sling tv error 28-30

Wondering what causes Sling TV error 28-30? Well, this guide covers everything to know!

There have been many user discussions directed at unwrapping and understanding the Sling TV 28-30 error.

By far, the 28-30 error code is considered to be a general type, so there could be many factors responsible for this specific error code.

So without any further ado, here’s what to do!

Address the Sling TV 28-30 error by re-launching the application, checking for updates, validating the internet connection, clearing the cache, and reinstalling the app if needed.

Now, let’s proceed to fully understand error 28-30 on Sling!

What Causes Sling TV Error 28-30?

what causes sling tv error code 28-30

The 28-30 Sling TV is a general type of error and usually indicates a software issue with the Sling TV app.

To understand the problem properly, we must review all factors that could have influenced the occurrence of this error code and then proceed to review all helpful solutions!

Here’s every factor known to be causing the 28-30 Sling error:

  • Connectivity issues with the streaming device.
  • An outdated firmware version of the Sling TV.
  • A temporal outage/maintenance on Sling’s end.
  • The selected Sling TV broadcast failed to play.
  • There is corrupted software data with Sling TV.
  • A problem with your Sling TV main user profile.

Tip: Identity When Does 28-30 Error Occurs!

tips identity when does 28-30 error occurs

To take your troubleshooting to the next level, you must identify the conditions under which Sling TV encounters the 28-30 error code.

Whether it is while streaming content, during the startup of the application, or at any random point while using the app, you must know these details.

  • ✅ If you encounter an error while streaming, there’s a broadcasting issue.
  • ✅ If you encounter an error during startup, there’s an app software problem.
  • ✅ If you encounter the error while signing in, there’s a user account issue.

Let’s solve the issue in no time!

How to Fix Sling Error 28-30 in 6 Easy Steps?

Tip: Try all of the steps below in consecutive order!

1. Re-Launch the Sling TV App

relaunch the sling tv app

The Sling 28-30 error code seems to be a temporary occurrence that should go away after re-launching the application on your streaming device.

If the error has something to do with the false startup of the application or corrupted memory data, a reboot should definitely help.

Follow these steps to properly restart the Sling TV app on your device:

  1. Press the “Home” button on your device or “Exit”.
  2. Next, access the temporal memory of your device.
  3. Select and remove Sling TV from the memory.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds and re-launch the Sling app.
  5. Attempt to turn on a broadcast and check for errors.

Tip: Reboot your Streaming Device!

If there’s a temporal issue with your streaming device, rebooting the software could fix the error code occurring within Sling TV.

Open the power settings of your device and choose the “Reboot” option once Sling TV has been removed from the temporary memory.

Wait until your streaming device finishes restarting and turns on. After that, open the Sling TV app and check if the error code is still there.

Note: While your network router is unplugged, inspect the condition of all installed cables!

2. Validate your Internet Connection!

validate your internet connection

Sling TV, like any other online platform, also requires an active internet connection in order to provide the user with live TV and on-demand content streaming.

If your device has failed to establish a proper connection with the router, you may receive error 28-30 as an indication.

How to Reconnect Streaming Devices to the Internet?

  1. Open the settings on your streaming device.
  2. Navigate to the “Network” or “Wi-Fi” section.
  3. Choose your network from the “Discoverable” list.
  4. Enter the password for your home Wi-Fi network.
  5. Press the “Connect” button to establish a connection.
Note: If using Ethernet, make sure that the cable is securely attached to both ends and verify that it’s plugged into the blue port on your network router.

Can’t Connect to the Internet?

can't connect to the internet

If your device failed to establish a connection with the network, there could be an underlying issue with the network settings or the state of the router.

To address connectivity errors, you could attempt multiple methods to fix issues with your network router and streaming device!

  • Power cycle the network router by unplugging it from power for 60 seconds.
  • Reduce bandwidth usage, by disconnecting unused devices from the network.
  • Flush the service stream of the router, by unplugging the coax/fiber cable.
  • Prevent router overheating, by placing the device in a well-ventilated area.
Alert: Any further device connectivity issues must be reported to the service provider!

3. Stream Different Sling TV Channels

stream different sling tv channels

To determine if the error code has something to do with the broadcast you’re attempting to stream, you should access another channel and check if the error code is there.

Sling TV offers a variety of TV shows and movies within accessible channels, so it should be easy to test.

  • Test with at least 3-4 channels through the homepage of the Sling TV app! 

This approach will help you find out whether the error appears globally on all channels or only a number of channels, which might be related. 

  •  Error Only Appears on Selected Channels?

If you get the 28-30 error only on a handful of channels available through Sling TV, it means there’s a provider problem.

If that’s the case, the issue is not on your end, and beyond the scope of home troubleshooting.

Note: Sling TV channel outages last up to 24 hours!

4. Update the Sling TV Platform

update the sling tv platform

Another cause for the Sling TV error 28-30 is the outdated platform version.

Sling TV requires the latest firmware update in order to operate error-free on your device and have access to all provided channels. To fix the error, you must update Sling TV’s operating version!

Here are the steps to update Sling TV on your streaming device easily:

  1. Open the content store on your TV or mobile device.
  2. Go to “Apps”, then to “Manage Installed Applications”.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Sling app from the listing.
  4. Next, highlight the app and choose “Check for Updates”.
  5. Once the checker is complete, press “Update” to start.
Note: Updates are often posted for Sling TV so make sure to install them regularly!

5. Clear the Sling TV App Cache

clear the sling tv app cache

The Sling TV 28-30 error may also be occurring as a result of not clearing the app cache for too long.

Streaming Sling TV excessively results in many cache files being generated, which are then stored in the memory of your device, which often gets corrupted, resulting in errors.

Here’s how to clear the Sling TV app cache on your streaming device:

  1. Access the settings on your streaming device.
  2. Navigate to “Storage” or go to “Applications”.
  3. Locate Sling TV and tap or highlight the app.
  4. Press on “Clear Data” and then “Clear Cache”.
  5. Remove Sling TV from the memory, and relaunch.
Note: Clearing the cache of all apps on your device boosts performance!

6. Reinstall the Sling TV App

reinstall the sling tv app

Perhaps, there’s a corrupted software data problem with the Sling TV app, resulting in the Sling error 28-30.

To resolve the issue, you must erase the Sling TV app from your streaming device and perform a clean reinstallation from the dedicated content store.

Here’s how to quickly reinstall the Sling TV platform in easy steps:

  1. Open the application settings of your device.
  2. Then, locate the Sling TV app and highlight it.
  3. Next, choose “Uninstall” to remove the platform.
  4. Wait until Sling TV is removed from your device.
  5. Further, open the content store on your device.
  6. Then simply, use the search field to find Sling TV.
  7. Next, press the “Download” button and wait.
  8. Once the app is downloaded, sign in and test.
Tip: Activate “Automatic Updates” for the Sling TV app once it is reinstalled!

Error Still There?

contact sling tv support

In case the error continues to appear to no avail, it’s best to contact Sling TV Support!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to address the Sling TV error 28-30, power cycle the streaming device first and clear the application cache data.

If you’re still encountering the error code, update Sling TV’s firmware version, check your account settings, and then cleanly reinstall the app.

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