how to connect phone to smart tv without wifi

Do you want to learn how to connect phone to smart TV without WiFi to enhance and improve your watching experience? Did you ever think about watching movies on your TV but it’s on your phone?

If you’re one of these people who are constantly wondering how they can link their devices together, this guide has been specifically written for you!

In this guide, we will unravel the step-by-step guide on how you can link your device to your television even if you don’t have an internet connection!

For you to be able to connect your phone to your smart TV even without WiFi, you can use an HDMI cable. Doing so will allow you to show your device’s contents to your television even when you’re offline.

You can also do screen mirroring or screen casting to connect your smartphone to your TV.

Why Learn to Connect Your Device to Your TV Without WiFi?

There would really be times when we’ll be at a location where we don’t have WiFi. For instance, if you’re in some hotel and they have a Smart TV, but you’re hesitating to connect to their public WiFi because of safety and security reasons.

Another is when your WiFi or your internet connection is not properly working or functioning at home.

It could be because of an outage and you want to watch a movie on your device, or if there currently are maintenance issues and the like.

If you have the right tools and devices, you’ll easily be able to connect your mobile device to your television even if the presence of WiFi or an internet network is missing! Take note

The Complete Guide on How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without WiFi

connect phone to smart tv without wifi

For this guide, we will be discussing a few different ways and methods so you’re not limited to just one.

HDMI and USB Ports

The first option that you have in connecting your device to your television without any internet is through the use of HDMI cables and ports.

HDMI, short for High-Definition Media Input, is a port for all different types and kinds of devices.

Connecting Phone to Smart TV Using HDMI

To be able to connect your device to your television set, you need an Apple Lightning Cord or connector (for iPhones) or a USB C to HDMI converter (for Android devices) and an HDMI cable plugged into your television.

Step 1: Prepare all Cables

Your smartphones won’t come with this HDMI converter, so you really would have to go out of your way to get it.

It’s easy to find anyways, you can actually order it from Amazon, it’ll be less than $50 so don’t worry.

You might also want to double-check your HDMI cord, too and see if it’s still functional, and if it’s not, you can go to the nearest gadget store from your location or order it online as well.

Step 2: Connect the Cord to the Phone

Once you have everything in place, the next thing you want to do is to connect the charging cord of your phone. Then, instead of placing a wall adapter on the other end of the cord, insert it into the HDMI converter or adapter.

The procedure is the same for both an iPhone and an Android device, they’re just different cords.

Step 3: Connect the Cord to the Television’s HDMI

Finally, the last step is to connect the HDMI converter to the HDMI cord that’s already inserted into your television.

If you haven’t done it yet, insert one end of the HDMI cable to the TV, and the other to the HDMI converter.

You’ll almost immediately see that your television will display the contents of your phone without you doing anything.

And that’s it! That is how to connect your iPhone to your Smart TV without WiFi! It’s easy, fast, and you don’t really need to pick up any type of expensive tool!

Connecting Phone to Smart TV Through Peer-to-Peer

Akin to the HDMI method, both Android devices and iPhones use the same principle. The only difference would be the system and the names of the systems.

For iPhones, it should be a Smart TV or an Apple TV, more specifically, for it to be able to support Peer-to-Peer Apply Play.

For Android devices, on the other hand, it’s Miracast – the widely supported wireless mirroring standard.

Both operating systems utilize WiFi direct, but it’s not the same WiFi that we know. It’s actually better and more comparable to Bluetooth, in case you’re wondering.

Without further ado, here are the steps you should take:

Step 1: Disconnect Smartphones and Televisions from WiFi

First things first – you need to make sure that WiFi is disabled from both your smartphone and your television.

On your device, disconnect from any network that has internet.

  • On an iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-FI and disable it.
  • On an Android, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi, and toggle it off.

For the televisions, though, toggling it off could be a bit confusing, but, you only have to follow this format Settings & Help > Network and Connections.

The words may be different, but that’s the idea of where you should be.

Once you get in there, toggle its WiFi setting off for it to disconnect from an internet-enabled network.

Step 2: Turn Both Device’s Bluetooth On

The next step you should do is to turn on or activate the Bluetooth on both devices. For Android phones, there usually are screen mirroring options on the Quick Access menu or when you swipe down from the top of your screen.

In newer Samsung devices, for instance, it’s labeled as Smart View. Opening this option will automatically redirect you to a nearby compatible device.

For iPhones, though, you need to turn your Bluetooth on. Also, you want to make sure that your Smart TV’s Bluetooth capability is activated, too.

Step 3: Activate WiFi on Your Mobile Device

For the last step, you would just have to activate and toggle the WiFi option again.

Don’t worry, because, you will get a prompt, asking you if you want to connect to your home WiFi or if you want to do screen mirroring (Peer-to-Peer) play with your Smart TV if you get it right.

And that’s just it! You might need to reboot and power cycle both your mobile device and your television for it to lock in, though.

I Followed All Steps But it’s Still Not Working, What Should I Do?

So, after you followed all the necessary steps and you’re still not able to connect it, the next best thing to do is to contact an expert or a technician to help you with it.

You want to contact the manufacturer of your Smart TV to help you with how you can connect it without the use of the internet or a WiFi network.

Share Some Other Tips with Us!

Those are the processes and the methods you can do to be able to link and connect your phone to your television.

Needless to say, the different methods of how to connect your phone to Smart TV without WiFi are fairly easy. You just have to follow these steps and you’ll be good to go!

You neither have to be an expert nor an experienced technician to be able to do this!

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