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Looking for the best Chromecast resolution settings? Well, they are here, so keep reading!

We all know that Chromecast allows users to change the resolution of the video feed that is sent via HDMI to their TV monitors.

Thus, many people wonder whether their resolution is correct and whether they receive the best video quality possible.

So, we’re going to learn everything!

The best Chromecast resolution settings are based on your television or monitor resolution capabilities. You should use the highest possible resolution that your TV can display.

Let us learn the best possible settings!

what to know about chromecast resolution

In general terms, the word “resolution” in the world of computers and digital images resembles the number of pixels available on a certain monitor, display, or TV.

With your Chromecast, the resolution filters the video input, which you later see on your monitor or television.

The Chromecast will automatically set the best-compatible resolution with your TV display, but you might be able to enhance it sometimes.

So, let’s first learn the major difference between the Chromecast models we know today.

Chromecast Vs. Chromecast Ultra!

chromecast and chromecast ultra

Try to determine the type of your Chromecast, specifically whether you’ve got the Ultra model or not.

This is important because the basic Chromecast supports resolution up to 1080p (Full HD), whereas the Chromecast Ultra can boost your picture experience up to 4K (Ultra HD).

So, your Chromecast would attempt to manually set the highest possible resolution for the monitor or TV it connects to.

The display of your video playout device is the factor that will decide the highest possible resolution on your Chromecast.

Streaming in 4K?

stream in 4k resolution

When streaming in 4K using a Chromecast, your TV must support 4K resolution and your Chromecast and casting device. 

For example, if you’re casting through an app, the broadcasted video or movie must be in 4K, your TV must support 4K, and you must use Chromecast Ultra.

What Are the Best Chromecast Resolution Settings?

Chromecast devices allow users to change the resolution setting per their TV’s capabilities to enjoy the best possible picture.

Simply turn on your Chromecast, select your profile icon at the top right, go to Settings, and select Display & Sounds.

Then, you’ll review the Chromecast display settings as follows:

  • Resolution – You can switch between the supported resolutions!
  • Color Format – Select a preferred Chromecast color format.
  • Dynamic Range – Select the format of the dynamic range output.
  • Match Frame Rate – Matches Chromecast’s FPS with the source’s FPS.

There are also advanced display settings:

  • Game Mode – Reduces the video transfer latency for gaming purposes.
  • Format Selection – Select whether to use HDR automatically or manually.
Note: Continue reading to learn about the resolution settings of your source devices!

The Best Chromecast TV Resolution Settings?

best chromecast tv resolution settings

When you’re using Chromecast in combination with your HDMI TV, you first need to identify the supported resolution of your TV.

The quickest way to see the TV’s display resolution would be to check in the settings under the “specifications” or “about” tab.

If you’re unable to check, you can measure the length of the diagonal of your TV to find out the inches of the display.

Then, using the display inches, find the range of supported resolutions.

What is the Supported Resolution on My TV?
TV Display Size Possible Supported ResolutionsHDR Support?
32″1366×768 or 1920×1080
40″1920×1080 or 3840×2160✅/❌
43″1920×1080 or 3840×2160✅/❌
49″1920×1080 or 3840×2160✅/❌
50″1920×1080 or 3840×2160
55″1920×1080 or 3840×2160
60″1920×1080 or 3840×2160
65″3840×2160 or 7680×4320
70″3840×2160 or 7680×4320
75″3840×2160 or 7680×4320
Note: Keep in mind that the regular Chromecast does not support 4K (3840x2160) resolution, meaning that the highest quality you can get (even on 4K TV) is Full HD (1920x1080).

The Best Chromecast Mobile Resolution Settings?

best chromecast mobile resolution settings

On mobile, changing the resolution is not accessible for Apple devices and is hardly available on some Android devices.

It’s this way because you don’t need to change the resolution on your smartphone. Rather, only change the resolution of the video you’re casting to your Chromecast.

Some streaming services, such as YouTube, allow the user to change the movie or clip’s resolution manually.

So, it would be best to verify that the content being cast from your mobile is upscaled to the highest available resolution.

Tip: Streaming apps typically have a gear button that opens all video settings!

The Best Chromecast Ultra Resolution Settings?

best chromecast ultra resolution settings

If you have the Chromecast Ultra dongle, your device supports 4K 3840×2160 resolution, and you can send and cast such high-quality feed.

Hence, the best resolution setting for casting with Chromecast Ultra is 4K.

But you must remember the essential requirements:

  • Your TV must support 4K resolution (3840×2160).
  • Your Chromecast dongle must be Chromecast Ultra.
  • The casted content must be in 4K resolution also!

The add-on must also support 4K video transfer using an HDMI extender.

So, the conclusion is that if you don’t have a movie or video clip in 4K to cast, there is a point in using UHD video transfer resolution, only to see a Full HD video on your screen.

The Best Chromecast Settings Desktop Resolution?

best chromecast settings desktop resolution

When you’re using a computer to cast content onto your TV using a Chromecast, the resolution of your computer matters a lot. 

However, the resolution on your computer will be capped from the monitor it is connected to.

This means that without a good display, you can’t cast high resolution on your Chromecast.

How to Change Resolution on Windows?

  1. First, click on the Windows Icon (Start Menu).
  2. Type “Resolution” using the search field below.
  3. Enter “Change the resolution of the display.”
  4. Use the drop menu next to Display Resolution.
  5. Select the resolution as per your Chromecast:
  • For Chromecast, use 1920×1080.
  • For Chromecast Ultra, use 3840×2160.

How to Change Resolution on macOS?

changing resolution on macos
  1. First, go to the Apple Menu.
  2. Then, go to System Settings.
  3. Next, select the Display option.
  4. Scroll and then select resolution.

If you cannot see a higher resolution than 1920×1080, the monitor connected to your desktop supports nothing beyond Full HD.

This means you cannot transfer 4K even if your Chromecast Ultra supports such a resolution.

Note: Same goes for the integrated monitors on laptops!

The Best Chromecast Browser Resolution Settings?

best chromecast browser resolution settings

If you’re streaming/casting content from a web browser (Google Chrome) to your Chromecast and then viewing the content on a TV, there is something you need to know. 

First, the resolution that your Chromecast will receive will be the resolution that is used on your browser device.

Secondly, the movie or video you’re casting from your browser must also be set to the resolution you want to view on your TV.

Hence, you must verify your device’s Chromecast and video resolution and whether your final destination (TV/monitor) supports that resolution.

You can cast 4K videos from your browser via Chromecast Ultra on your 4K-enabled TV if all requirements are met.

Tip: We strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best Chromecast performance!

Chromecast Resolution Not Supported?

is your chromecast resolution not supported

So, this error message clearly says that your Chromecast dongle does not support the resolution sent from your source device.

Hence, if you’re using the basic Chromecast with capabilities up to 1080p (Full HD), you won’t be able to cast from a 4K resolution source.

The Solution?

The solution is changing Chromecast resolution settings to match your source’s!

Another solution is to decrease the resolution of your source device to match the highest possible resolution of your Chromecast. 

So, if your TV is not full HD, less than 1920×1080, your Chromecast will also start sending feed as per your TV’s resolution.

Hence, if you’re attempting to cast to your Chromecast from a computer, you need to lower the resolution to match the resolution of your TV, hence your Chromecast.

Reminder: We’ve already explained how to adjust your computer’s resolution so scroll up!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Chromecast resolution settings can be accessed from the “Display & Sound” tab in the device’s settings.

The best resolution for your Chromecast depends on the source device’s feed resolution and whether your TV or monitor supports that resolution.

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