how to cast netflix from phone to tv without wifi

Wondering how to cast Netflix from phone to TV without WiFi? Well, without the necessary factors and equipment, this would be challenging but not impossible so remain invested. 

Netflix is a streaming platform that only works on devices connected to the internet with the exception of downloading local content.

In addition, casting from a mobile device also requires an internet connection and also, the same network connection for both devices. 

Well, how it works without the Internet? To cast Netflix from a phone to a TV with no WiFi, use the mobile data on the device and share a hotspot for the TV to connect to.

Then, the screen sharing is easy and you only need to have the Netflix app installed on your device as well as signed into the account.

How to Cast Netflix from Phone to TV Without WiFi?

The only way to cast Netflix from your phone to a TV without being connected to the WiFi is by using a personal hotspot (mobile data). 

Info: In case your mobile data does not include unlimited megabytes, we recommend checking how to watch Netflix on a TV without the internet to avoid any unexpected charges.

1. Download the Netflix Mobile App

download the netflix mobile app

The first step is to prepare a mobile device with a SIM card that contains, preferably unlimited mobile data.

The Netflix mobile app is available for both Android and iOS so go into Google Play or the App Store and download “Netflix” to your mobile device.

It’s also necessary to sign into your account to acquire access to the membership in order to stream the content. If everything went well, proceed with the next step…

One More Thing – Reception!

It’s also important to verify that your mobile is receiving a good signal from the operator by looking at the top-left corner of the screen.

One or fewer bars means a weak signal and Netflix might not be able to stream without buffering, which wouldn’t be pleasant to watch.

check mobile reception
Note: With a weak signal reception, the functionality of the personal hotspot will be weak, inconsistent, and even unreachable by the TV.

2. Enable Personal HotSpot

enable personal hotspot (1)

The personal hotspot basically turns your phone into a router, allowing other devices to connect and use your mobile data.

The process varies on the different operating systems so we’ve made a guide on how to enable mobile data and personal hotspot on Android and iOS platforms.

Enable Personal HotSpot on Android:

  1. Slide down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap on the hotspot icon to enable it.
  3. Alternatively, “Edit” to bring the hotspot in.
  4. Go into the Settings of your mobile device.
  5. Select the “Portable Hotspot” option.
  6. Tap on “Set up portable hotspot”.
  7. Tap on the eye to see the combination.
  8. Set a password as per your preference.
Note: Stopping the hotspot will interrupt the screen sharing and the TV’s internet connection!

Enable Personal HotSpot on iOS:

  1. Open the Setting app on the iOS device.
  2. Tap on “WiFi” and set the toggle OFF.
  3. In the previous menu, enter Personal Hotspot.
  4. Tap on “WiFi Password” to edit.
  5. Insert a personal hotspot password.
  6. Tap on “Done” at the top-right of the screen.
  7. Set the “Allow Others to Join” toggle to ON.
  8. Select “Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth”.
Note: On iOS it’s essential to toggle off the WiFi before enabling the personal hotspot.

3. Connect the TV to the HotSpot

connect the tv to the hotspot

Connecting the TV to your recently created personal hotspot from the mobile happens exactly the same as connecting the TV to the WiFi. Typically, on most TVs, the WiFi menu is in the Settings > Wireless Settings or Advanced Settings.

All you have to do is connect the TV to the personal hotspot that your mobile is now sharing by selecting the network and inserting the premade password.

It’s also recommended to keep the phone as close as possible to the TV since the wireless signal is not that strong.

4. Cast Netflix to the TV from Phone

It’s now finally time to cast Netflix from the phone to the TV. You only need to ensure that the phone is having a good cellular reception and that the TV is connected to the personal hotspot.

cast netflix from phone

Follow the steps below to cast Netflix from phone to TV:

  1. Open the Netflix mobile application.
  2. Sign into your Netflix Account.
  3. Tap on the “Screen Share” Icon.
  4. Select the TV connected to the hotspot.
  5. Netflix will appear on the TV screen.
netflix cast steps
Note: You can cast Netflix to any brand of Smart TVs including Philips, Samsung, LG, Hisense, and Vizio as well as streaming sticks such as Amazon Firestick or Roku.

5. More Tethering Options (Bonus)

In case you didn’t know you can share the mobile data from your phone via tethering in other ways that do not involve a wireless network (WiFi).

You can use Bluetooth or connect the phone to the TV via a USB through which you can share wired internet and stream or cast Netflix.

  • TV needs to have Bluetooth
more tethering options bonus

Simply start by enabling Bluetooth and WiFi on both, the phone and TV. Then connect both devices via Bluetooth and enable the personal hotspot on your mobile.

When the prompt appears select “Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth”, to share mobile data to TV via Bluetooth.

  • TV needs to have a USB input

Alternatively, simply use a USB cable to connect your phone to the TV and then enable the personal hotspot but this time select the “USB” option.

Your TV should get connected to the internet (mobile data) from your phone and can start streaming Netflix or cast from your phone.

Why Not Stream Netflix Directly on TV?

One of the quickest tips would be to stream Netflix directly from the TV (if smart), while connected to the mobile data of your phone.

why not stream netflix directly on tv

The goal of casting might only make the quality worse in situations where the mobile data and the personal hotspot and fast and reliable.

Netflix app is available on smart TVs content stores as well as for streaming sticks such as Firestick and Roku.

You only need to locate and download the Netflix app using the data from your phone and start streaming directly on your TV until the hotspot transmitter is working.

How to Watch Netflix on TV Without Internet?

Without internet streaming Netflix is not possible on any device.

However, if you have internet on your phone but the TV can’t be connected, no worries, there are a few ways that can help you watch Netflix on the TV without the internet at all.

There are two possible ways:

1. Download Shows & Movies – Offline View

download shows & movies

The first and typical way of watching Netflix on a TV without the internet is by downloading the shows for offline viewing.

This is only possible on a device that can be connected to the internet at least temporarily until the shows are downloaded locally in the storage.

You either do this from a smart TV while connected to the WiFi or use a computer to download the TV shows and movies and transfer them to a USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive then goes into the TV and you would be able to watch Netflix shows and movies without the internet.

Reminder: You can use your mobile data to download Netflix shows and movies but mind that the consumption for downloading is high so beware of unintended charges.

2. Use an HDMI Adapter – Connect via Phone

use an hdmi adapter

The second option for watching Netflix shows and movies without the internet is by using an HDMI adapter that will help you connect your phone to the TV.

Well, your smartphone needs to have internet, not WiFi necessarily, but at least mobile data in order to stream Netflix content.

This way the screen of your mobile phone will appear on the TV screen (wired), hence there is no internet connection involved, at least on the TVs side.

Then you can freely stream  Netflix on your phone and enjoy the content on the big TV screen.

Quick Recap:

Now we know how to cast Netflix from phone to TV without WiFi and that it’s possible by using the mobile data from our smart device.

In case the TV can’t be connected to any sort of wireless network, perhaps using an HDMI adapter would be the best approach. For more helpful guides such as this one, follow our blog!

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