no sound on sling tv

Are you facing no sound on Sling TV? We certainly don’t suppose you would like to watch TV without any sound.

Because of that, we have investigated the error, and you can check all the info below.

When the Sling TV audio is not working, you must check the HDMI cable (if there is any) and then sign out and back into your Sling account. Next, check other components such as the network, the software or firmware integrity, etc.

As you can see, the lack of audio on the Sling TV is not a dead end. Rather, we can investigate the issue with patience and quickly find the correct solution.

Follow the steps below to watch TV with audio again!

No Sound On Sling TV – Reasons

reason why no sound on sling tv

The Sling TV platform offers a plentitude of channels. You can choose your favorite package and enjoy sports, movies, reality shows, and more.

But why is there no sound on my Sling TV?

We will quickly take a look at possible causes before seeing what will solve the problem:

✅ Channel Streaming Issues

Perhaps the issue is limited to only one channel of the huge catalog. That means you must wait for the streaming provider to fix it.

Defective HDMI Cable

If you are accessing Sling TV from a device such as Roku, you might want to check the HDMI cable’s status.

Audio Settings

You must check if the TV you are using has the correct audio settings, such as output and format/codecs.

Outdated Software

If the app has failed to update recently, it could cause issues such as the lack of audio.

Fix The Sound On Sling TV

fix the no sound on sling tv

Sling TV with no sound can be assessed in many ways. The causes can lie in the network, the software, or the TV itself.

For each type of possible culprit, we will suggest proper solutions.

Below you must find the correct method to make the sound issue disappear!

1. Check The HDMI

It is common to use streaming devices nowadays, so you can enhance the options on your TV. Those gadgets, such as the Roku or Fire TV stick, use your HDMI port.

However, it is necessary to note that some of those devices have a one-directional HDMI.

Here are some tips that can fix the situation:

  • Detach the streaming device and unplug the HDMI cable. Then plug the HDMI cable back but with switched ends;
  • Ensure both sides of the HDMI cable are attached very firmly;
  • Try a different HDMI port for your TV, as the current one might be defective and unable to transmit audio;
  • Try a different HDMI cable if possible;
Tip: If you are using a streaming device but your TV is capable of downloading the Sling TV, try it! That way you can learn if the issue lies on the TV or streaming device.

2. Sign Out And In Again

sign in and sign out again

A few times, the audio issue on your Sling TV app is as simple as some of the data on the app being corrupted.

The platform officially recommends users log out and in again. Do you know how to navigate the app and log out?

If not, here are the quick steps:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Locate the “Settings”;
  3. Head to “Account”;
  4. Select “Sign Out.”

It is a good idea to close the app and open it again. Only then log in with your credentials.

3. Power Cycle The TV

Even though it can sound very basic, power cycling your TV is a valid way of fixing certain software or hardware issues.

power cycle the tv

Usually, you power cycle by turning it off and on again, right?

But you could change the steps a bit to obtain better results:

  1. With the TV on, unplug it from power;
  2. Wait at least one minute;
  3. Plug the TV back on;
  4. Turn it on.

The method above is more effective in refreshing your TV system, depending on the brand.

4. Check The Audio Settings

Depending on your TV brand, it might sport a lot of audio formats and options on how it delivers the audio.

Here, we will help you to change the audio format, the surround audio settings, and the output. One or more of those might be the culprit.

First, the format:

  1. Locate the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Navigate to the audio settings;
  3. Choose “Digital audio out”;
  4. Switch the format to “PCM.”

Check The Surround Audio

check tv surround audio

Beyond the audio format, the surround audio could play a part. There is no rule on whether it prevents or helps in this situation, so you must switch between active and inactive.

  1. Locate the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Navigate to the audio settings;
  3. Enter the “Surround audio” option;
  4. Disable it if it is active/Activate it if it is disabled.

Adjust The Output

Finally, you must pay attention when you connect a third-party audio device to your TV.

Are you using a soundbar or any similar accessory? Then you must manage the output to ensure it comes through it:

  1. Navigate to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Find the audio options;
  3. Check the output options;
  4. Select the output that matches the connection being used (HDMI, RCA, Bluetooth, etc.).
Tip: Also check if the TV is mistakenly connected to a Bluetooth device.

5. Examine The Network

examine the network

Before any drastic conclusions, it is also necessary to ensure that your network works correctly.

Here is a nice way of establishing the necessary data transmission for the Sling TV app:

  1. Disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi network;
  2. Turn the TV off;
  3. Turn the router off;
  4. Turn the TV on again;
  5. Turn the router on.

Then, wait for the TV to connect to the Wi-Fi and check if the audio has returned to the Sling TV.

6. Clear The Cache

If you have checked that the audio issue only happens on the Sling TV app, you might want to clear its cache.

Your data will not be lost, but clearing the cache eliminates corrupted files.

clear tv cache

Here are the steps:

  1. Select “Settings” on the TV menu;
  2. Choose “Apps”
  3. Navigate to “System apps.”
  4. Choose the malfunctioning app;
  5. Click on “Clear cache”;

Reinstall The App

Alternatively, all the app’s files might be corrupted. In that case, it is best to uninstall the app and install it again. 

  1. Locate the app on the app menu;
  2. Navigate through its options;
  3. Choose to uninstall;
  4. Go to the TV’s app store;
  5. Download the app again.

7. Update The Software

update the software

Whether you are using the Sling TV app from a streaming device or directly from the TV’s system, it is worth updating.

Perhaps the audio issue stems from the lack of a recent update pushed by the platform.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the apps section of your TV/streaming device;
  2. Locate the Sling TV app;
  3. Find its options;
  4. Click on “Check for updates” if possible;

Once the app is updated, you must check if the audio issue has been fixed.

8. Update The Device’s Firmware

Finally, the audio issue could be caused by lacking updates on the firmware of your TV or streaming device.

If using a streaming device, it is recommended to check on both since the streaming device still depends on the TV’s capacity to stream audio.

update tv device firmware
  1. Select “System” from the menu
  2. Select “Check for Updates”;
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to check for available updates.
  4. Select “Install Update” (if available);
Tip: If you haven't already, restart the network so that it might trigger the TV or streaming device to locate new updates available on the servers.

What We Learned

No sound on Sling TV is certainly a frustrating situation. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with it any longer since we have helped you find out what is happening.

We hope that you’ve been able to fix it. If not, the problem might be compatibility between the TV and the app, so you must contact Sling TV support!

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Nicole B