can you record with sling tv

Many people can’t help to have the question of can you record with Sling TV answered, with Sling TV, being one of the newest players in the market. If you’re also wondering about this, don’t fret – in today’s guide, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to record on Sling TV!

You can record your favorite shows on Sling TV by activating or turning on your cloud DVR. Navigate towards the “Guide” category, then choose the specific shows or titles you want to record. From there, you’ll just have to hit on the “Record” button; you’ll find different options of recording, and it’s all going to be up to you!

Can You Record with Sling TV?

When it was first launched in the market, a lot of people weren’t able to see the options for recording shows, titles, and some channels. It actually was a real pain back then.

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But just after a couple of months, recording with Sling TV became easily and readily available! 

As a matter of fact, just this January, Sling TV expanded their free DVR storage! All clients would now have 50 hours of FREE CLOUD DVR storage, which applies to all live-linear channels, how good is that?

Should you be interested to add more hours of storage, you can opt to get the DVR Plus add-on, which is only $5 per month, and it’ll give you additional 200 hours of recording!

So, it’s really not a question of can you record shows with Sling TV, but a matter of how many hours you have for your recording.

Without further ado, let’s unravel the procedure on how you can record on Sling TV!

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How to Record on Sling TV?

how to record on sling tv

So, how do you go about recording your favorite shows on Sling TV? Follow these simple steps for you to be able to record all your favorite shows and titles!

Step 1: Make Sure You Have a DVR

The DVR we’re talking about isn’t only the physical DVR, it can be the Cloud DVR, too! To be able to get a cloud DVR, all you have to do is to download the Sling TV app (available on both iOS and Android) or access its website.

Create an account and choose a subscription where you’ll be able to get the Cloud DVR.

Step 2: Activate and Turn on the Sling DVR

Once you have an account, what you want to do is to log in to make sure that the DVR is active. So, if you’re going to use your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, or your Smart TVs and streaming devices, go ahead and boot them up!

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Step 3: Choose the Shows and Titles to Record

Then, the next step is to navigate to go to Guide. From here, you’ll have to choose the specific show or title you want to record.

Click on a title and instead of clicking Watch Live, hit on Record, which is just right beside it.

Step 4: Recording Options

When you press on record, it’ll give you different recording options. You can choose Record All Episodes, which, of course, will record all episodes of that season that’s been released, Record New Episodes or the episodes of the season that you still haven’t watched, and Record This Episode Only to record a specific episode or title.

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Once you click on the specific recording option you want, it’ll start recording as fast as it could! And since Sling TV’s Cloud DVRs offer simultaneous downloads, you don’t have to worry about what’s in queue!

It truly is that easy! You don’t need to do anything fancy to be able to record your favorite shows and titles!

Finding Your Recorded Shows and Titles

Many people report that after they’ve recorded, they weren’t able to find the list that contains their favorite titles and shows.

So, how do you actually go about finding all of the recorded shows and titles?

Step 1: Access Sling TV

Just like how you would record, make sure that Sling TV is turned on and active on whatever device you’re looking to use.

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Step 2: Navigate Towards My TV

You’ll see many different options including My TV, On Now, Guide, Sports, and Rentals – choose and hit on My TV.

Doing so will let you see the channels, the titles and shows, and the contents that you have recorded!

Step 3: Choose the Recording You Want to Watch

Now that you’re on the My TV section, you just have to choose the specific content you want to watch from your recordings, and you’ll be good to go!

You should be able to see all of the shows and titles you have recorded here!

My Sling TV Is Not Recording or the Recordings Aren’t Appearing, What Should I Do?

Recently, many users and subscribers are giving out complaints about them not being able to record or their recordings aren’t appearing. With most reasons being objective, there are actually a couple of ways to fix and resolve this issue.

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Power Cycle Your Devices

The very first step in fixing this issue is to make sure that everything is in place. What you want to do is to perform a power cycle on your device – whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a computer, turn it off for about 30 seconds and turn it back on again.

You also want to perform a power cycle on your router or your modem just to make sure the problem isn’t with them.

Check Your DVR’s Hour Capacity

After the new update, your Cloud DVR’s capacity rose to give you up to 50 hrs of recording. If you’ve exceeded this and all the shows you’ve previously recorded are protected, then the system wouldn’t be able to automatically erase or remove the oldest ones.

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To fix this, unmark some of the shows you’ve watched or that aren’t that important for you as “unprotected.” This way, when you decide to record again, the Cloud will delete the oldest watched episode or title to make space for the new one.

Carried Over Protected Recordings

Another instance is when a subscriber migrates and moves from DVR Plus to DVR Free, and they see missing shows and titles they’ve recorded.

This might be because of the protected recordings that weren’t carried over due to reasons such as hours and recording capacity – among others.

Those are the few ways on how you can fix the problem or the issue of you not being able to record on Sling TV or if the recordings aren’t appearing to where they should be.

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Should the problem persist, don’t hesitate to contact Sling TV’s technical support and client experience team, they will help you and assist you, no matter what!


So, if ever you find yourself questioning and asking, can you record with Sling TV? This guide will be the only guide you need! Savor up the free 50 hours that Sling TV offers and never waste any hour of it! We never know when they’ll revert to the 10-hour free recording hours again!

No need for you to purchase a separate or a standalone DVR, and most importantly, no need for you to pay for another subscription if you’re already with Sling TV! Record your favorite shows and titles now without paying for anything extra!

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