how to cast netflix from phone to tv without wifi

If you are wondering how to cast Netflix from phone to TV without WiFi, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss just that and how to make it possible.

We understand that each of you has a different phone and most likely different TV as well.

In that regard will provide you with helpful tips and recommendations throughout the article to help you achieve your goal without unnecessary complications.

The straightforward answer is that you cannot simply cast Netflix to your TV without using the WiFi especially if you don’t have a 3rd party device that we will address shortly.

On the other hand, we can use your ethernet, which does not count as using WiFi, because you won’t need it.

How To Cast Netflix From Phone To TV without WiFi Easily?

Everybody likes to watch their favorite shows on giant screens. Now we will introduce several methods that will not only allow you to watch your Netflix but other media platforms such as YouTube as well.

Most smart TV nowadays has inbound media applications but unfortunately, you need to connect your TV to your Wifi in order to use them.

Let’s assume that you don’t have access to your Wifi, fortunately, there are a few ways to cast Netflix on your TV.

We should start with the most convenient ways first:

Method #1 Use Google Chromecast

cast using Chromecast

In general, Google’s Chromecast is a small device that fits in your TV’s HDMI port providing you with the opportunity to cast media from your phone.

To use the Chromecast, you will need some sort of network and here is how you can provide internet to it without using Wi-Fi.

Set up Google Chromecast

To set up Google’s Chromecast follow the steps below:

  • Connect your USB cable to Google’s Chromecast device.
  • Plug in the other end into the power outlet.
  • Once the Chromecast is on, press and hold the Power Button until the light stops flickering.
  • Connect the Chromecast to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Set Up Mobile Hotspot

You can set up a mobile hotspot on your phone so you can use your 3G/4G mobile data to turn your smartphone into a wireless router.

To ensure smooth execution, here are some detailed steps:

  • Prepare a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop
  • Set up Hotspot on the device you have chosen (make sure that mobile data is enabled)
  • Leave the device aside to act as a wireless router
  • Connect Google’s Chromecast to your hotspot
  • After you set up the Chromecast you will be provided with a verification code
  • Verify the code
  • Then you will need to choose the network that your Chromecast is connected to (the mobile hotspot)
  • You are done

You might stumble upon a prompt requiring you to create an account throughout the Chromecast setup.

But once ready you can now select any app line Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix to cast on your big screen.

Method #2 Use Ethernet

cast using ethernet

Many people are asking “how to watch Netflix on TV without internet?” and the answer is really simple. You can’t. Netflix is a streaming platform that requires a network to stream shows in real-time.

Without the internet, you cannot ever watch Netflix shows, unless you have previously downloaded them locally and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, we are focusing on how to watch Netflix without using Wi-Fi, and here we can actually do something about it.

You can use ethernet.

We will assume that your TV does not have an ethernet port, so Chromecast will come in handy once again.

Connect Ethernet To Chromecast

There is no need to set up a hotspot this time. You can simply connect your ethernet cable right into the Chromecast device and you are ready to stream Netflix shows on your big screen.

Chromecast does not have an ethernet port as well, but you can get an ethernet adapter, which is really cheap.

Here is how to achieve this in a step by step list.

  • Connect your Chromecast to a working HDMI port of your TV
  • Plug the USB cable from the ethernet adapter into your Chromecast device
  • Connect the ethernet cable to the other end of the adapter
  • Done! You can now use Chromecast without WiFi

Now you will be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows on your big screen without being connected to a WiFi network.

Method #3 Local Data

cast using local data

As we mentioned above, there is no way to stream movies and shows from Netflix without being connected to a sort of network.

But if you have content downloaded to your device locally, you can use Chromecast to put it on a TV.

If you are staying in a hotel or mobile home and asking “how to cast Netflix from phone to TV?” keep reading because it is really easy.

Use method #1 to set up your Chromecast and the rest is really easy. You can download a universal free application from the application store and use it to connect with your Chromecast.

This way you can watch everything that is saved in your gallery on TV without using absolutely no internet at all.

Method #4 Mirror Your Phone Screen

mirror your phone

Nowadays our smartphones are small computers that we carry in our pockets. If you didn’t know you can easily mirror your phone screen which if done right will bring your Netflix on a bigger screen.

Here are some ways to mirror your phone screen on TV:

  • Chromecast
  • USB + HDMI/MHL adapter
  • Use a Laptop + HDMI

How to Mirror Phone Screen On TV?

You can mirror your phone screen using a USB cable and HDMI adapter. On the other hand, you can use Chromecast to achieve the same thing or take a simple HDMI (no adapters) and mirror your laptop screen.

There are a couple of important things to note here. If you are using a laptop, then you need to have an HDMI or thunderbolt cable.

mirror phone screen

Then your TV has to have an HDMI or thunderbolt port. On the other hand, using a USB mini to HDMI adapter, so you can cast your phone screen, where everything is really simple and there is nothing to be concerned about.

If you have read the whole post and applied our methods, you most certainly were able to cast your Netflix from the phone to the TV.

If you are still asking “how to cast Netflix from my phone to TV without Wifi?”, we are sorry to tell you that there are still no other ways to do so.

Bottom Line:

The question “how to cast Netflix from phone to TV without Wifi?” is commonly asked by people just like you.

Unfortunately, there are not a whole bunch of ways to achieve that goal, but in this post, we have proven that there are at least 4 methods that actually work.

We hope you enjoy your favorite Netflix series on a giant screen, without using Wifi.

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