how to disconnect vizio tv from wifi

Could it be that you do not need your device connected to the network but do not know how to disconnect Vizio TV from WiFi?

Even though many people wish to have their devices connected to the internet 24/7, many have learnt that it may cause security issues.

Hence, instead of risk, you may need to disconnect the Wi-Fi network on your TV.

We have various methods to disconnect your Vizio TV from Wi-Fi. Kindly read below to note some of them.

If you want to disconnect your Vizio TV from WI-Fi, you can start with a power cycle. It deletes temporarily stored details like your Wi-Fi passwords. If it fails, factory reset your device to its default settings.

Why Should you Disconnect Vizio TV from WiFi?

Different people have different reasons for disconnecting their Vizio TV from Wi-Fi. Below are some common reasons.

  • Your TV is spying on you
  • You want to save internet costs
  • Parental control

Note: Some TVs, including Vizio, could spy on content owners watch and then sell information to service providers or advertisers.

Most companies resolved this issue to an extent that Vizio paid some huge sums of money as a fine to settle such charges.

Before most people can accept the issue is resolved, they may need to disconnect their Vizio.

Smart TVs from Wi-Fi.

How to Disconnect Vizio Smart TV from WiFi – 8 Working Methods!

disconnect vizio tv from wifi

You can use these methods to disconnect your Vizio TV from Wi-Fi.

Method #1: Power Cycle your TV

Power cycling your TV can make it stop accessing the internet. Remember, factory resetting eliminates and forgets all your previous settings, including new apps, passwords etc.

However, power cycling will only remove temporary memory, like the last volume you used while watching TV.

1.    Hold the TV’s power button.

2.    Wait for around 30 seconds, then release it.

Your TV will forget all the Wi-Fi login information that is in its temporary memory. Hence, you will not access the internet via your TV.

Method #2: Switch on The TV And Enter The Wrong Password

After power cycling your Vizio TV, you will turn it on when you want to watch it. It will ask you to provide the internet password.

If your TV has a feature to remember passwords, kindly enter a wrong password, then select remember my password in the box.

If your TV does not have the feature for remembering passwords, you can hesitate to provide your log-in details.

Turn on your router, and your TV will not have an internet connection so long as you do not login into the internet.

Method 3: Factory Reset

The first time you set your Vizio TV, you will customize the settings according to your preferences and needs.

Anytime you disturb the network, Wi-Fi broadcasting may occur, or the settings might go back to default.

You will need to factory reset your Vizio TV to resolve this issue.

  1. Click the menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  2. Highlight System using the arrow buttons on your Vizio remote, then press OK.
  3. Click Reset and Admin to highlight it, then press OK.
  4. Click Reset TV to factory settings, then press OK.
  5. If you want to reset a parental control code, put 0000 as your password, highlight Reset and click OK.

The TV will turn off by itself as it factory resets.

Method #4: Hardware

If resetting does not disconnect your Wi-Fi, you may need to go the hardware way. This method will disable your Wi-Fi from broadcasting. Use these steps.

  1. Remove your TV from where you keep it and remove the cover on its back.
  2. You will see a Bluetooth antenna, 5GHz, and 2.5GHzWi-Fi band.
  3. You will see a black and two grey wires which connect to the Bluetooth chip.
  4. That chip has antennae. Kindly use your nail to scrape off the antennae.

Scraping off disables the Wi-Fi broadcasting.

Method #5: TV Settings

You can disconnect your Vizio smart TV Wi-Fi by toggling some of its settings. Follow these steps.

Go to your Vizio TV network settings, then tap on WPS. Tapping the WPS initiates a Wi-Fi linking. (Do not press the WPS key on your router)

Your TV will try looking for network signals but will not find them since the network connection is broken.

Therefore, there will be no Wi-Fi broadcasting due to this disconnection.

Method #6: Block Your TV From the Router’s Control Panel

This process is quite complicated. However, it disconnects your TV from accessing the Wi-Fi. Sign in to your router using these simple steps.

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser.

Step 2: On the search tab, type the IP address; the default address is

Step 3: Provide the username, the default one is admin and the password, which can be blank by default.

Step 4: Click OK to log in.

After logging in to your router, you can access the control panel. You will need to find your TV’s IP address. Kindly add it to your router’s blacklist. Your TV will lose all its internet connection.

Method #7: Disconnect the Ethernet Cable

Disconnecting the Ethernet cable from your TV may not be a very efficient way of disconnecting the network.

Remember, anyone else can connect your TV to the internet using tethering or hot spotting.

However, if you are the only one that uses your TV, you may not need to worry. It can be the most efficient and easy way to disconnect your TV from Wi-Fi.

Method #8: Turn Off Your TV

You may be having your reasons for disconnecting the Wi-Fi from your Vizio TV. Could it be that your TV consumes lots of your Wi-Fi network all through, even when it is off?

Did you know that most Vizio TVs log themselves out of the Wi-Fi network when they are off?

So, the TV will only use Wi-Fi when it is on. Therefore, if you are not using the TV, you can always turn it off to save network costs.

How To Disconnect Vizio TV from WiFi If the Above Methods Fail

The above methods are ideal for disconnecting your Vizio TV from a Wi-Fi connection. If they fail, your Vizio smart TV might be having a software issue. So, you may need to repair it.

However, you should know that some third-party apps you download on your TV contain malware.

The interest of these apps is always to have your device connected to the internet for crypto mining scams. Kindly beware of such apps.

Suppose you want to disconnect your Vizio TV from Wi-Fi, power cycle it to eliminate temporary login details. You can also factory reset the device if a simple power cycle fails to disconnect it.

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If you want to know how to disconnect Vizio TV from WiFi, I hope the above methods will help you.

Nowadays, most people always wish that their devices have an internet connection, including TVs.

However, you can always disconnect it if you feel like you do not need it for your reasons.

Power cycle your TV to forget the temporary storage, including Wi-Fi login details. If it fails to disconnect, factory reset your Vizio TV to go back to default settings if you want to disconnect your Vizio TV from Wi-Fi.

Nicole B