disney plus audio out of sync

If your Disney plus audio out of sync, it could be related to many things, including the output device you’re using.

We will make sure to cover everything you should know for this issue by the end of the guide, as well as some easy-fix solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

First, try restarting the device from which you’re watching Disney plus and make sure your video is being buffered appropriately. Next, troubleshoot your network and try with another footage in Disney plus.

If these straightforward workarounds are not enough for you to resolve the issue, keep on reading because now we will review all the main suspects for this issue.

Why Disney Plus Audio And Video Out Of Sync?

This issue may be device-specific. If the device you’re watching Disney plus from has sync issues, you will keep experiencing the problem even if you try another platform other than Disney plus.

Besides this well-known problem here are some of the potential suspects you’ll be focusing on:

Buffering Issue

If the video buffers badly, the sound may fall behind from the video and the video will become out of sync.

Outdated Disney App

Sometimes even outdated firmware on your Disney plus app, might have something to do with your out-of-sync issue.

Cable Problem

In case you’re viewing Disney plus from a third-party device, there might be an issue with the HDMI or the cable that connects to your TV.

Inbound Issue

A problem related to the media itself, might be the cause of this issue. If that’s the problem, you must reach out to Disney immediately.

Output Device Problem

For users who watch Disney from their TVs or a PC, an issue with the output sound device might also be causing the problem.

After reviewing all of the potential suspects, you will be able to navigate through the upcoming solutions and fix the problem in no time.

How To Fix Disney Plus Audio Out Of Sync Issue?

fix disney plus audio out of sync

Before we proceed to apply any of the solutions, we recommend restarting your device as well as Disney plus.

If the issue has something to do with a temporal glitch, via reboot, you should be able to resolve the problem quickly.

If a general reboot didn’t help, then perhaps some of these solutions will manage to fix the issue for you.

Solution #1 Try With Another Video

We will first determine if the issue is coming from your device or Disney plus. The best way to find out is to try watching another video on Disney plus.

Try viewing some movies, some TV shows, anything that pops up on your screen.

The best way to tell the origin of the issue is to determine whether the sync fails from the beginning of the video or it happens periodically.

If everything is fine at the start of the footage, then perhaps you have buffering problems, thus your connection with the internet is too slow.

Also if the resources on your device that you’re viewing Disney Plus are above 80% usage (CPU, RAM), you will definitely experience video interruptions from which out-of-sync issues may appear.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot Your Internet

fix internet connectivity

The main suspect we’re looking at here is a bad internet connection.

Buffering problems could most often build up if your internet struggles to load the video.

We suggest buffering the video with the lowest resolution possible to determine if the problem keeps appearing.

If the video buffers well with lower resolution and everything is fine, then perhaps the problem is with your network.

Here is how to troubleshoot your network and fix any buffering issues with Disney plus.

Hard Reset Your Modem/Router

Unplug the power adapter of both your modem and router, wait for 5 minutes and re-attach the adapter.

Reconnect All Cables

Disconnect all Ethernet cables, the internet cable as well as the power adapter again and reconnect them correctly to their respective slots.

Reduce Bandwidth Usage

Disconnect unused devices connected to your network and prevent high data downloading/uploading and seeding until the end of this guide.

If the sound keeps falling behind all the time, even when you’re watching it with the lowest resolution possible, then perhaps we should look for the issue elsewhere.

Solution #3 Disconnect Output Devices

The next thing we should review is the output devices of your configuration.

If you’re watching Disney plus on a TV, with a soundbar or speakers configuration, it is possible your sound is falling behind due to a fault with the sound devices.

Make sure to unplug any speakers or soundbars from the TV you’re watching Disney

plus and enable the in-built audio configuration of your TV. Try playing a video from Disney plus and determine if the sync will be solved.

Also in case you’re using a PC connected to a TV or any other sort of screen, via HDMI, you should note that cables can produce sync issues if too long.

Make sure to use a short HDMI cable in that case, but still, you can determine the issue by using the device’s inbuilt speakers where audio/video delay is not possible.

Note: For smartphone users who view Disney plus, make sure to disconnect any headphones you may have connected.

Solution #4 Update Disney Plus

update disney plus

As unbelievable as it sounds, Disney plus gets improved with every single update and you may be running a version where this issue is a common thing.

This is why we suggest updating Disney plus to the latest version to fix the sync issue.

Since most users use Disney plus on their TVs, we will provide you with an update-process related to TV users.

Here is how to update Disney plus on your TV:

  1. Open the app store on your TV and search for “Disney Plus”.
  2. Select the respective Disney app and locate an “Update” button, which should be in the place of the “Download” button.
  3. Initiate the update and wait for your TV to finish updating Disney plus.

Pro Tip: Best workaround would be to completely reinstall the application by deleting and then cleanly downloading it again.

Once the update is concluded, reopen Disney plus and watch the footage to determine if the sync has been restored.

In case you’re using a PC, open Disney Plus with another browser, and for smartphone users, proceed with delete > reinstall.

Solution #5 Reconnect HDMI

This solution is meant for users who watch Disney plus from a third-party device, such as consoles or TV boxes like Firestick, Roku, and so on….

Since HDMI transfers both audio and video from the receiver to your TV, it is possible that the cable had gone faulty, thus, the sync between the audio and the video in your footage was violated.

Examine the HDMI cable and make sure it is plugged in tightly both into your third-party device and TV.

In addition, check if any visual hardware damage has occurred on the cable and replace it if necessary.

Inspect the input/output ports of your devices and prevent any twists and pressure in the cable body.

After examining the HDMI cable, try playing another footage of Disney plus and determine if the issue is fixed.

Solution #6 Reset Your TV/Device

Most users would suggest reinstalling Disney plus, but via factory resetting your TV or device you’ll ensure that the device is not the problem.

There might be misconfigured audio settings, high usage, built-up cache and all of this can be solved via factory reset.

Here is a universal guide on how to reset your TV:

  1. Open the TV settings and head to the System Tab.
  2. Locate the “Factory Reset” button and click on it.
  3. Enter a default “0000” PIN if your TV has one.
  4. Confirm and wait.

Your TV or device is most likely to restart during the reset, so make sure to wait it out and reinstall Disney plus once it is done.

On consoles, the factory reset is labeled “initialization” and for PC or phone users, you should proceed with re-installing the browser you’re using.

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Bottom Line:

Thus to fix Disney plus out-of-sync issues, first, reopen Disney plus and make sure it is updated. Check your internet for issues and resolve any high-resource-consuming tasks of your device.

Complete the guide with a factory reset and if it doesn’t help you can reach out to Disney tech support for help.

Now that you know why Disney plus audio out of sync, you should be capable of fixing the issue with our easy solutions.

If the audio and video end up not in sync by the time you’re reading this, we suggest reaching out to Disney to get the problem resolved.

Nicole B