ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled

Wondering why Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled? You’re not alone so keep reading!

When Ecobee’s “Calibrating” error message lasts longer than usual, this could be an indication of an underlying hardware/software issue.

The sole purpose of this calibrating check is to identify any problems with the HVAC system or the thermostat and alert the user immediately.

“If Ecobee thermostat keeps calibrating continuously, wait for 20 minutes, power cycle, check Wi-Fi, and update firmware for possible solutions.”

Let’s learn how to fix the issue..

Why Ecobee Calibrating Heat Cool Disabled?

why calibrating heat cool disabled
  • The calibration of the thermostat is not finalized.
  • There’s a power problem with the HVAC system.
  • The Ecobee thermostat has a sensor malfunction.
  • The firmware of Ecobee is an outdated version.
  • The furnace of the HVAC system is overheating.
  • There are obstructions in the HVAC conditioner.

Can Ecobee Heat or Cool While Calibrating?

As the description of the error message suggests, no, the thermostat cannot cool/heat while calibrating.

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The “System Calibration” has the purpose of detecting any faults with the furnace or any of the A/C devices involved in the HVAC system.

The calibration process starts every once in a while and when everything works, goes away by itself.

If the thermostat seems stuck on “Calibrating”, it means that an identified problem!

can ecobee heat or cool while calibrating

Let’s solve the problem then!

Ecobee Calibrating Heat/Cool Disabled – Proven Solutions!

1. Wait Until the Thermostat Recalibrates

The “Calibrating, heat/cool disabled” message usually goes away by itself after 5-20 minutes.

Whenever the Ecobee thermostat calibrates, it attempts to detect any issues with the furnace or air conditioner connections with the terminals, which could take a while.

wait until the thermostat recalibrates

If the Ecobee thermostat has finished the recalibration by itself, the display of the thermostat should alter and show up the main screen. In case of no errors, the message should go away!

Note: If you’ve set a cool/heating mode before the calibration, it will activate automatically.

2. Conduct a Manual Re-Calibration!

In case the Ecobee thermostat is taking too long to calibrate by itself, there is a way to manually configure the calibration, by adjusting the temperature of the device.

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All you have to do is go to the settings of the thermostat and find the “Temperature Correction” configuration tab.

conduct a manual re-calibration

Follow these steps to set up the calibration of the Ecobee thermostat manually:

  1. Open the menu of the Ecobee thermostat.
  2. Next, press on “Installation Settings”.
  3. Then, scroll down and tap “Thresholds”.
  4. Now, tap “Temperature Correction” next.
  5. Adjust the temperature of the thermostat.
Info: The thermostat will be able to heat/cool again after the recalibration is finished.

3. Update the Thermostat’s Firmware

Another reason for the continuous calibration of the Ecobee thermostat is an outdated version of the firmware.

The Ecobee device might be unable to complete the system calibration checkup while working on an outdated firmware version that does not support particular features.

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update the thermostat’s firmware

Step #1 Connect an Ecobee Thermostat to Wi-Fi:

In order to update the operating system of the device, the thermostat must first be connected to Wi-Fi.

So, follow the instructions below to pair the Ecobee thermostat with a Wi-Fi network:

  1. First, in the menu, navigate to the thermostat Settings.
  2. Press on “Wi-Fi” and activate the “Wi-Fi Radio” option.
  3. Now go to “Network” and tap on “Select Wi-Fi Network”.
  4. Scroll down and pick your Wi-Fi network from the list.
  5. Insert the Wi-Fi password and then press “Connect”.

Step #2 Update the Ecobee Thermostat Firmware:

As long as the Ecobee thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, the firmware update will be conducted manually.

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If the thermostat hasn’t been connected for a while and you’ve recently re-established an internet connection, the firmware update will start automatically.

Info: The firmware update could last up to 5 minutes based on thermostat performance!

4. Clean the HVAC Furnace Air Filter

clean the hvac furnace air filter

Another possibility for a long-lasting calibration process is the thermostat’s inability to scan the surrounding temperature due to a clogged air filter.

You should run an overall check of the air filter and clean it thoroughly in order for the Ecobee thermostat to finish the calibration.

