how to permanently delete sling tv account

Have you finally recognized that Sling TV is not the right thing to use, and you now want to know how to permanently delete Sling TV account?

How can I cancel my subscription? Perhaps it is one of the most common concerns of Sling TV subscribers today.

This article is about to tell you the common steps of deleting the account permanently.

When it comes to live TV streaming, there is no question that Sling TV provides the best services, and many people use these services. The service offers numerous channels that can compete with any conventional TV provider.

Unfortunately, some subscribers expressed that maintaining the subscription is not an eternal easy task. Hence, concerns of deleting the account permanently have been common among subscribers.

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To permanently delete your sling TV account, all you need to do is to go online and access your TV account. All steps should be maneuvered there.

Why Delete Sling TV Account Permanently?

For some who haven’t experienced the service, they may wonder why some subscribers would choose to delete their account.

Many people select to cancel Sling TV account permanently because of a valid reason. Here are some of the common grounds why subscribers select to let go of the Sling TV account:

To Reduce Expenses

When subscribing to the Sling TV account, you can expect your monthly utility bills to increase.

It can be a reason why your savings in the bank is also deducted. So, deleting the subscription can help you save a few bucks!

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To Enjoy Outdoor

Rather than spending most of your time watching TV, you can find more fun and excitement when you spend time outdoors and engage in healthy activities.

Moreover, you can use your time wisely if you jointly enjoy it with your family and friends.

You can go out and try new things that could help you attain a healthy lifestyle can essentially improve your bank savings if you cancel Sling TV account.

To Get Better Sleep

You need to get sufficient rest and sleep to condition your mind and body.

However, when you have a subscription to Sling TV, there is a good chance that you will sleep late because of your desire to finish watching your favorite shows.

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Note: After deleting your Sling TV account, you can still continue viewing at Sling until such time that the cycle of your request is done.

You can actually select to renew your Sling TV subscription, or simply let it go forever.

How To Permanently Delete Sling TV Account – Steps

How can I cancel my subscription? If you wish to cancel Sling TV account permanently, then the corresponding steps to carry out this task are quite simple.

Just make sure you track the steps below accordingly and you should be able to cancel your Sling TV account:

Step #1: Go to Sling’s TV Website

Using your computer, open your browser and visit Sling website. It will be impossible to cancel Sling TV account with just your streaming device.

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Hence, you should get a computer. You can easily access the location using any kind of browser.

Step #2: Log in with your Sling TV Account and Check Account Settings

Log in with your Sling TV account. You will need your password here. In case you cannot remember your password, you can click the Forgot your password link to recover it.

At the top of the screen, you will see a very small low-person icon. When you click that icon, you might learn all the significant information about your account.

Step #3: Click the Choice Cancel Subscription

Click the Choice Cancel Subscription. You will then be prompted with the message cancel subscription. Click on it another time.

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Step #4: Provide Answers to the Queries

After opting for the choice to cancel the subscription, you will be seeing several queries. The queries will aim to determine the reasons why you want to cancel Sling TV account.

Your answer will give the provider enough data so they can develop and enhance their services.

Step #5: Finish the Method

After answering all queries, go to the lowest part of the page. You will be prompted with a question, “How possible are you to return?”

The question will serve as the last attempt of Sling TV to persuade you to stay.

If you are already firm with your decision to cancel Sling TV account, simply answer the question and click on Continue.

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Step #6: Verify the Methods Taken

Simply key in your Sling TV positive identification. You can confirm whether your Sling TV account has been deleted successfully by checking your mail.

You should get a cancellation confirmation through your email.

Important: After cancellation, you must check if your Credit card is removed or not.

This way, you will have peace of mind from sudden bill shocks! If needed you can contact support staff to confirm the same.

Sling TV Account Still Not Deleted Permanently?

Still cannot cancel my subscription. So, what happens if your Sling TV account is still not deleted permanently after doing the steps above?

Then, there should be something else you should do. Just bear in mind though that deleting your Sling TV account will not immediately take effect in your account settings.

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Rather, your Sling TV subscription will continue to run until the last day of the billing cycle.

  • Contact the provider to relay the issue you encountered.
  • You can reach them through chat or phone by checking the Help page.
  • You may want to know how to remove credit card from Sling TV, too.

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Learning how to permanently delete Sling TV account can be an advantage if you find it already impractical to continue your Sling TV subscription.

The good thing about it is that you can cancel Sling TV account without being restricted with a contract.

Sling TV does not implement a contract should an individual select to avail their service.

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Moreover, you should understand that when you track the path of ending your subscription and cancel your Sling TV permanently, you will eliminate your data.

It means that everything you have saved, downloaded, and watched will be eradicated for good. Hence, you are asked to think twice when planning to cancel your Sling TV account permanently.