how to turn off closed caption on sling

Don’t know how to turn off closed caption on Sling? Well, there is a really simple way of disabling the CC within your Sling content and having an enjoyable experience.

Here you will learn a handful of methods and ways to turn off and properly manage the Sling closed captions so pay attention.

To disable the closed captions on Sling, simply navigate to the captions menu by selecting the accessibility tab and as soon as you are in there, select captions and disable the feature.

If this method does not work for you, let’s take a closer look on how to disable the feature easily!

What Is Closed Captioning?

Closed captions, also known as CC, are text displaying on your monitor or other visual display to provide you with additional information.

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Closed captions are usually transcriptions of the audio portion and could sometimes include descriptions of non-speech elements.

Closed captions are NOT subtitles and algorithm software is listening and translating in real-time. 

Even if enabled, if the channel/program you are watching does not support CC, it will not appear.

Having this in mind let’s check what are the benefits of using closed captions.

Pros & Cons of Closed Captioning?

Now that you know how to disable closed caption on Sling TV, let’s take a look at what are the pros and cons of using them.


We believe that the best benefit of closed captioning comes into play where there isn’t a subtitle track available for the media. Most of the currently released movies and shows still do not have a written subtitle track.

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Due to this, directors of the movie or the streaming platform have enabled a CC, so foreign users could understand and enjoy the media.

Another benefit would be easy management. The closed captions are always a few clicks away and you won’t need subtitles anymore. Unfortunately, there are a few cons that we shall mention so keep reading.


Our best guess is that plenty of the users do not enjoy CC because it does not recognize the audio track correctly.

We have to inform you that most of the movies within Roku and other streaming platforms, do not contain a subtitle track and due to this, the manufacturers add CC software to provide the audio track with a distinct caption.

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The problem is that the software is not able to hear each and every word perfectly (depending on the audio quality), which means that closed captions could be wrong.

For instance, you could receive captions of something that was never said, and it was misheard by the software.

How To Turn Off Closed Caption on Sling Roku?

how to turn off closed caption on sling tv

To disable closed captions within the Sling app on your Roku, you need to get to the caption menu.

Enabling or disabling closed captions on sling may slightly vary on the media streaming device you are currently using.

To disable closed captions (CC) on Sling Roku TV, follow the steps we have provided down below:

  1. Turn on Roku and enter Sling.
  2. Click on any show on your home page.
  3. Move to the right side until you reach a CC sign.
  4. Click once to enable CC and click once again to disable CC.
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Easy as that, you can control the closed captions on your Sling Roku TV and turn them on/off anytime you want.

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How To Turn Off Captions on Standalone Roku?

If you are interested in disabling closed captioning on Roku in general, here are the well-designed steps you should follow.

  1. Turn on Roku.
  2. Click the home button on your Roku remote.
  3. Scroll up/down and navigate to your settings tab.
  4. To enter the captions menu, also CC, select Accessibility.
  5. Highlight the captions feature and choose whenever you want CC to appear while you are watching media.

How To Turn Off Closed Caption on Sling TV?

If you seek to disable closed captions, specifically on Sling TV, there is a simple way of doing so.

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In fact, the process does not differ in many ways from the one related to Roku TV, but still, there are a few steps you should be aware of.

Here is how to disable closed captions specifically on Sling TV:

Step #1. While watching any Sling program, hit the OK button on your remote.

Step #2. As soon as the overlay appears, click on the Closed Caption icon.

Step #3. When you return to the programming tab, you should be notified when the closed captioning should display on-screen when it is available.

Those were the steps for disabling CC on Sling TV. We hope that now your closed captions are disabled and if you are interested to learn more about closed captions keep reading.

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Closed Captions Are Causing Issues…

We’ve also found some people complaining that closed captions are glitching media devices such as Roku, so if you’re having issues because of the CC you can do several things.

  • Restart/power Cycle your device.
  • Turn off and on closed captions.
  • Contact support.

Depending on the media device you are using, feel free to contact their official customer service and ask for help. The problem might be related to an outdated OS or a general software issue.

The problems usually resolve after disabling the CC, but if you need them you will need to deal with them.

Bottom Line

To wrap things up, we figured that it might be helpful to learn more about closed captions and their possible benefits.

This way, you will have a better view of the possible consequences after disabling the CC and you will learn what are the benefits of keeping those captions on.

A large number of the Sling audience does not find the process of disabling the site difficult at all.

After all, it really does depend on your preferences and expectations when viewing media and large letters at the bottom of your screen could be really frustrating.

For similar posts related to Sling TV, bookmark this site to benefit from useful guidelines about more questions & issues.

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