ecobee flashing yellow light

Is your Ecobee flashing yellow light, and you do know how to deal with it?

While it may not mean anything wrong, sometimes it can be a nuisance, and you would wish to stop it.

If your Ecobee smart thermostat is blinking a yellow light, it communicates that you have a new notification from Alexa. It will continuously blink until you read the message or delete it using the Alexa app. If you do not wish to receive the notifications, disable Alexa.

If it flashes continuously, it may also mean that it is consuming too much power. Let us see how you can fix it using simple steps.

Reasons For Ecobee Flashing Yellow Light

The main reason Ecobee flashes yellow light is because you have a new notification. Some of the messages include:

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1.    HVAC Service Alert

The notification informs you about the ideal time you should schedule maintenance to check the heating and cooling of your system.

2.    Furnace Filter And UV Lamp Alerts

It reminds you when to check and clean the furnace filter and the UV lamp.

Thus, you get the notification, when there is a need to clean the filter and UV lamp.

3.    High AND Low-Temperature Alerts

It alerts you if the temperature is too low or too high. Hence, you can customize it according to your needs!

4.    Aux Outdoor Temperature

If your Ecobee thermostat HVAC system has an auxiliary heat connection, you will receive this notification when the temperature is higher than a specific level.

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5.    Aux Heat Runtime

You will get this alert if your HVAC system has an auxiliary heat source connected to it.

It helps you understand that the heat source is running longer than your configured setting.

How to Stop Ecobee Yellow Light from Flashing

fix ecobee flashing yellow light

When you see the yellow light, it can confuse you what to do next! Well, we have prepared the best ways to fix this issue!

You can use several ways to stop the Ecobee thermostat from flashing yellow light.

That means you will not be receiving notifications. Let us see the various working methods.

Method #1: Ask Alexa

Ecobee thermostats have built-in Alexa. When your Ecobee flashes yellow light, the Alexa tells you that you have a notification.

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The best way to remove the light is to ask Alex to do what you want or give it a command.

Say, ‘Alexa read notification.’ Then it reads so loud, and the light disappears. Also, suppose you do not want Alex to read it but delete the notification.

In that case, you say, ‘Alexa delete a notification,’ and it will delete immediately, and the yellow light stops flashing.

You need to note that, even after deleting the notifications, the yellow light will still flash when another one appears.

If you do not want the yellow light completely, you can use the other methods below to remove it.

Method #2: Disable Alexa

disable alexa

If you do not want to get notifications completely about your smart home device, you can disable Alexa.

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Hence, your Ecobee will never flash the yellow light. You will need to unlink Alexa from your thermostat. You can either do it using the app or the web portal.

Using the Ecobee app:

To unlink using the Ecobee app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Ecobee app on your Home screen.
  2. Click the microphone icon.
  3. Select ‘Unlink’ from the audio screen that appears.
  4. Select ‘Unlink’ again from the pop-up box that appears on your screen.

Using the Web Portal

To unlink using the Web portal, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Alex web portal, then tap on the Alexa Voice control icon.
  2. You will see a menu on the left; kindly select Unlink Alexa.
  3. Another menu will appear on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click on the link ‘Unlink Alexa.’
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Method #3: Restart the Thermostat

Rebooting your Ecobee thermostat can also do away with the yellow light that keeps on flashing on the device.

You will need to hold the thermostat’s main button for around five seconds. You will then initiate the reboot on the thermostat. Kindly give it a few minutes as it restarts.

Some Ecobee thermostat models have a reset button beneath them. You can also press it to restart the device.

Method #4: Reset the Ecobee Thermostat

reset the ecobee thermostat

Another way to disable the Ecobee yellow light is to reset it.

You can either disconnect the thermostat from WiFi or restore it to its default state under the settings option on your thermostat.

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Kindly understand that resetting your Ecobee thermostat deletes all programs and other settings. So, you will need to reprogram it when you want to use it again.

Reset it using these steps:

  1. Go to your thermostat’s home screen
  2. Press menu, then select settings
  3. Select reset and ensure you choose one that will work best for you

Remember, if you select Reset all settings, you will wipe away even the most important settings on your thermostat.

Method #5: Put the Thermostat On ‘’Do Not Disturb Mode”

Notifications are essential on your thermostat. At times disabling them may not be a good thing to do.

You can opt to put your thermostat on ‘do not disturb’ mode if the yellow light is a nuisance to you. This mode allows you to set a specific time for your thermostat to receive notifications.

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So, the yellow light will not blink when you do not wish.

You can set the time via the Alexa web portal or the Alexa app:

  1. Go to the app or portal, click settings.
  2. If prompted to pick a device, select Ecobee.
  3. Select the option ‘do not disturb.’

Another page will appear that allows you to choose if you want the Do not disturb mode to be permanent or scheduled.

If you select Scheduled, you can then choose the times you wish to receive the notifications.

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The yellow light flashing on your Ecobee thermostat means you have an alert. You can disable the light by disabling Alexa on the Ecobee app or web portal. Also, you can restart or reset your thermostat.

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An Ecobee flashing yellow light means that you have received an alert concerning your thermostat. You can either read it or delete it using the Alexa command.

If you do not wish to see the yellow light entirely, the solution is to disable Alexa or reset your thermostat.