directv stream not working on chrome

Whenever a DirecTV stream not working on Chrome, there are quite a few possibilities and you should inspect and attempt to solve them by using a series of methods.

Chrome is the most popular browser and whenever the DirecTV stream is not working, then something is wrong.

It does not matter if you’re using the Chrome app on a mobile device or the browser on a computer since in this guide we’re about to unwrap the solution.

To fix the DirecTV stream on the Chrome application/browser, you would need to enable the cookies and clear the cached data. You should also make sure that the version of your Chrome is up to date and that your device is connected to the internet.

Can You Watch DirecTV Stream On Chrome?

Regardless of whether you’re a mobile, PC, or laptop user, you can get the Chrome browser application and enjoy the DirecTV stream.

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However, there are slight requirements for the version of your Chrome. Your Chrome browser must have the 59.0.3071 version or higher. You can check the version under “Details” in the app section.

If you’re also trying to watch DirecTV stream through a computer or laptop, the device must have Windows 10 installed.

If you’re using other operating systems, such as iOS or Linux, ensure that they are updated to the latest version as well.

Tip: For Linux OS users, make sure to install Chromium!

How To Fix A DirecTV Play Not Working On Chrome?

fix directv stream not working on chrome

So now that we’ve made certain that you can watch DirecTV streams through your chrome browser, regardless of the device, let’s identify what’s causing this issue.

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In most cases whenever you’re unable to watch DirecTV on your chrome, it is due to network problems.

Besides your network, there are a few issues coming with the Chrome app/browser and we’ve made sure to cover everything.

Here’s how to fix your DirecTV Chrome streaming problem in less than 10 minutes with our easy solutions:

Solution #1 Unlock DirecTV Cookies

In order for DirecTV to operate normally without interruptions on Chrome, its cookies must be allowed.

unlock directv cookies

In that regard, if you’ve locked the cookies for DirecTV, the platform on Chrome won’t function properly and the player will probably not even turn on.

Here’s how to allow DirecTV cookies both on mobile, PC, and laptop:

  1. Open the Chrome application on the device you play DirecTV from.
  2. Go to the Chrome settings.
  3. Tap on “show advanced settings”.
  4. Head to the Privacy tab.
  5. Select “Content settings”.
  6. Set the option under “cookies” to “Allow local data to be set”.
  7. Test to see if the DirecTV site would now open and stream for your account.
Tip: You can also set the cookies option to the “Keep Local Data Until You Quit Your Browser” option. Works the same.

Solution #2 Restart Chrome & Your Device

A basic, yet effective solution is to restart the Chrome application and reboot your device.

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restart devices

Before we attempt any other, more drastic solution, it’s strongly suggested to re-open Chrome and restart the software of your device in an attempt to solve the problem.

Here’s how to restart Chrome on both mobile and desktop:

  • For mobile devices, press the home/exit button and restart the device using the power button.
  • For desktop users, press the “X” on your Chrome and choose the “Restart” option in the Windows menu.
Note: On mobile, make sure to close the Chrome application and remove it from the memory before you restart your device.

Solution #3 Clear Chrome Browsing Data

Clearing Chrome’s browsing data almost always solved issues with the functionality of a variety of streaming players.

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That’s why our next solution is related to clearing Chrome’s cache/browsing data to help the functionality of DirecTV and solve this problem.

Here’s how to clear Chrome’s browsing data for both mobile and desktop in easy steps:

  1. Open Chrome on your device.
  2. Go to the settings.
  3. Choose “More tools”.
  4. Select “Clear browsing data”.
  5. Specify the time range, like for the “last hour”, “last week” or “all-time”.
  6. Tick the boxes next to the information you wish to remove or tap on “Select All”.
  7. Choose “Clear data”.
Alert: Not clearing the entire browsing data doesn’t guarantee that DirecTV will work after this solution.

Solution #4 Update Chrome’s Version

update chrome

One of the most common causes for the DirecTV stream not working on Chrome is an outdated version of the Chrome browser.

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That’s why you should validate the version of Chrome during this step and update it to the latest available one.

Here’s how to update Chrome on mobile and desktop:

  • To update Chrome on desktop, go to the official Chrome web page and under “Downloads”, tap “Download the latest version”. Run the installation prompt.
  • To update Chrome on mobile, go to the “App Store” or “Google Play”, head Applications > Chrome > “Update”.
Alert: Make sure not to shut your device down or close the installation prompt while Chrome is still updating.

Solution #5 Reconnect Your Device To The Internet

If your device isn’t connected to the internet, the DirecTV stream on Chrome will not work regardless.

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Internet connection is essential for all online streaming platforms and DirecTV also falls under that line.

reconnect internet

In that regard, you will have to reconnect your device to the internet in order to stream DirecTV on Chrome.

Universally for mobiles, go to Settings > Network > Wireless > WiFi and tap on your network.

  • For PCs, verify that your device is connected with Ethernet through your router or tap on your WiFi connection using the WiFi icon of the receiver (if you have one).
Tip: If you’re not getting any internet on all connected devices, restart your router and contact the ISP if the issue persists.

Solution #6 Reinstall Chrome Browser/App

Reinstalling Chrome will almost certainly solve the DirecTV stream problem that you’re having on your device.

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In that regard, our next and last solution is associated with uninstalling Chrome from your device and then downloading it back to test DirecTV.

Here’s how to reinstall Chrome on desktop and then mobile:

How To Reinstall Chrome On Desktop?

reinstall chrome
  1. Open “My Computer”.
  2. Head to the installation directory of Chrome and delete it.
  3. Open the control panel and head to the “programs” tab.
  4. Right-click Chrome and choose “Uninstall”.
  5. Open your default OS browser and head to the official Chrome website.
  6. Press the “Download NOW” button and install Chrome afterward.

How To Reinstall Chrome On Mobile?

  1. Go to the storage unit of your mobile device.
  2. Delete Chrome from there.
  3. Open the App Store/Google Play and search for “Chrome”.
  4. Once results appear, tap on the first one and re-download Chrome.
  5. Test DirecTV.
Note: On a desktop PC, make sure that you download the latest version of Chrome from the “Download Preferences” list.

Quick Recap:

When DirecTV stream is not working on the Chrome app/browser, you should clear the cached data and restart your device. You should proceed by enabling the cookies for DirecTV, updating the Chrome firmware, and if necessary performing a clean install.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you’re aware of why the DirecTV stream not working on Chrome, you should be able to solve the problem at home.

Remember that you can always download a different browser and test, such as Opera, Firefox, or Safari.