best picture settings for vizio 4k tv

What are the best picture settings for Vizio 4K TV? If you’re also asking this question, well, you’re at the right place!

There are plenty of optimized settings presets you can use for your Vizio 4K TV, that will make the display even more crystal and the colors even more pleasant to look at.

The settings we will recommend are tested configurations by users with Vizio TVs and are proven to be the best.

Based on what you’re using your TV for, you can tweak the SDR and the HDR setting for better display graphics. We suggest choosing “Calibrated Dark” picture mode and settings the HDMI mode to “2.1”. Change the contrast to 50, the brightness to 50, and the tint at 0 for better overall colors.

If you don’t know what all these settings do, proceed further as we’ll describe briefly each of them and how to configure it for best results.

What Are The Optimal Picture Settings For Vizio 4K TV?

optimal picture settings for vizio 4k tv

By “optimal”, we suggest the best picture settings for ordinary TV usage.

In other words, watching movies, viewing videos from streaming platforms and external devices. 

Note: Keep in mind that these optimizations may not work, if you’re gaming, or seeking a higher refresh rate and FPS of your display. 

For gaming, you would only need to set the Picture Mode to “Game”.

Now let’s move on to the settings configuration you can create on your Vizio 4K TV for optimal performance and the best possible picture.

General Picture Settings For Vizio 4K TV

general settings vizio tv

There are some general settings you will want to configure on your Vizio TV for the best performance.

An example for general settings could be the tint, brightness, backlight, contrast, sharpness, and so on.

You will be able to access those options, by going to Menu > Settings > Picture (Picture Mode/Settings).

Let’s take a look at the optimal configuration recommended for the general settings of your Vizio 4K TV:

1. Contrast

The contrast is generally how white the bright parts of the picture would be.

We suggest leaving the contrast at around ‘50’. If left too high, this setting can bother your eyes while staring at the TV, especially if you’re in a brighter room.

2. Brightness

The brightness on your Vizio TV refers to the maximum display luminance of your device.

Now that brightness on your Vizio TV is suggested to be left at ‘50’, same as the contrast.

3. Color

For more radiant and faithful colors, you can go all the way to ‘100’ on this setting.

The optimal recommendation however is from ‘50to60’, depending on how you want to see your colors.

4. Local Contrast

This setting of the contrast adjusts the bright parts of the image, making them more radiant or bright.

The local contrast might be another feature that you will want to disable.

5. Blacklight Control

We suggest adjusting the blacklight control to your liking. However, users recommend turning that feature off, although it is up to you whether you are going to turn it off or leave it on.

6. Tint

The tint setting is designed to correct errors in the phase-in regard to communications between TV broadcasts and tuners. The primary optimization for the tint is at ‘0’.

7. Gamma

The gamma is how the image transforms and transitions from white to black, and it would also affect all of the grays in between.

The optimal preference by the community is around ‘1.8’ up to ‘2.0’.

8. Sharpness

The sharpness on your Vizio TV will make the image’s object edges sharper, therefore, dropping your blur at some point. Make sure to leave the sharpness at ‘0’ as well.

9. Color Temperature

This will make the screen more bright and it will look as it was warmer on the video.

Although, you can configure this feature to your own liking as well. You might want to set your color temperature settings to “Warm”.

Those were the more “general” settings we’ve had to review.

The upcoming list is of settings that are considered “advanced” is quite important as well so keep reading to learn how to configure them.

Advanced Picture Settings For Vizio TV 4K

advanced settings vizio tv

The advanced picture settings envelop around motion settings, gaming, white balance, and more.

Even though these should be configured of your liking, we’ve gathered the best picture settings for Vizio 4K TV, at your disposal.

You will be able to access advanced picture settings in your Vizio 4K by going Menu > Settings > Picture > Picture Settings > Advanced.

1. Picture Mode Presets

Your Vizio 4K has picture mode presets, that will automatically configure all of your picture settings into a pre-made setup.

Feel free to try them all and determine if any of the presets there work for you. The recommended presets are “Movie” and “Natural”.

2. Auto-Motion

Make sure to keep any motion enhancements effects disabled.

This will provide your TV with more performance in regard to picture dynamics and cut the annoying encoding artifacts on your screen.

3. Dynamic Contrast

This advanced dynamic configuration will make the white even brighter and the black even darker.

We suggest configuring this at your liking or leaving it at disabled.

4. Clear Action

This feature would enhance scenes with faster frames, making them more efficient and boosting the encoder. Keep this feature disabled, for performance improvement.

5. Black Detail

Make sure to disable the black detail feature on your Vizio TV if you don’t want to see unfilled shadow spots on the screen.

This feature works with darker movies/media or scenes, but we don’t recommend using it all the time.

6. Active LED Zones

The active LED zones deliver higher contrast in combination with the LED backlight that would dynamically adjust the images you’re seeing.

We recommend keeping this setting at OFF.

7. Dynamic Color

Dynamic colors make the colors you see on your Vizio TV screen more radiant and quickly adaptive to the image.

It is not recommended to have the dynamic color enabled at all times.

Those were most of the advanced settings you will want to configure on your Vizio TV.

Anything else from the advanced tab should be flipped off, to boost performance and make your TV’s picture look better.

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To create optimal settings for Vizio 4K TV, adjust the tint, brightness, contrast and contrast enhancers at ‘50’. For advanced settings, disable any motion settings, the black detail, the active LED zones, and the clear action feature.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know what are the best picture settings for Vizio 4K TV, we hope you were able to create an optimal settings setup to use for your Vizio 4K TV.

After all, most of the features should be configured of your liking, but there are some exceptions that when disabled, will provide your TV with better performance.

If this post was helpful, make sure to check our blog to discover more guides and solutions regarding your smart home devices.

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