How to Uninstall HVAC Furnace Air Filter?

  1. Head to the furnace room and locate the air filter.
  2. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to undo the screws.
  3. Then, once loose, grab the air filter and dismount it.
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How to Clean HVAC Furnace Air Filter?

A great way to clean the air filter is by placing it on a flat surface facing towards you and vacuuming all of the debris and dust accumulated on the service.

You could also use running water to clean the air filter entirely, but wait until it has dried up before reinstalling.

Alert: Installing the air filter while still wet could result in serious damage to the furnace!

5. Inspect the Ecobee Wiring Setup!

inspect the ecobee wiring setup

The calibration may last too long if there’s a wiring issue with the Ecobee thermostat.

If any of the HVAC wires are connected to an incorrect thermostat terminal, the thermostat will begin calibration until the wires are reconnected with a matching connector.

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How to Access Ecobee Thermostat Wire Panel?

All you have to do to access the wire terminals of the Ecobee thermostat is undo the frontal panel by removing the screws.

Once the front panel of the thermostat is loose, grip it and gently remove it from the wall mount of the thermostat.

What is the Correct Ecobee Wire Configuration?

Install the wires of the Ecobee thermostat in the following way:

  • Connect the “RC” (red wire) with the “RCterminal connector.
  • Connect the “G” (green wire) with the “Gterminal connector.
  • Connect the “Y/Y1” (yellow wire) with the “Y1terminal connector.
  • Connect the “C” (blue wire) with the “Cterminal connector.
  • Connect the “W/W1” (white wire) with the “W1terminal connector.
Info: Every wire has a sticker including the name of the wire and where it should go!

6. Replace the Ecobee Sensor’s Battery

replace the ecobee sensor’s battery

If the “Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled” message still appears on the display of the device, it could be related to a sensor failure.

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Ecobee’s technology uses sensors to constantly detect the environmental temperature in your household and establish a heating/cooling schedule.

  • You must have Ecobee sensors in all of your rooms to make the heating/cooling of the thermostat fluid and consistent.

What Battery Does Ecobee Sensors Use?

Most of the newer models of Ecobee sensors use 3-volt CR-2032 type of batteries that can be found in every convenience store near your location.

The safest way of purchasing a battery for your thermostat is to bring the old one with you, so they can provide you with a replacement.

what battery does ecobee sensors use

How to Replace Ecobee Sensor’s Battery?

  1. First, place the Ecobee sensors facing down.
  2. Locate the battery compartment on the back.
  3. Then, remove the battery compartment cover.
  4. Next, eject the CR-2032 battery from the inside.
  5. Insert a brand-new battery into the unit sensor.
  6. Close the battery compartment and secure it.
  7. Place the Ecobee sensor back into its position.
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How Do I Know if an Ecobee Sensor is Working?

To check if the Ecobee sensor is detected by the thermostat, go to “Settings” > “Sensors” on the thermostat.

As soon as the sensor is detected by the thermostat, the calibration process should stop and the system’s functionality should resume.

Alert: Damaged Ecobee sensors should be replaced as soon as possible!

7. Restore Initial Thermostat Settings

restore initial thermostat settings

In case the thermostat is still calibrating and the heating/cooling is still suppressed, you should restore the initial settings of your Ecobee.

This helps with any lasting OS faults or potentially misconfigured settings that have caused the thermostat to calibrate indefinitely.

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Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Ecobee thermostat easily:

  1. From the home menu of the thermostat, press “Menu”.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Settings” page and go to “Reset”.
  3. Choose “Reset All Settings” and confirm your choice.
  4. Simply wait until the Ecobee thermostat has initialized.

What Happens After Factory Reset?

Once the factory reset is complete, you will have to set up the Ecobee thermostat from scratch.

contact ecobee customer support

All default thermostat settings will be restored and all customized options and schedules will be erased.

However, this provides a fresh start and will solve most of your thermostat problems!

Tip: For more help contact Ecobee Customer Support!
Quick Recap:

The reason why Ecobee calibrating heat cool is disabled is due to equipment or wiring fault that requires your attention. The solution involves a power cycle on your thermostat, as well as inspection of the wiring and performing a factory reset on the Ecobee thermostat.

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