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Don’t know how to turn off Incognito mode Netflix?  Well, what we call“Incognito mode”either means incognito in your browser or the“Viewing Restrictions”on Netflix.

In this post, we will discuss both and you will learn how they work.

Most importantly you will understand that Netflix does not provide a dedicated “Incognito Mode” and how you can use that feature regardless.

There is no incognito mode supported by Netflix. The community calls Incognito the Viewing Restrictions within the app, we are going to discuss them in detail further in the post.

Simplified, from the Viewing Restrictions you can remove movies from being “watched” and manage the feed recommendations.

Keep reading to understand more about how these features work and how to manage them.

How To Turn Off Incognito Mode on Netflix Chrome?

As we mentioned already, there are two main types of “Incognito mode” that we are going to discuss in this post.

The first one is the original Incognito mode within your browser and the other feature is within your Netflix account.

If those features are enabled, there will be content suppression and unpleasant experiences when it comes down to recommending shows and TV movies.

Check both your browser and Netflix to see for the Incognito features to find out which one is bothering your experience.

Although both features have the same function, the browser will suppress all of the information within your browser and the Netflix restrictions, only when it comes down to viewing content.


Even if you’re using Incognito Mode on your browser, Netflix will still take into account the shows you’re watching and mark them as “watched”.

Let’s first take a look at what are Netflix Viewing Restrictions and how they work.

What Are Netflix Account Viewing Restrictions?

netflix viewing restrictions

If you want to disable the incognito mode on your Netflix account, you first find out what exactly is bothering your Netflix experience.

It is usual for Netflix to display your most recent watches and grant you the option of resuming your show from where you left off, but what if you had accidentally disabled this feature?

There is a way to disable and remove titles from your Netflix home page and prevent Netflix from ever letting them appear again.

It’s the same as clearing your browser history.

Your recent watches won’t even appear in the watch history of your account, which could be quite comfortable depending on the content you are enjoying.

There is a simple way to enable the so-called “Netflix Incognito Mode”, which as you already know, is not a real thing.

How To Use Netflix Account Viewing Restrictions?

Your first step is to open the Settings tab and head to Netflix Viewing Activity.

From there you will have to see which shows you have currently suppressed and untick the little Cross located beside them.

Doing so will allow these TV shows or movies to appear on your recommendations and home page.


Keep in mind that some Netflix accounts, such as the Kids, could have enabled global suppression which blocks all content for 12+ years old.

If you seek to disable these features, we have to inform you that in this type of account you won’t be able to do so.

In other words, you cannot turn off incognito mode Netflix on a Kids account, and you might have to create another account in which you want to manage the media.

Now when you know about the viewing restrictions, let’s see how your browser’s incognito mode affects your Netflix sessions.

What Is Browser’s Incognito Mode?

If the Netflix viewing activity doesn’t seem to bother your experience, then you should check if the incognito mode within your internet browser is active.

The incognito mode on your browser allows you to surf the internet without reporting your activity to the history and without using cookies.

Using your browser’s incognito mode you will be able to reach and log in to Netflix without recording your session in the browser history.

Netflix will still take under a count of what you’ve watched even through the incognito mode and make changes to your account recommendation.

It will however ask for your Netflix login credentials each time you’re trying to reach the platform through the incognito tab.

How To Disable Browser’s Incognito Mode?

The steps we are going to explain in turning off your chrome incognito will be related to the Google Chrome users, so have this in mind.

  1. Located at the top right, click on the Switch Tabs icon
  2. Then, at the top right you will be able to see your Incognito Tabs
  3. Make sure to Close All of the incognito tabs before proceeding
  4. At the top right again, click on Close

Simply as that, you won’t have Incognito mode enabled for your Chrome from now on.

Just in case you want to access a new Incognito tab for Netflix, you either head to

Tab Options > New Incognito Windows, or use  “CTRL + Shift + N”.

We recommend using Incognito mode when you haven’t signed an account and you are using a foreign one.

This way you won’t let the information you are interested in on Netflix, for the other user of this same account.

Incognito Mode Still There…

If you still haven’t figured out how do you turn off incognito mode on Netflix, make sure to go back to the article and reread how Netflix Viewing restrictions work.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to “exit” the so-called “Netflix Incognito Mode” and you have definitely missed something.

You can always go to the settings on your app and by reading what everything does to configure how your Netflix account behaves.

After all, there is a “default button” so there is nothing you can go wrong with.

You can also try contacting Netflix but we believe everything that you need to know is in this post.

While it is highly unlikely your account might have a bug or glitch affecting your viewing restrictions.

In other words, if you are not able to turn off the incognito mode, feel free to contact Netflix for additional assistance.

Bottom Line

Now when you know how to turn off Incognito mode Netflix you will be able to manage and configure your account as per your desires.

We hope that you have learned something new and helpful about Netflix account features and how they work.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks regarding Netflix functionality make sure to check our tech blog where you will discover solutions to any issues you’ve got.

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