: To exit the full screen of your camera, tap the channel select icon again, and you will view your entire monitor again.

Solution #4 Choose Different Audio Encode

use different audio encode

If you haven’t selected a dynamic option for the audio encoding settings, we suggest choosing a different one to test out the audio.

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If no audio is coming out of your Lorex camera, you should attempt several different audio encoding settings until it works.

Here’s how to choose different audio encoding setting for your Lorex camera:

  1. Go into the settings of your Lorex camera through the monitor.
  2. Select the RECORDING tab.
  3. At the bottom of the page, locate the Audio Encode setting.
  4. Tap the settings once and test out each of the available encoding settings.
Note: Unfortunately, you will have to apply the changes before testing out the audio.

If it doesn’t work, go back to the same tab and revert the old setting as you choose different audio to encode until it works.

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Since the audio encodes practically saves the audio to the recording once it is made by your camera, you may be unable to still hear the audio during the live broadcast.

If your camera is functional, once the recording comes out, it will have audio with the correct encoding settings.

Solution #5 Restore Default Camera Settings

You should attempt a factory reset on your Lorex camera if none of the solutions we’re able to solve the audio problem with your device.

You will be able to reset the camera to default settings from the settings through the monitor.

camera default settings

Here’s how to restore the default settings on your Lorex camera easily:

  1. On your monitor, tap the Menu icon.
  2. Using the joystick, responsible for controlling your monitor, go to Settings > Default Settings.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm the reset, on which window you have to click “Yes”.
Note: Resetting your camera to factory defaults will cause all settings and configurations to be reset.

Make sure you’ve tried all of the rest solutions before reverting your camera to factory defaults.

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To fix the Lorex camera’s audio, power cycle the device and make sure that the monitor isn’t muted or its volume lowered. Put your camera in full-screen mode and select alternative audio encodes source. Finally, restore your camera to the default settings.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Lorex camera audio not working and how to fix the issue supposedly, you may be solving the issue now with our guide.

It’s quite unlikely, but the mic of your camera might have gone faulty and it needs replacing. In such a case, consider contacting a technician for further assistance!