directv stream not connecting to wifi

When the DirecTV Stream not connecting to WiFi the solution is simple!

The DirecTV WiFi problem could be related to your WiFi, your DirecTV host device.

To solve the DirecTV WiFi connection issue users only need to inspect the stability of their WiFi- internet and make sure that the network is intact. Further solutions include updating the DirecTV host device firmware and cleanly installing the application.

How To Fix When DirecTV Stream Not Connecting To WiFi?

fix directv stream not connecting to wifi

To solve the DirecTV Stream WiFi connection, let’s start with the basics first:

Solution #1 Connect Your Device To The Internet

When DirecTV Stream is not connecting to the WiFi, the most common reason is missing an internet connection on your device.

This can occur as a result of a power outage, receiver problems, or even network issues that impact the WiFi, therefore disconnecting your device.

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connect device to internet

Here’s how to reconnect your device to the internet in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your WiFi.
  2. Press on “Network”.
  3. Choose “WiFi” in the same tab.
  4. Press on your home’s WiFi.
  5. Enter the password for the network.
  6. Hit “Connect” and wait for the device to connect.
Note: Make sure that your router and network device are online by the time you’re reconnecting the device.

Solution #2 Hard Reboot Your Device

The WiFi disconnects problem can be caused by a faulty startup of your device.

The best way to deal with this type of issue is to perform a hard reboot.

This will completely discharge the unit out of any remaining power and resolve any bugs that impact the WiFi.

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reboot devices

Here’s how to hard reboot your device in easy steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button of your PC’s box or smartphone.
  2. Shut down the device by pressing the power slide button.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the device is shut down.
  4. Turn the device on.
  5. Access the DirecTV Stream source.
  6. Test connecting your device to the WiFi.
Alert: Make sure to keep your device turned OFF for at least 5 minutes or the power cycle won’t work well.

Solution #3 Flush The DNS Of Your Network

A great solution to fix WiFi issues with DirecTV Stream is to flush the DNS of your network.

The DNS is responsible for making a private, anonymous connection with the network device and if the settings are incorrect, neither will your device have WiFi nor DirecTV Stream.

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To flush the DNS of your network, you will need a computer that is connected via Ethernet cable to the router.

flush dns

Here’s how to flush the DNS of your network in easy steps:

  1. Open the Windows start menu.
  2. Write “CMD”.
  3. Hit the Enter button.
  4. Wait for the CMD prompt to appear.
  5. Write “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit Enter.
  6. Wait for the DNS settings to be refreshed.
Alert: Make sure that you write the command exactly this way to successfully flush the DNS.

Solution #4 Run Network Troubleshooter

An easy way to identify issues with the network and the WiFi on your device is to run the Windows network troubleshooter.

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This solution will only be helpful to those who stream DirecTV via browser, on a desktop device.

Here’s how to run the network troubleshooter:

  1. Right-click the WiFi icon in the taskbar of your device.
  2. Press on “Troubleshoot”.
  3. Confirm the prompt.
  4. Wait for the troubleshooter to detect any issue with your internet supply.
  5. Follow the fix instructions that the troubleshooter will display.
Note: Once the checker finishes, it will show all detected network errors so follow them to fix the issue with DirecTV Stream WiFi.

Connect DirecTV Stream To A Hotspot

connect to hotspot

To entirely eliminate the possibility of your network causing this fuss, you’ll need to test with your cellular internet/WiFi.

Share a hotspot from your mobile device and connect the DirecTV Stream host to this WiFi.

In case you’re watching DirecTV on your mobile device, simply disable the WiFi and enable the Cellular 3G,4G, and 5G. Test whether you are able to connect DirecTV to the hotspot WiFi.

Tip: Keep the hotspot smartphone as close as possible to the DirecTV Stream host device.

Solution #5 Use A Different Browser

Perhaps, an issue with your browser is preventing DirecTV Stream from connecting to the WiFi and starting the feed.

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As the solution suggests, you should use an alternative browser for DirecTV Stream and determine whether this will solve the issue.

Keep in mind that the recommended browser by DIRECTV is Google Chrome. If you’re already using Chrome, sign in to DirecTV Stream through the default browser.

Here is the default browser for all operating systems out there:

  • Android – Chrome
  • iOS – Safari
  • Windows – Microsoft Edge
  • Linux – Mozilla Firefox

If you’re already using any of these browsers (except for Android), make sure to switch to Google Chrome and test DIRECTV there.

Alert: On a new browser you would need to log in to your DirecTV browser.

Solution #5 Update Your Device’s OS

Whenever DirecTV Stream not connecting to WiFi, perhaps your device is running an outdated Operating System.

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The WiFi issues can even be caused by that outdated software version on your device, hence you would need to update.

Here’s how to update both mobile and Windows devices:

  • On mobile, go to Settings > System > Software Update > Check for updates.
  • On Windows, go to Start menu > Check for Updates > Update.

Once your device has finished updating, relaunch the DirecTV Stream source and check whether the connection to the WiFi is not possible.

Note: The recommendation is not to interact with your device during the update.

Solution #6 Reinstall DirecTV App

reinstall directv app

The source of DirecTV Stream on your device may be problematic. If that’s the case, the smartest thing you can do is reinstall the DirecTV application to solve data failures.

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Here’s how to remove and then add DIRECTV STREAM to your device:

  1. On your device, go to Storage.
  2. Access the App section.
  3. Locate the DIRECTV platform.
  4. Press the “Functionsbutton.
  5. Choose “Uninstall” to start removing the app from your device.
  6. Locate the DIRECTV STREAM in the app store of your device.
  7. Download and install the DirecTV app.
  8. Sign back into your account.
  9. Test the streaming and check if the WiFi issue is fixed.
Note: Downloading and installing DIRECTV may take a while. Make sure not to shut down your device for the time being.

What To Do When DirecTV Stream Box Not Connecting To WiFi?

If you have WiFi issues with your DirecTV Stream box, there are a couple of things you can attempt.

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Down below we’ve extracted the best things you should do when your DirecTV Stream set-top box is not connecting to WiFi:

check wifi issues

1. Hard reset the box – Unplug the power supply of the DIRECTV cable box and wait for 5 minutes before reconnecting it.

2. Factory reset the box – Locate the red button on the surface of the cable box and hold it for 20 seconds to perform a reset.

3. Verify network credentials – Ensure that you’re selecting the correct WiFi network and inserting the correct password.

That should be enough to get your DirecTV cable box connected to the WiFi. Once you’re ready the device should no longer disconnect from the WiFi as long as your network is well.

Tip: Make sure that your WiFi-internet is intact to exclude this possibility!

Quick Recap:

When DirecTV Stream is not connecting to the WiFi, users need to apply pending updates and reinstall the application on the host device. The next step includes an inspection of the network device before concluding with a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you are aware of why DirecTV Stream not connecting to WiFi, the solution is the easy part.

In most cases, the problem comes from the WiFi and your network device so whenever that’s not the root cause, the factory reset always helps!

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