fubotv chromecast not working

Is FuboTV Chromecast not working? By casting FuboTV from your smartphone or PC to your TV screen if you have a Chromecast device, you could watch all of the sporting events, shows, and movies on the big screen.

Here we’ll look at what’s causing your FuboTV to not operate with Chromecast and what you can do to fix it.

Using a Chromecast to stream Fubo TV can be difficult at times, especially when the service isn’t casting properly, and figuring out how to fix the problem can be challenging.

Restarting the device and maybe the TV is one of the options for fixing FuboTV Chromecast not working. To put it another way, power cycle your TV and then wait for 5 to 10 minutes before turning it back on. Another option is to check your internet connectivity as that may be causing streaming issues.

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Continue reading to learn how to accomplish any of the above.

Let’s talk about what can be causing your FuboTV to not stream correctly via Chromecast before we get into the troubleshooting options.

Reasons Why FuboTV isn’t Working Properly on a Chromecast

When FuboTV isn’t streaming properly via Chromecast, this could be due to a few reasons, let’s explore what they could be:

  •  There is an Issue on the FuboTVs end, that is across the whole site.
  •  Your internet connection is running slowly or it’s very up and down.
  • The app needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  •  Your Chromecasts hardware is malfunctioning.

To start addressing this issue, verify that the servers are operating correctly, then make sure your internet connection is working.

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First, let’s look at how to Chromecast the FuboTV app to make sure it is working as expected.

How to Chromecast FuboTV the Right Way?

 You can use any of the methods listed below to cast FuboTV content to your TV.

  • Using a smartphone device
  • Using a PC or Laptop

Note: That FuboTV is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems.

Using a Smartphone to Chromecast FuboTV

Follow these steps to Chromecast FuboTV using your smartphone:

  1. Install the FuboTV app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Ensure the Chromecast and smartphone are connected to same WiFi network.
  3. Select the Cast icon in the FuboTV app.
  4. Select your Chromecast device now.
  5. Any video you play from the FuboTV app will play on your TV screen.
  6. To stop casting, hit the Cast symbol once more and choose the Stop Casting option.
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Using a PC to Chromecast FuboTV

If you are on PC, you can follow these steps to cast your favorite shows:

  1. Log in to your account on the FuboTV website using your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click on the screen or use the three-dotted icon (Chrome menu).
  3. Choose your Chromecast device from the Cast menu.
  4. Select the Source > Cast tab option after that.
  5. Now you can see how the screen from your PC will be cast to your Chromecast.

Now you know how to properly stream to your Chromecast, double-check to see if this has helped your issue, if not, please continue reading for some troubleshooting methods.

FuboTV Chromecast Not Working? Complete Fix Guide

fix fubotv chromecast not working

Method #1 Check FuboTV’s Status Updates

On rare occasions, FuboTV has experienced server-side issues, resulting in FuboTV not being able to be streamed via Chromecast.

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There are some customers that will be affected as a result of this situation, as they won’t be able to access FuboTV or when trying to stream it will fail.

  1. To discover service not working, you can head over to FuboTV’s status page.
  2. Check to see if the page has any information about server issues.
  3. If everything is operating properly, it should display “Game on!” “FuboTV is working nicely,” says the notification.
  4. If you see the site is unavailable, you’ll have to be patient until FuboTV resolves the issue and restores the service.

Note: We suggest checking the FuboTV status report on DownDetector. The most current reports from FuboTV customers are collected on this page.

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Method #2 Uninstall and Reinstall FuboTV from Mobiles and PC devices

When you use Chromecast, you will be streaming FuboTV usually from a smartphone or a PC/Laptop device that then connects to the Chromecast device itself, and displays this on the TV.

To resolve a technical issue, you may need to remove the FuboTV app.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall on Android Mobile

First uninstall the App by following these steps:

  1. Select Apps from the Settings menu.
  2. Choose See the full list of apps.
  3. Choose FuboTV and then Uninstall.

Next, to reinstall the FuboTV on your Android phone or tablet, go to the Google Play Store. Enter FuboTV in the search field and select the app labeled FuboTV: Watch Live Sports & TV.

You can also visit directly to the Google Play Store and search for FuboTV. To download and install the app on your device, select Install.

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2. Uninstall and Reinstall on iPhone/iPad

To uninstall on iPhone or iPad, just follow these steps:

  1. Keep pressing and holding the app on the screen until it begins to jiggle.
  2. On the FuboTV app, tap the X.
  3. Choose Delete.

Now reinstall the app by visiting the App Store. Enter FuboTV in the Search box and download the app.

Note: There is no way to uninstall the web browser program because it is accessed through the FuboTV website. 

Closeout any videos you’re watching on FuboTV on your web browser, then use the reload button to refresh the page if you’re having technical troubles.

Method #3 Power-cycle your TV and Streaming Device

Re-establishing your connection by power-cycling your streaming device is a great way to troubleshoot your problem.

  1. Switch off the TV you’re trying to use a Chromecast to view FuboTV on.
  2. Switch off your modem and router.
  3. Unplug your router or modem, wait 10 minutes, and then plug it back in.
  4. Remove the Chromecast from the TV (any other external devices).
  5. Unplug the TV’s power cable from the wall and press and hold the power switch on the TV for 10 seconds.
  6. Wait a few moments, then restart your television.
  7. Plug back in the Chromecast and other external devices.
  8. Attempt streaming again.
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Method #4 Sign Out And Back In

Sometimes the fix can be as simple as signing out and back in again, it refreshes the connection and allows for a new one.

  1. To sign out, go to the menu and choose Account or My Profile (or the name of your current profile).
  2. Then Sign Out.
  3. Select the option to sign in after you’ve signed out.

Method #5: Test Your Internet Connection’s Speed

Another reason FuboTV on the Chromecast device isn’t working is due to a limited and very unreliable internet connection.

As a result, any live streams or tv shows won’t be able to work correctly if the internet connection continues disconnecting.

Step 1. Examine the connection to the internet for stability and compatibility with other devices.

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Step 2. You can use speed testing software to check your internet speed.

Step 3. Try using the internet on another device to see if your network connection is stable.

Step 4. To re-start the stream, turn over to a different tv channel and then go back to the one that was having difficulties.

Network Connection Speeds:

Your internet connection should be capable of at least the following download speeds, according to FuboTV.:

  1. 7+ Mbps: Fortablets and connected devices, (Apple TV, Roku, Web)
  2. 10+ Mbps is required: For On-demand devices (Apple TV, Roku etc)
  3. 25+ Mbps is required: For 4K content

After attempting all of the techniques outlined in this article, the issue may be due to a hardware malfunction. If this is the case, we recommend contacting the support team for your Chromecast provider.

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The best fix for FuboTV Chromecast not working issue is to restart your device and power cycle your TV. Then try to reconnect. If the issue still exists, check your Internet connection.

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Bottom Line:

These common troubleshooting methods shown above should fix the most of issues with FuboTV not working on your Chromecast and there should be no further issues going forward.

If you’re still having issues, please do contact FuboTV or your Chromecasts supplier’s technical customer service team for even more troubleshooting advice and guidance!