Vizio TV Chromecast not working

When you have a Vizio TV Chromecast not working, you can’t enjoy watching videos, shows, or videos on your big screen.

There are different reasons why this happens, including technical issues and network errors. Fortunately, there are also several ways to resolve the problem.

Your Chromecast may not work on your Vizio due to a software hiccup. A power cycle can help you solve the issue if this is the case. It will erase all temporary configurations and allow you to reconfigure them again once you turn on your device. 

It can be annoying when your Vizio TV and Chromecast are working properly. You can try to fix some issues by rebooting or updating your device.

But, if you have tested everything and it still does not work, the next step to take is to revert your TV to its default factory settings.

Causes of Vizio TV Chromecast Not Working

Vizio TV Chromecast is not working

Whenever you see your Vizio TV not loading content, you know something is wrong with your telly.

In order to perform the appropriate solution, you need to determine the cause of your Chromecast not working on Vizio TV.

Internet Connectivity

Perform a speed test to see if you have good internet connectivity. Often, an unstable internet connection can be the cause of your Vizio TV not working with Chromecast.

Improve your network by changing the position of your router or bypassing it and connecting directly to the modem.

This particular issue can also be caused when your Vizio TV and streaming device are on separate networks.

It’s easy to forget that your smartphone is connected to the internet via mobile data, and your TV is on your Wi-Fi network. You will not be able to stream if this is the case.

Network Availability

The Chromecast needs to be on the same network connection when casting to your Vizio TV. Otherwise, it will not work. If your current network does not work, try another if available.

You may also use your mobile hotspot to determine if your Internet Service Provider is causing the issue.

Minor Software Issues

If there is a software glitch, update your device’s software and apps.

Then, power cycle your device to delete temporary configurations, allowing you to reconfigure your Vizio TV’s settings.

If what’s causing your Vizio TV Chromecast issue is none of the above, and you have no clue how to handle it, contact customer support for additional troubleshooting.

How to Fix Vizio TV Chromecast Not Working

Vizio TV Chromecast not working fix

When your Chromecast device is not working properly on your TV, there are solutions you can do on your own.

No matter what causes the error, this guide will teach you several ways to resolve the problem.

Solution #1: Check Your Network Connectivity

It may sound so simple, but some people forget to check their internet.

If there is any problem, your Chromecast won’t work properly on your Vizio TV.

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  2. Go to Network and press the OK button.
  3. Select Test Connection and press OK.

Note: Doing so brings up information about your TV’s internet connection. Verify that your devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Solution #2: Reboot Your TV, Casting Device, and Router

reboot vizio tv chromecast

Surprisingly, turning ON and OFF your TV, Chromecast, and router can fix the issue.

Start with your router, as it is the most common culprit. If this does not work, try rebooting your Vizio TV. Finally, do the same with your casting device.

How to reboot your Vizio TV:

  1. Turn OFF your Vizio TV and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Hold the power button for 20 seconds with the device unplugged.
  3. Plug in your TV back and repeat step 2.
  4. Turn ON your Vizio TV again and see if the problem persists.

To reboot your router, press the power button or unplug your device. Plug it back in and wait 30 seconds.

Note: Rebooting should be the only time your router turns off. It should always be plugged in and turned ON for your Vizio TV Chromecast to function properly.

Solution #3: Power Cycle Your Devices

Power cycle your Vizio TV Chromecast to erase temporary configurations, which may be causing the error. Do this if the culprit is a software hiccup.

  1. Turn OFF your Vizio TV Chromecast, modem, and router.
  2. Unplug your devices and wait for 1 minute.
  3. Plug in your modem and wait for it to connect fully.
  4. Plug in your router and also wait for it to connect fully.
  5. Plug in your Vizio TV Chromecast and turn it ON.

Note: After performing a soft power cycle, check if the error is still there. If yes, move on to the next solution.

Solution #4: Change Your DHCP Settings

dchp settings vizio

If none of the above solutions worked, try to change your DHCP settings. A different IP address will be assigned to your device.

  1. Turn OFF your Vizio TV Chromecast and open your computer.
  2. Open your browser and type your router’s URL.
  3. Log in with your username and password.
  4. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > DHCP Settings.
  5. If enabled, disable DHCP settings and enable again.

Note: Don’t forget to Save and Close the settings page once done. Then, turn on your Vizio TV again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Solution #5: Clear the Cache Of Your Vizio TV

Clearing the cache of your Vizio TV can sometimes fix the Vizio Smart TV Chromecast not working.

Here’s a quick guide to help you clear the cache:

  1. Press Menu on the TV remote and highlight System.
  2. Select Reset & Admin.
  3. Click Clear Memory.
  4. Select Clear Memory/Factory Defaults using the arrow keys.
  5. Enter your PIN and press OK.

Note: If you don’t have aPIN, enter 0000.

Solution #6: Factory Reset Your Vizio TV

vizio tv reset

If nothing seems to be working, one of the ways to fix the issue is factory resetting your Vizio TV.

Consider the consequences carefully, as this method will delete all your saved apps and settings. But, this can help with possible glitches that your device may have.

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote and click System.
  2. Go to Reset & Admin and select Reset TV to Factory Settings.
  3. Wait for your TV to finish the process and see if it works.

Note: You can also reset the TV using the remote control. All you need to do is press Input and Volume Down buttons for at least 5 seconds or until a bar appears.

Press and hold for 15 seconds until the TV turns itself OFF. Turn your Vizio TV back on and follow reset instructions.

If the cause of your Vizio TV Chromecast malfunction is a possible glitch on the software, power cycle your device. Simply turn off all your devices and plug them back in one at a time, starting with the modem, router, and finally, your Vizio TV Chromecast.

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Last Thoughts

If it’s your first time encountering your Vizio TV Chromecast not working, this post will help you understand the possible causes of the glitch and the appropriate steps to fix the issue.

If your device is still not casting, click the Contact Us option on top of the Vizio TV screen to speak with an agent.

If you have trouble with a different Vizio TV Chromecast setup, you can surely find everything you need to know to fix the issue in our blog.

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