why does my ecobee keep going offline

Do you have an Ecobee at home, and it is going offline all the time? We know how annoying that can be. Because of that, we have found the best solutions for the problem. Why does my Ecobee keep going offline? Let’s find out below!

When your Ecobee goes offline all the time, check your router and also the distance or room where your Ecobee is (to troubleshoot interference).

Some steps of the troubleshooting process might require some expertise. You can count on the guide below for those parts.

We have detailed each potential culprit behind the issue and how you can solve it within a few minutes. 

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Going Offline?

reason why my ecobee keep going offline

The Ecobee thermostat has revolutionized how many people handle the house’s temperature.

However, keeping a thermostat at home also involves maintenance. What if the Ecobee thermostat keeps going offline?

Then we must investigate what some causes could be:

Bad signal

Your Ecobee thermostat could be too far from the router or located in a place with too much interference.


Ecobee uses batteries, and they could get weak over time. When that happens, it is expected that some functions will start to fail.


Since the device runs on firmware, you could assume that it is either outdated or has glitched. Each assumption requires a different procedure.

Bad Network

It is also possible that your router’s signal is flickering. If it does, the thermostat will lose connection all the time.

Fix The Ecobee Thermostat Going Offline

how fix ecobee going offline

So now you might be wondering what you could do to restore Ecobee to its former glory.

We want to help you keep its connection steady, so we will lay down all the solutions you can apply. 

1. Check The Router

First of all, we might assume that the issue is not on your Ecobee but instead on your house’s router.

Here are some signs that the router is defective and is begging to be replaced:

  • Some devices are constantly going offline when connected to it;
  • Even when a device is connected steadily, the speed is slower than it should be;
  • The Wi-Fi connection strength keeps flickering (you can check that on your PC or phone’s Wi-Fi icon);
  • Overheating.

If any or all of those apply to your router, it is time you look into buying a new, more powerful model.

That will solve the Ecobee problem and any other Wi-Fi problems in your house.

2. Adjust The Signal

It is also possible that the router is just fine, and the signal problem derives from other conditions.

For example, if the router is far from the thermostat, there is interference, or the network frequency is wrong. 

adjust signal
  • Some newer Ecobee thermostats might be compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. However, 5GHz’s range is lower. You might want to switch to 2.4GHz.
  • Perhaps the Ecobee is too far from the router. In that case, you might want to move the thermostat closer.
  • Alternatively, you can install a signal repeater halfway between the router and the Ecobee thermostat.

Test For Interference

Maybe there is interference around your Ecobee thermostat. That could be caused by nearby devices that also require Wi-Fi connectivity.

Here are some steps to help you test it:

  1. Locate the devices closest to the thermostat;
  2. Turn some of them off or disconnect them from the Wi-Fi;
  3. Restart the router;
  4. Go to Ecobee’s Wi-Fi settings;
  5. Select the Wi-Fi and connect to it.

Then you must monitor if the Ecobee loses connection or keeps steadily connected. If this solves the issue, you know you need to put the other devices in a different room.

3. Check The Battery

Have you had the Ecobee at home for a while? If the answer is positive, you might start suspecting that the battery is the culprit here.

The battery can last some months or years (depending on its type). When it is wearing off, it will cause some functions to stop working.

That’s because there isn’t enough power for them. So do this:

  1. Gently pry off the battery cover;
  2. Pop the battery out;
  3. Put a fresh battery in place.
Note: Standard room sensors use CR-2032 batteries, and Smart Sensors use CR2477 batteries.

Clean The Device

clean your ecobee device

When you change or investigate the battery, it is a good idea to check if there is dust inside the battery compartment or around it.

Dust could also prevent good electricity conduction. Then, just clean everything possible.

4. Power Cycle Your Ecobee

Perhaps the Ecobee thermostat’s lack of steady connection is a very simple issue that can be assessed with the correct power cycle.

If you don’t know or have forgotten how to do that, here are the precise steps:

  1. Remove the Ecobee from the wall so it will shut off;
  2. Wait a minute;
  3. Put the device back in its place;
  4. Turn it on.
Tip: A power cycle intends to refresh Ecobee's software and hardware system. You can apply this method anytime your device presents a stubborn issue.

5. Check The Standby Mode

check ecobee standby mode

Ecobees have a built-in standby feature. The standby mode will be activated when there is a power outage, causing the Ecobee to lose connection.

However, if a standby timer is active, the standby mode will also trigger whenever it is set to do it.

But the standby timer could have been wrongly set, or factory defaulted. Let’s check:

  1. Go to the device’s Main Menu;
  2. Enter into “Settings”;
  3. Go to “Preferences”;
  4. Select “Active to standby”;
  5. Adjust the time between active and standby modes.

If you want, you could also toggle the option off. On this screen, you should be able to switch the device’s mode between active and standby. That way, you can get it active and connect to the internet again.

6. Update The Firmware

update ecobee firmware

When your Ecobee keeps going offline, it could also be caused by the lack of the latest firmware. Without it, the thermostat cannot connect to the Ecobee servers correctly.

You must do the following:

  1. Access the device’s Menu;
  2. Go to “About”;
  3. Check the Ecobee’s firmware version;
  4. Go to the Ecobee site and check the latest version released.

Your device’s firmware is certainly outdated if the versions don’t match. However, there is no way for you to force an update on it.

Instead, you need to contact Ecobee support. Then, they will push an online update remotely.

7. Reset The Device

reset ecobee device

Finally, it is also possible that a glitch on your Ecobee prevents it from staying connected.

In that case, if a firmware update is not possible, you will need to reset the Ecobee to its factory defaults. 

  1. Open the Ecobee’s Menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Click on “Reset”;
  4. Select “Reset All”;

Later, you need to set it all up again. If there are essential configurations you want to restore after the reset, remember to note them down before it.

What We Learned

Why does my Ecobee keep going offline? Fortunately, you will no longer ask that after reading the guide above.

Instead, we hope the solutions provided have already helped you fix the issue for good. If the problem doesn’t disappear, remember to contact Ecobee support.

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