why is disney plus using significant memory

Why is Disney Plus using significant memory? We will teach you all about that message!

Like every streaming platform, Disney Plus is convenient because you can access it from any browser on your computer. But sometimes, Mac users who browse through Safari will face an odd message.

Disney Plus may use significant memory due to various factors, such as large media files, streaming quality settings, or caching data for smoother playback.

Check below how to watch Disney Plus without issues!

Why Is Disney Plus Using Significant Memory – 8 Working Solutions

why my does disney plus using significant memory

1. Check Your Internet

Sometimes your browser will display the alert message because there is some issue with your internet, and it is impossible to load the desired content.

In that situation, you should do the following:

  • Check that your device is connected to a fast internet source;
  • If using a computer, check that you are connected to your router’s 5GHz;
  • Restart the router and connect to it again to see if the data will now load;
  • If possible, try connecting to the router with an Ethernet cable.

2. Close Some Tabs

close your tabs

It might sound silly since you are probably using a MacBook or iMac. Still, one of the official solutions to the problem at hand is closing a few tabs.

Here is why you need to do it:

  • Unnecessary open tabs take a toll on your computer’s processing power;
  • If your internet is not very fast, the unnecessary open tabs also chip away at the connection speed;
  • The Safari version you have installed might be outdated and not able to deal well with too many tabs open at once.
Tip: Also, if your computer is not very powerful, it is a good idea to close some applications before trying to stream Disney+ shows on the Safari browser.

3. Force Quit Safari

“This webpage is using significant memory” with Disney Plus open on Safari might also be due to a malfunctioning of the browser itself.

force quit safari

That can’t be corrected by simply closing tabs or reopening the Disney Plus site. Rather, you will need to force quit the browser.

How To Force Quit Safari

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the Apple icon (top-left corner);
  2. Click on “Force Quit Finder”;
  3. The Force Quit Applications window will pop up;
  4. Click on “Safari”;
  5. Choose the Force Quit button;
  6. Click Force Quit again to confirm

Once Safari has closed properly through the force quit operation, it is time to open the browser again. Then, enter the Disney Plus site and check if the error has been gone.

4. Disable Extensions/Plug-Ins

disable the plug ins

Are you addicted to adding functionalities to your Safari browser? Well, those can consume a bit of RAM, and for some reason, a few streaming services will conflict with them.

Then, it is time you disable or tweak the configurations of your extensions and plug-ins.

How To Do It

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the Safari browser;
  2. Click on the Safari logo (top-left corner);
  3. Go to “Preferences”;
  4. Navigate to “Extensions”;
  5. Toggle off all the unnecessary extensions that you wish to deactivate for now.
  6. Go to the “Advanced Tab”;
  7. Select the plug-ins you want to disable by clicking the boxes on “Stop plug-ins to save power.”

After doing the modifications suggested above, it is time you try running the Disney Plus site again. We hope the “significant memory” error doesn’t happen again.

5. Use An Ad Blocker

try use ad blocker

Some people only navigate using ad blockers, while others are unaware of their existence.

Many sites nowadays are filled with ads, which consume some of your PC’s RAM (and are also annoying, right?). Thus, ad blockers grant you a smooth navigation.

How To Install

Even though browsers such as Safari and Opera already filter much of the nuisance, an ad blocker will make things better:

  1. Open your Safari browser;
  2. Navigate to the Adblock Plus site;
  3. Click on “Get Adblock Plus on the app store”;
  4. When in the app store, choose to download and install the plug-in.

When installed, the plug-in will ask permission to access some browser data. You can allow it, as the software should not be invasive.

6. Clear The Cache

A potential cause of the “Disney Plus using significant memory” message is that your browser is already filled with too much cache data.

clear the safari cache

Cache data is the info your browser collects to help with navigation. However, it can get so full that it actually slows processes down. 

How To Clear Safari’s Cache

Clearing the cache on Safari is quick:

  1. Open the Safari browser;
  2. Click on “Safari” in the top-left corner;
  3. Select “Preferences”;
  4. Go to “Advanced settings”;
  5. Select “Show Develop menu in menu bar” (down below);
  6. Navigate to the Develop menu;
  7. Select “Empty caches.”

You can choose to clear the data for a set time period. After that, simply click “Clear History.”

Note: Clearing the cache might erase the account details for some sites. If you don’t remember your passwords, you might want to investigate advanced cache settings so you don’t lose access.

7. Look For Mining Scripts

look at the mining scripts

When you have too many tabs open and get the “significant memory” error, you could assume that one of the sites is using your PC as a crypto-mining resource.

In a few words, some smart programmer designed the site to access your processing power and use it to mine crypto coins (this process is called cryptojacking).

How To Know If You Are Being Cryptojacked

There are a few ways to learn if sites are using your CPU’s power for their own benefit to gain crypto coins.

We will teach you one of them:

  1. Open the Mac’s Activity Monitor;
  2. Go to “Memory”;
  3. Check the numbers on “Used Memory” and “App Memory.”

You need to do the above when the error occurs. That way, you can check if your Safari browser is using too much RAM.

Normally, Safari doesn’t use much. Thus, if memory usage is high, you can suspect cryptojacking. 

How To Stop Cryptojacking

Once you have detected that you are being cryptojacked, you need to close tabs and see how the processor responds.

We should not assume that Disney Plus is cryptojacking. If you think it is, you are probably not accessing the legit site but rather a malicious copy!

How To Prevent It?

how can prevent it

Currently, the best browser you can use to prevent scams such as cryptojacking is Opera.

The browser is built with the intent of making navigation smoother. 

8. Update Your Browser And System

Okay, here goes a very simple suggestion: your browser or system is outdated. In that case, it can’t manage some sites because the protocols are not matching.

So here is what you will do:

  1. Open the Apple menu;
  2. Choose “System Preferences/Settings”;
  3. Go to “Software Update”;
  4. Check if there are any updates available;
  5. If there is/are, click on “Upgrade Now.”

On the same page, you might notice a checkbox for “Automatically keep my Mac up to date.”

We recommend you tick that so you don’t face more problems due to an outdated system.

Quick Recap

Why is Disney Plus using significant memory? We hope that you are not being cryptojacked! Other than that, most issues that cause the message are easy to get rid of.

In any case, remember to keep your system updated at all times and also use adblock to minimize data/system consumption.

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