marriott chromecast not working

Wondering why is Hotel TV Marriott Chromecast not working? Keep reading!

We all know that a WiFi connection is required to connect a Chromecast to any TV, which most hotels nowadays provide for free.

For a Marriott TV, there is nothing special or beyond the ordinary Chromecast connection, and in this guide, we’ll make sure to bypass any issue!

When the Marriott TV to Chromecast connection is not working, users should unplug the Ethernet cable from the TV to lift any HDMI lockouts. The next step is to connect the Chromecast to a working WiFi and then attempt to complete the setup.

Let’s next learn how the connection process works and whether you’re doing it right!

How To Connect Chromecast To Marriott TV?

how to connect chromecast

The very first step against the problem would be to re-attempt the connection between the Chromecast and the Marriott TV but this time keep track of what’s happening.

By determining at which step the process fails, we can assume what went wrong, therefore solving the problem.

Here’s how to connect Chromecast To Marriott TV:

  1. Connect the Chromecast to a wall outlet via a USB-C cable.
  2. Avoid connecting the Chromecast to charge via USB to the TV.
  3. Plug the Chromecast into an HDMI port of the Marriott TV.
  4. If there is an Input button on the remote, use it to select the Chromecast.
  5. Alternatively, press the Menu button and navigate to the HDMI inputs.
  6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable on the back of the Marriott TV (if any).
  7. Use the Google Home App to connect the Chromecast to the WiFi.
  8. Alternatively, use your smartphone’s hotspot to connect the Chromecast.
  9. Viola! The Chromecast should now be working on the Marriott TV.

You should now see the Home Screen of your Chromecast, therefore enjoy your favorite TV shows, episodes, and movies on the hotel Marriot TV.

In case you’ve attempted the above steps and they didn’t work, here’s why:

How To Fix When Marriott Chromecast Not Working?

how fix marriott chromecast not working

The solution indices target each aspect of the Chromecast to Marriot TV setup to determine where the problem is coming from.

Keep in mind that if you cannot find an HDMI port on the Marriott TV you’ll need an HDMI to RCA or VGA adapter to transfer the Video signal.

Let’s next jump into a chronological guide to solving Chromecast to Marriott connection:

Solution #1 Power Cycle Chromecast & Marriott TV

The very first step against the problem is to power cycle both instances involved in the setup.

That would translate into restarting both the Chromecast and Marriot TV by plugging the devices out of the power outlet.

This will discharge the devices, allowing a fresh start.

  • It’s recommended to keep the devices unplugged for at least 3 minutes!

When the power circulation is over, scroll up to the “how to connect” guide above and follow the steps to determine whether this solution worked.

In case the issue is still there, proceed further!

Alert: Do NOT plug your Chromecast into the USB port of the TV for power!

Solution #2 Unplug The Ethernet Cable

unplug the ethernet cable

When the Marriott TV Chromecast not working and the video signal does not appear on any of the HDMI input selections, then we can assume the connection is blocked.

We call this “HDMI Lockout” – Sometimes hotels can block the HDMI inputs through the network by the plugged-in Ethernet cable into the Marriott TV. The solution, however, is simple!

Simply disconnect the Ethernet cable from the TV to lift up any HDMI lockouts!

Now, without the Ethernet cable plugged into the Marriott TV, we’re ready to attempt connecting the Chromecast again.

Follow the steps at the start of the guide for setup reference.

Tip: Don’t forget to plug the Ethernet cable back on your way out of the hotel.

Solution #3 Switch The HDMI Port

Marriott TVs usually have four different HDMI inputs.

The hotel TVs are frequently used by guests and the front HDMI port might be worn out, therefore not working correctly.

To be confident that you’ll be using a working HDMI input, plug your Chromecast into one of the back-side HDMI ports of the Marriot TV.

In a port that can’t be that frequently used since it’s harder to reach. When you’re ready, recheck ALL 4 inputs to find your Chromecast signal.

Solution #4 Connect Chromecast To WiFi

conenct to chromecast wifi

In case your Chromecast video output shows on the Marriott TV but you’re stuck on the connection to the WiFi screen, we understand and will help.

Hotel WiFi is sometimes just… bad, especially when the connection does not have a password and it’s publicly free.

This is why in this step we’ll create our own WiFi and connect the Chromecast to WiFi.

How To Share A Hotspot?

To be able to completely bypass the hotel WiFi, we’re going to use our smartphones to share our mobile internet as WiFi for our Chromecast.

Later we’ll learn how to connect.

  • On Android, swipe down from the top and tap on the Hotspot under Security.
  • On iOS, from Settings choose Mobile Hotspot and tap the slider to enable.

It’s important to enable WiFi when you’re asked for it since this is how the hotspot WiFi would work.

Now using another device you’ll be able to discover the hotspot WiFi and connect.

Tip: You can change the hotspot’s password from the device’s settings.

How To Connect Chromecast To WiFi?

how to connect chromecast to wifi

The next step is to gain internet access for your Chromecast to start streaming on the Marriott TV.

We’ve learned how to share a hotspot from our smartphones and now it’s time to learn how to connect the Chromecast to that or (other) working WiFi that is in the range of our device.

Here’s how to connect Chromecast to WiFi:

  1. Download the Google Home App and Sign-in.
  2. Tap on Setup Device on the Home Screen.
  3. Press Next and then, Search For Wireless Devices.
  4. Choose your Chromecast and select the WiFi network.
  5. Insert the WiFi Password to continue.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish.

This will connect your Chromecast to the WiFi. Keep in mind that when the WiFi is slow or insufficient, the stream of your Chromecast might be lagging until further notice.

That’s why it is always better to share a hotspot and exclude this possibility and enjoy our Chromecast stream!

Note: Always keep the Google Home App up to date for the performance!

Solution #5 General Troubleshooting

try general troubleshoot

In case you’ve attempted all of the aforementioned solutions but the Chromecast won’t connect to the Marriott TV or something is not quite working, you still inspect some essentials.

  1. The Chromecast’s LED should be Solid White.
  2. In case it’s orange, the device is updating.
  3. Marriott TV LED should be Red, thus the TV is working.
  4. Test ALL 4 x HDMI inputs on the Marriot TV.
  5. Switch the power source of both TV and Chromecast.
  6. Disconnect Power Strips and use standalone wall outlets.
  7. Switch the HDMI cable sides.
  8. Tighten ALL connections firmly.
  9. Re-attempt the setup process.

This should help when Marriott TV Chromecast not working. In case nothing helped, we can suspect the HDMI cable functionality.

Be sure to test your Chromecast when you’re home before making any purchases or drawing conclusions.

Solution #6 Seek Help!

seek for help

Now we can’t guarantee that this will work, but you can attempt to get a replacement TV by asking the hotel staff.

We can’t know how they would react but if watching Chromecast is that important to you during your stay, it’s worth the try.

The only requirement for the replacement TV would be to have HDMI inputs!

Then you can test whether you’ll be able to connect the Chromecast to the new TV or if the same problem will continue.

That would suggest something bad for your Chromecast.

Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Chromecast is not working on a Marriott TV because the HDMI connection is not secured or the hotel WiFi is not working. The solution includes providing stable WiFi, power cycling both instances, and re-attempting the setup the correct way.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Marriott Chromecast not working and why the problem occurs in the first place, we can either solve the problem or determine the true cause.

It’s important to remember that the HDMI connection remains the most important aspect of the TV connection setup.

In case you’ve missed something, we strongly suggest scrolling up and filling in.

We hope that this post was helpful and that you’ve learned something new. Follow us for more!

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