can i use directv stream if i already have directv

Can I Use DirecTV Stream If I Already Have DirecTV? Many customers ask if they will get access to DirecTV Stream once they sign up for DirecTV satellite service.

The blunt answer is: No. DirecTV Stream relies on an internet connection, while DirecTV needs a device that receives satellite transmission. DirecTV service provider sells a different package for each device.

If you want to explore the differences between the two services, keep reading this info guide.

We will tell you all you need to know before deciding between DirecTV and its Stream counterpart.

Can I Use DirecTV Stream If I Already Have DirecTV? – Info Guide

use a directv stream if i already have directv

Many customers with DirecTV have doubts: is it possible to use DirecTV Stream too?

Since they are similar products, you might wonder if it will be redundant to use both or if there is any limitation in the contract.

The present info guide shall clear all your doubts on the matter. We will first dive into what DirecTV and DirecTV Stream are.

Only after that will it be possible to answer you properly. 

What Is DirecTV

what is the directtv

Digital television is made available to DirecTV subscribers through a satellite-based system. 

As a digital entertainment supplier, it ranks among the top in the world. It also offers high-quality video captured using cutting-edge equipment.

The corporation serves around 37 million customers in the Americas.

Users may watch all of their favorite cable and broadcast channels and others that aren’t accessible via standard cable packages or in all areas. 

Since these dishes can pick up signals from farther away, they provide customers access to channels from all over the world that other cable companies can’t offer.

What Is DirecTV Stream

what is the directtv stream

AT&T’s streaming service has gone through many iterations and is now known as DirecTV Stream.

The merger under the DirecTV brand unified the formerly separate titles of regional streaming providers. 

Like many other streaming services, DirecTV Stream is compatible with a broad range of devices. 

Plus, it can link to major streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.

You may also support up to 20 devices simultaneously with a subscription.

All plans include a Cloud-based DVR with a recording capacity of 20 hours. For a price, you may rent unlimited space in the cloud for your DVR. 

Differences And Similarities

the differences and similarities

Both services pertain to the same company and have almost identical names and features. However, they are not the same.

For one, the most significant difference is that DirecTV does not depend on your internet connection.

So, if your router is down, you can keep watching your favorite shows as long as the satellite is okay.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where the satellite is often bad, but the internet never goes down, DirecTV Stream seems a better option.

Similarities between the two services include:

  • Both let you watch live TV
  • Both have on-demand/streaming content
  • Both let you record your favorite shows

However, when you check each service’s catalog, you will see that the content will differ.

For example, since DirecTV’s focus is live TV, many more channels are available on it.

Therefore, if you are a live TV person, especially a sports fan, DirecTV is much better.

Pros and Cons of DirecTV

pos and cons of the directtv

DirecTV is certainly great, but the service still tastes like cable TV. For starters, its price will hike after the first year, and you have a contract to honor.

Moreover, it is very similar to an ISP contract, which you cannot breach easily. 

Moreover, you can only watch from your TV and no other device. Sure, when you subscribe, you get 14 free days of access to streaming before your DirecTV system gets installed.

After that, though, you can only watch TV.

It is easy to see how that draws a line between people who prefer watching TV and people who need their shows on any device.

Pros and Cons of DirecTV Stream

the pros and cons of stream

On the other hand, DirecTV Stream has a more stable price, and you can cancel whenever you feel like it. 

When you sign up for it, you can gain access to a streaming device that will connect to your TV, or you can access it from a Roku device.

Also, if you want to access it from your computer or phone, you can either go to the DirecTV Steam site or download the app. 

However, your devices must be on the same network as your main device (your TV). Alternatively, you must limit three devices to a different network. It is not too bad, after all.

While you don’t have the number of TV channels you would have on DirecTV, you still get access to plenty of them!

Plus, you can watch many TV shows on streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, etc. (some additional apps are subject to extra charges).

Can You Access Both Services If You Sign up For DirecTV Only?

can access both services

This is all you wanted to know, isn’t it? So we made a big info dump to let you know the differences if you still haven’t signed up for any service.

That way, you can make a very informed decision. 

Alright, as you already know, the two services are different. Moreover, each service has its price.

We can say that each one starts at around $70 and scales up with additional features you want to include.

So, since each one is already heavy on the pocket and geared towards different audiences, the service provider separates them. 

If I have DirecTV, can I use DirecTV stream? All the info above means if you sign up for DirecTV, you have access to DirecTV only!

Different Devices

a different devices

There certainly are contractual reasons behind that, but also the fact that when you sign up, you receive a device that does not connect to the internet. 

DirecTV, as already mentioned, uses satellite signals. Since it works that way, the system cannot connect to the internet to access DirecTV Stream. The other way around is also true.

Thus, the service provider has a unique content package for each service; if you want both, you will have to sign up for each separately.

What We Learned

Can I Use DirecTV Stream If I Already Have DirecTV? In fact, you can’t use both services if you sign up for only one of them.

If you want access to DirecTV Stream, you must sign up for it individually.

The reason is that each service works using a different technology. Thus, each one is managed differently.

DirecTV has a sort of cable TV contract, while DirecTV Stream is closer to Netflix, HBO Max, etc.

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